The Magical Mystery Of Butterflies

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSome years ago, I shared an office with a woman whose mother had recently passed on. She told me of several occasions where butterflies appeared around her, almost magically and in unlikely places. She believed that these unlikely appearances were her mother in spirit. I admit that I was shocked when soon after a butterfly somehow found its way into our windowless, airless office!

I am reminded of this whenever I see a butterfly, especially when they venture close. Once it even settled on my hand for a moment. To me, the beauty of a butterfly is a reminder of just one of the mysteries of the universe that we take for granted.

The beliefs surrounding butterflies are as varied as their colorful wings. Many believe that the life cycle of a butterfly mimics that of the human life span, and that butterflies remind us our own transformations over the course of a lifetime. White butterflies are often perceived as omens of good fortune; when they are in groups of two or three, the ante is higher.

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life.  And everyone deserves a little sunshine  ~ Jeffrey Glassberg

Since we humans like to talk about the weather, it might be useful to note that butterflies allegedly predict changes in weather such as oncoming thunderstorms, or rain.

Perhaps because of their delicate beauty, butterflies are most often perceived as both feminine and childlike, and their transformative power is what take us out of our own childhood.  In fact, there is a cultural belief that babies learn to walk when stones, that are tossed into the air, become butterflies and crawling children must walk and run to chase them. Many cultures also believe that butterflies are the returned spirit of children.

In American culture, we like our butterflies free and don’t necessarily attach death omens to them, as many cultures do.  Some believe that like birds, a butterfly trapped inside is another less-than-benevolent omen, yet the actual occurrence seems to be quite rare.

My personal belief is that butterflies hold the potential for transformation, beauty, and awe. They become something else rather than change into something else, and this becoming takes time and requires a nurturing, protective environment. When they emerge, their beauty is both vibrant and delicate. Sadly they won’t live long in this new incarnation.  Maybe this is why butterflies often inspire awe – we know that their presence is fleeting. Ultimately, maintaining a sense of awe requires faith.

About The Author: Edie lives near the ocean in Massachusetts and is known to her clients to be a compassionate listener and conveyer of divine wisdom. She possesses the rare talent to integrate an individual’s past, present, and future–particularly at moments of life changes and crossroads. A sensitive and gifted Medium with a full range of Clair abilities at her disposal, she can find lost objects and people and can even read buildings and structures! An experienced teacher, communicator and a born Libran counselor, Edie cares about the well-being of her clients, creating a warm environment in which they can tackle challenging issues, together. If you’d like a multi-Clair Intuitive who can solve life’s obstacles and mysteries, you can find Edie at

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