Energy Basics – Cutting Chords

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWe are all vibrant beings made of energy. And so much more is always going on than we are aware of in our current state of consciousness – one of these things being energy chords. I was guided to spell energy cords with an “h” as chords, so the concept of vibration would resonate with you as you read this.

As beings made of light and energy, we communicate much faster and clearer through unseen phenomena like telepathy and energy chords. These chords can convey positive or negative energy, emotions, sensations, and so forth. It just depends on the person, the situation and the experience. Some chords can be as thin as a hair, and carry a quick burst of energy, while others are as thick as a tree trunk, carrying lots of varied emotions and energy. These thick chords would have grown over time.

When you cut a cord of attachment, you are lifting out and removing the negative behavioural, emotional and mental patterns that circulate between you and the other person ~ Anna Sayce

The problem is we are often unaware of these chords, and long after they have served their purpose, they can still remain active in our energy field. In a future blog about psychic protection I will discuss ways to help prevent such chords. It is important to note that chords of love are always helpful and welcomed, it is all the other chords that we want to do away with.

Not all exchanges will form a chord, but sometimes that stranger that cuts you off in traffic in a moment of road rage might attach an energy chord of anger or hatred to you. You may not realize it and go through the day irritable for no reason. That is how you know an unwanted chord has been formed.

Sometimes you randomly think of an ex, whom you really haven’t forgiven yet and have no love for, and you think “What the heck? Why am I still thinking of that jerk!” We form chords with co-workers, friends, family and even random strangers. Over time, as these chords build up, they can physically weigh on you in many forms, including irritability, anger, sluggishness, lowered immunity, restless sleep. Yes, this seems like a lot of heavy stuff, and it is. It can be like walking through a spider web every day – a little isn’t a big deal, but over time it builds up and inhibits you.

The problem with cords is that when they are in place, our energy is not fully our own. Our energy may actually go toward others’ projects, goals, ideas, and outcomes, rather than our own ~ Sallie M. Keys

What to do you ask? Well it’s super simple, as are most metaphysical things if you pay careful attention. You simply ask the Universe, God, Spirit, Archangels, or whomever you are guided to, to please cut the chords that no longer serve you.

Yep, that’s it. You will want to take a few deep breaths before and after cutting chords. And if you feel guided to, you can say it several times in a row. I always do it before bed, but depending on the situation, I might do it throughout the day as well. If you do this at night, when your head is on the pillow, you will find yourself sleeping like a baby and wake up refreshed. It takes some time to remember to make it a nightly habit, but you will get there eventually.

My next blog in this series will be on grounding, something you can do in conjunction with the chord cutting when needed.

About The Author: Joy is a Florida native, born with strong Medium and Psychic talents to feel, hear and see what others can’t. Early on, she pushed her abilities aside, but her Spirits, Angels and Guides were just too stubborn and strong to ignore! With the help of important mentors, such as John Edward’s teacher, she learned to embrace her Soul’s purpose to service others and now does so with gusto—changing one life at a time. She’s a Certified Reiki Practitioner, provides Psychic Readings and Channeling at parties and is expert in crystals, Tarot and Auras. If you’re interested in a Spirit Makeover that will improve your life and fulfill your Soul’s purpose, you can find Joy at

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