Affirmations Delete Unwanted Ego Messages

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAffirmations are a powerful and effective way to heal and remove negative crippling thoughts and suggestions generated by our ego. Our ego is not illuminated, or wise, or inspirational. So the ego is not a great guide or source of truth about ourselves when we are trying to discover who we really are.

Joseph Campbell put it well when he was talking about spirituality and made reference to the ego. He said “It’s a secondary organ and it thinks it’s running the show!” Since the ego is always talking in a loud and bossy manner, it’s important and necessary to discover a daily practice that provides an opportunity to hear from our true self, our gentle and loving higher selves, whose voice is kind and gentle.

If you are struggling with a repetitive pattern of unwanted behavior or have a diminishing belief about yourself, it’s very likely you’ve agreed to accept a message generated by your ego. You’ve stored ego messages on your mental hard drive and they come up and affect your feelings and behavior and keep you stuck. These negative “error” messages need to be deleted and replaced with the truthful messages from your higher self.

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change ~ Louise L. Hay

You can access your higher self through prayer and meditation. You are whole and complete and have everything you need to succeed in whatever direction your heart leads to accomplish your life purpose. Messages that make you feel small and unworthy need to be healed and removed because they do not serve you, they hold you back.

Selecting positive affirmations and deleting unwanted thoughts, opinions and notions from our habitual patterns on our mental hard drive is a worthwhile task, because it will change each individual and therefore the world around us by freeing up the positive energy imprisoned energy and creativity within each of us and release it outward into the world with a ripple effect.  The ego messages generate fear and the higher self releases love.

Getting to the real truth and living from it is to know that no matter what happens or what comes your way, you are whole and complete with a five star rating! You can never be reduced to anything less, no matter what mistakes you make or what ego fear based messages you hear. Sometimes we have experiences in life that send us a negative message that seem so real concerning our self-worth. What to do with that is the big choice we all face throughout our lives. The fact is that occasionally in life, who really knows what motivates people, someone will rate a five star being such as yourself, with a two star evaluation and it’s always crushing.

Affirmations can help us stay in our truth and regain our shaken confidence and quiet the ego. Your ego is not insightful, or illuminated, or wise, it’s a simple minded organ that’s main job is to keep you alive and you can reject the messages that don’t serve you, and you can put your ego in its place. If you allow your ego to run ‘willy nilly’ and let it cross boundaries, it will have you living a very small, fear-based, meaningless life that is safe inside a little box – not the kind of existence that is fulfilling to your true magnificent and creative self who wants to experience and share here in the physical.

We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Our true desire and purpose is to bring forth and share our unique gifts through our unique life purpose. If you are here in a body, you belong and you are complete with all you need to shine. In the end, the only regret we may have is that we allowed our egos to imprison us and let it totally run the show, so we didn’t love or express ourselves as we could have had we freed ourselves. But the ego can be very convincing, more like a bully, controlling and harsh. Our true self has a soft and loving voice and it doesn’t bully and berate us. We need to be strong and conscientious about knowing who and what our ego is and keep it in its place. Affirmations can be a helpful tool to keep us on the right track.

Those of us who are sensitive and in touch with our spiritual gifts may develop social phobias and fears, because we have been teased or judged as “different”, or “weird”. We have developed social phobias because of the two star rating we received from others, but the truth is, we are five stars no matter what, and being aware and utilizing our spiritual gifts is a path of service. If we’ve allowed two star ratings to get in our way we need to remove the negative messages our ego has embraced and pull ourselves out of the box we live in.

Some tools for replacing negative thoughts and ideas are repeating a positive mantra, or implanting a positive affirmation deep inside our psyche through hypnosis and meditation

About The Author: Stacy is a talented Medium, Healer, Bodyworker, Reiki Master, teacher and entrepreneur living in a cozy hideaway on the Central Coast of California. She possesses a variety of Clair gifts and is well versed in metaphysical practices. Stacy has spent thousands of hours reading for patients in Hospice and has honed her gifts without the need of any outside tools! She’s been an active seeker of knowledge, wisdom and experience for forty years and feels inspired to share her gifts as a spiritual counselor and healer with others to ease suffering and clear confusion that sometimes clouds our truth and higher purpose. She works with Angels and Guides to bring their peaceful, loving and transformative messages to her clients. If you’d like to experience Stacy’s inspirational energy for yourself, you can find Stacy at

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    Mr Wake:

    Wonderful piece you have put together Stacey. Very Insightful and encouraging.

    God Bless you.

    Wake xx

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