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What It Means To Be A Leo

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between July 23 and August 23, Leo has a good sense of humor. They are funny and smart. Leo is courageous and creative. They can be easy to get along with others. Leo is ethical, trustworthy, loving and honest, direct, tireless, and usually positive.

Leo can also be full of themselves, controlling, and tyrannical. They can be excessive, overbearing, patronizing, critical, narrow-minded, and uncompromising.


Leo has a certain flair. They tend to be social, faithful, determined, happy, and easy to like. Often their datebook is full. Leo loves to be the center of attention and are entertaining without even trying. When they enter the room they make it brighter. Leo appears confident with charisma mixed in.  We can’t forget Leo is proud.

Leo likes fine things and glamour. Loyalty from others is very important to Leo and in turn Leo is loyal to others. Leo can be helpful and giving and are usually willing to help the underdog.


Leo has an inner vulnerability that they would be mortified if any one discovered. This may be why Leo works so hard at getting people to like them. Sometimes Leo will hog center stage and make everyone around them the audience. Leo tends to tell others what they want to hear – and then have to go back with slyness when it is found that they may not have been totally  honest.  They tend to exaggerate so they can be seen in a bright light, and because they want to tell an exciting story. Leo gambles; if they play their cards right they will be triumphant.

“Drama King or Queen” are often terms used with Leo. They are motivated to be noble when they give advice – sometimes wanted and sometimes not so much. Leo is idealistic. Leo may not realize how demanding and controlling they can be. Mistakes are not easily confessed. When Leo stops all the manipulation their generosity comes out, along with a lot of warmth. They can command adoration.


Likes: Leo likes flattery, prestige, lots of attention, and carrying responsibility. They love to perform whether it is professionally or with friends. They like sports. Leo enjoys teaching, helping, and being pampered.

Dislikes: Leo dislike negativity and mean people. They dislike rude or manipulative behavior, even if they practice manipulation themselves. Failure, for the Leo, is not an option. They dislike failure. Leo dislikes being mocked, ignored or nagged.

With Friends: Friends respect Leo and Leo is popular. They are known for hospitality. Leo are often more vulnerable then they lead on. They enjoy children.

Love: Loyal and true are adjectives for Leo. Leo enjoys showing love. They can be protective and very supportive. They enjoy treating their partners well. Leo is passionate, but also jealous.

Needs: Leo needs an outlet for creativity, public acknowledgement, and support. They need to be careful not to take on too much.

Mind: Leo has a strong and determined will. They tend to be proud and trusting. Leo can be stubborn. They are optimistic, as well as disciplined with common sense.

In Action: Leo has courage and is capable in a crisis. They are giving and playful. They channel their tremendous amounts of energy into positive action.

At Work: Leo tends toward diligence, efficiency, authority, and ambition. They are good at delegating, organizing, and managing large scale and small scale projects. Leo inspires confidence in others.


Leo and Aries
These two rock stars get along great in the bedroom. They get enjoyment and passion from sex. They share many common interests. Problem is these two signs have large egos. They need good rapport to overcome any head-on collisions, because both want to be dominant and in control. Both have to learn to share center stage. If they can manage this then their relationship can be epic.

Leo and Taurus
Leo thinks they have the right to rule. Taurus is determined to have things their own way. These two signs run smack into each other. Both are fixed signs. So neither one gives in. Leo becomes angrier and Taurus digs in with stubborn determination.  Leo carelessly spends, which leaves Taurus in disbelief. Taurus is careful and plodding; Leo has a big personality. Taurus refuses to make Leo the center of attention and Leo is too self-involved to give Taurus the devotion needed. Leo is excitable in many areas of life including the bedroom. This relationship, most likely, won’t work.

Leo and Gemini
It’s a match right from the start. They like many of the same things particularly being social. Gemini is lively and independent with love of life. These two signs chase variety and fun. Leo fully enjoys Gemini’s imaginative sexual fun. However, Leo can become jealous of Gemini’s casual approach to romance and love. Leo is more intense than Gemini. If Gemini can stay faithful, this relationship will be filled with excitement as well as exasperation. The chances for this couple are good.

Leo and Cancer
Even though both these signs are romantic, they are romantic in different ways. Leo wants their love life to be exciting.  Cancer wants meaning and fulfillment. Cancer takes things more seriously than Leo. Leo does not get overwrought as Cancer.  Cancer yearns for security, peace, and quiet. Leo is boisterous and loves to be on display. Cancer’s dependency will make Leo happy as long as pampering and adoration is tossed in the mix.  Leo is flamboyant in love, while Cancer is responsive, committed, and intense. Leo likes that. This couple sends mixed signals to each other that make the relationship difficult to make work.

Leo and Leo
Both are romantic, flamboyant, excited about life, and very sexual and sensual. The issue remains of who will be in charge.  Both have huge egos. Both want to dominate and control. This matching is precarious.

Leo and Virgo
Virgo is clueless when it comes to Leo’s flair and flamboyancy.  In fact, Virgo just does not “get” Leo. Leo is drawn to Virgo’s brains and intellect. Leo wants Virgo to be responsive sexually and this is not in Virgo’s nature. Virgo is practical and careful, Leo is eccentric and extravagant. Virgo is conservative, frugal and careful. While Leo needs flattery, Virgo tends to pop the ballooned ego of Leo. This is a precarious pairing.

Leo and Libra
Libra pursues artistic and aesthetic pursuits and this draws Leo. Leo is more interested in the physical side of love, but Leo is charming and can win over Libra. Because of Leo’s indecisiveness, Libra will naturally take the lead. Both are financially extravagant. Each wants attention and will try and outdo each other to get attention. This relationship works well.

Leo and Scorpio
There is instant sexual fire here. However, Leo finds it hard to cope with Scorpio’s jealousy. Scorpio is on a short fuse, while Leo is more buoyant. Leo sees Scorpio as being difficult and overly sensitive. Scorpio sees Leo as a show off and as pretentious. Scorpio tends to be more private and can’t seem to understand how Leo needs to be admired by all around. Scorpio tends to be controlling and this clashes with Leo’s need to control. This relationship is difficult.

Leo and Sagittarius
These two signs are fascinated and drawn to each other. Leo by the optimistic and outgoing Sagittarius, and Sagittarius by Leo’s openness to life. They share a liking for freedom, fun, and meeting new people. Sexually they click, because both are open, passionate, and fiery. The personality of Leo helps Sagittarius to stay faithful. Leo is very proud, but the confidence Sagittarius has makes Leo’s strutting not a problem.

Leo and Capricorn
Capricorn tends to be careful and cautious and Leo’s romantic and big nature is curbed by these characteristics. Capricorn does not like self-indulgence and Leo’s need for fun and excitement is hard for Capricorn to accept. Both are highly sexed, but both approach it differently. Leo needs seduction and glamour but, Capricorn find this difficult to give. Capricorn will seem stingy to Leo, because Capricorn is reserved with demonstrating love. Capricorn just can’t give Leo the adoration needed. Both compete for domination. This affair is precarious.

Leo and Aquarius
These two signs are physically attracted to each other but Aquarius has a tendency to analyze and criticize Leo and this deflates Leo’s sensitive ego. Leo sees Aquarius’ standoff attitude as rejection. Aquarius tends to experiment sexually and Leo is more conservative. Aquarius is unconventional and Leo is just the opposite. Both are very social, but Leo needs to be the center of attention. This annoys Aquarius. Aquarius is independent and does not have the personality to be Leo’s devoted fan. This relationship won’t work out.

Leo and Pisces
Leo is “out there” and domineering and Pisces is psychic and mystical. Their differences cause each of them fascination but, they may be too different. Leo’s extroverted ways do not blend with Pisces’s dreamy introspection. Leo likes public recognition while Pisces prefers privacy. Both prefer to give rather than receive. Leo has a hard time with Pisces’ hypersensitivity. Sexually, Pisces tends to like the exotic and this is just not the way of Leo. This is a precarious relationship and Leo may start to look outside the relationship.

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