The Power Of Psychic Hair

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIn some Native cultures, men and women are recognized by the length and glory of their hair. Having your hair cut off is seen as a punishment. The way a person styles his or her hair can also have significant meaning.

In some Native American cultures, the way you wear your hair lets others know which tribe you belong to. It could also indicate if you are in times of war or peace. Native people believe their hair acts as a powerful source to their intuition and increased psychic and spiritual abilities. Some tribes believe once long hair is cut the psychic and spiritual senses are diminished.

The hair is the richest ornament of women ~ Martin Luther

You may think your hair is just a fashion accessory, but it carries a much deeper meaning. It is part of who we are and quite often, how we define ourselves. When I think about wearing my hair long and loose or in braids, the choice I make is completely dependent on how I feel that day, whether I realize this or not. Just as many Native American tribes believed in the power of long hair, I too believe that having long hair aids in my spiritual expression and is a source of its strength, intuition and power.

Hair is largely believed to be an extension of your thoughts.  The myriad of style options are especially important in some cultures because they give clues to events taking place in your life. Your hairstyle can be seen as not only part of your physical body, but also your emotional body. If you think about it, your hair can be a resourceful tool to portray how you are thinking and feeling.

When I am frazzled or having a hectic day my hair tends to take on a personality of its own. The style on those days is “anything goes.” Standing on end and looking wild it reflects my emotional state of mind. On days when I am lacking enthusiasm or feeling sad, my hair tends to be limp and I wear it back in a ponytail. On an average day I braid my hair in either one or two braids. This is my “everyday hair.”  These braids indicate I am feeling emotionally well-balanced. On special occasions, I will straighten and then curl my hair, working on it until it is perfect. I want my hair to look as special as I am feeling. Anyone who knows me could figure out what kind of day I am having by how I wear my hair.

The hair on our bodies is believed to serve a much more significant purpose than we may know. The hair on our legs stabilizes our magnetic fields, our eyebrows protect our eyes from sweat. Facial hair on men is said to protect them from excessive moon energy. Every hair on our bodies has a purpose, whether we recognize it or not, and nature put it there for a reason.

We usually think of hair as just being a matter of personal preference, but in reality it’s much more than that. Some say hair is your antenna to receive a picture of the subtle world around you, to tell when people are lying, to feel things before they happen, and so forth. Psychics with clairsentient abilities sometimes experience their hair on their arms or neck standing on end.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair ~ Kahlil Gibran

The natural intelligence of the body is to maintain its hairs. If you allow the hair on the head to grow undisturbed; it will grow to a certain length required by your body and then it will stop. Each hair on our body has its own purpose and will stop growing when it has reached its full potential.

It has been said  that people who have long hair tend to be less tired, more energetic and less likely to become depressed. People who have long hair also conserve energy and don’t feel the cold of winter the same as people with short hair. A person who has short hair wastes his body’s energy.

Think of the story of Samson and Delilah, in the Bible. He lost his strength when she cut his hair. Another example of the power of hair. To humiliate the conquered people of China, Genghis Khan made them cut their hair and wear bangs over their foreheads. Bangs cover the 3rd eye, inhibiting intuition and subtle knowledge.

I think the Natives had it right when they treated hair as a necessary part to their spiritual life. I personally have had long hair for most of my adult life. I can’t imagine wearing it short. It literally has become part of who I am and I can identify with the spiritual connections the Natives speak of. Once I cut off my hair and donated it to those who had lost their hair while ill. Honestly, knowing that someone else would enjoy my thick locks made having short hair bearable. The moment my hair was cut off I wanted it back. I felt disconnected from myself and felt a loss that I didn’t understand, until reading up on the importance of long hair in some Native cultures. As someone who wears her hair long, I tend not to worry about hair fashions.

I can only speak for myself when identifying the relationship I have with my spirituality, intuition and long hair. But it is definitely something to think about. If you are like me, long hair is just as important as any other part of your body. My hair is part of who I am and plays an important role in my spiritual and psychic life.

About The Author: Tiara is a Psychic Medium, teacher, and caregiver, who was born with gifts that span five generations! She lives in the Midwest, but belongs to a prestigious UK Group of Light Workers, Healers, Psychics and Mediums, who teach, train and connect with others around the globe. She’s helped thousands to find comfort and clarity in dark times and has developed a visual meditation, all her own, that connect clients to their loved ones and Spirit Guides. If you’d like a reading from a Psychic who reads from the heart and changes lives in a positive way, you can find Tiara at:

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