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What It Means To Be A Cancer

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between June 22 and July 23, Cancer tends to be loving, responsive, empathetic, kind, hardworking, and charming. They can also be psychic, as well as humorous, inviting, and helpful.

Cancer can also be manipulative, defensive, anxious, and insecure. They can be severe, oppositional, sensitive to real and imagined hurts, biased and dishonest.


Cancers are a paradox. They are a water sign and this makes them emotionally open, sensitive, and intensely self-reflective.  They are also a cardinal sign, which makes them enterprising and ambitious, while having a strong external focus. Is it any wonder they have mood swings? Cancer’s emotional sensitivity is one of their more positive characteristics.

Cancers need a lover who will cradle them in a blanket of security and comfort; someone who will understand their inner fears and their longings to save the world ~ Lynn Hayes

Cancer loves home life, calmness in the home, and emotional security. They are faithful, loving, nice, and helpful. They have a need to nurture. Cancer set goals and steadfastly go after them. Their determination knows no bounds. A great memory is another great quality of Cancers.


Cancers are worriers and nervous. They do not like confrontation and sometimes when things become conflicted they enter into a state of denial. They become very hard to reach. Their need for security can be so great that it immobilizes them.

Mood swings may be an issue with Cancers; they can also have sudden and overwhelming emotional outbursts. This is what a Cancer is all about: emoting and feelings. That is one reason they make such good psychics – they are extremely sensitive and intuitive. But as stated, if Cancer is not careful they can go into overwhelm.

Cancer can be demanding and possessive. They can have a severe fear of abandonment that can cause them to cling to relationships and even jobs.

All this emotion and the need to avoid insecurity can lead to a pit of depression. Cancers must get to the bottom of their fears and complicated psyche.


Likes: Cancer enjoy water. They love caring for plants.  Collecting is an enjoyable past time. They also like to study nutrition, the arts, and the metaphysical.

Dislikes: Waste. Unfairness, cold and vulgar behavior. Cancers also dislike criticism and dubious situations are dislikes.  Cancer do not like being unproductive and will often keep themselves be busy.

With Friends: As friends Cancer are thoughtful. They are protective of the underdog. They love family gatherings. They are very loyal.

Love: Cancer tend to be very loving and they become deeply connected. Cancers long to be needed and genuinely loved.  Cancers tend to be patient and they believe in marriage.

Needs: Cancers need a time of retreat, a safe and stable home, and others to give and get love. They tend to be anxious so this must be mastered. They need to trust instincts and to use imagination in a positive way.

Mind: Cancers are very creative as well as impressionable. They are nice and kind and they care deeply. They can be vulnerable and may learn to mask feelings. They tend to be subjective with many emotional layers. Even with all their emotions they tend toward common sense.

In Action: Cancer are often graceful and unassuming. They can be avoidant and very stern. They tend toward thrift and they like domestication. Cancers may be secretive, fussy , and messy.

At Work: Cancer’s are gifted at teaching with a great memory.  They are also talented at helping others. They tend to be artistic and are good at making money.

Cancer’s basis for understanding his world is emotional. Unless Gemini or Aquarius are very strongly placed in the chart, what seems like intuition or logic will actually be a highly developed emotional perception ~ Alan Oken


Cancer and Aries

These two signs start out with passion, but soon the fire dies.  Aries is adventuresome and enjoys a roving eye and this causes Cancer’s jealousy to flare. Cancers are easily hurt by Aries’ abruptness and wit. Cancer craves security and a domestic lifestyle. Aries needs freedom. Aries becomes claustrophobic when Cancer becomes protective and clinging. Aries can feel trapped. Both like money but Aries wants to spend it and Cancer wants to keep it. There are too many temperament problems that make this union precarious.

Cancer and Taurus

These signs fit well together. Both want security and permanence. Both have passion and affection. Cancer adds all the imagination to Taurus’ routine love making. Taurus is possessive which works for clingy Cancer. Both enjoy making money so both enjoy their homes and luxuries. Taurus likes being catered to and Cancer enjoys catering. This relationship is a good fit.

Cancer and Gemini

Gemini shows sparkle to Cancer and this intrigues and fascinates cancer. But soon the fickle characteristics of Gemini emerge.  Cancers are emotional and Gemini are cerebral…they are thinkers. This difference makes it hard for them to exist together in a romantic relationship. Sexually they enjoy each other. However, Gemini’s casual attitude about love is foreign to Cancer. Gemini can’t abide by Cancer’s need to hem them in.  The relationship is difficult to make work.

Cancer and Cancer

These two signs have a lot in common and that causes problems. Both are too sensitive and too demanding and too dependent and they wind up hurting each other without even trying. Each needs to be comforted and reassured. Each accuses the other of not giving enough. In bed they work well with each other’s imaginations which add fun. That does not last and this relationship is precarious.

Cancer and Leo

Leo is extroverted and exciting. Cancer has to become accustomed to those characteristics. Leo is generous and open hearted and this is what insecure Cancer needs. Cancers are gifted psychically and they know intuitively how to deal with the goodness in Leo. Leo needs admiration and Cancer is all too willing to give it. Sexually, Leo is a little too domineering for Cancer. However this can be worked through and Leo’s sunny disposition lightens Cancer’s possible moodiness.

Cancer and Virgo

Cancer is all feeling. Virgo is all thinking and analysis.  But these two signs mesh really well. Cancer has to become familiar with Virgo but once this happens fire can erupt. This twosome can make a secure, comfortable, and loving duo. While Cancer needs financial security he/she works well with the goal oriented Virgo. Virgo is fussy and Cancer can understand this fussiness. Cancers’ dependency fit will with Virgos’ need to protect. This relationship works nicely.

Cancer and Libra

These signs operate on very different levels. Cancer wants love to be emotional and spiritual. Libra wants intelligent communication. From Cancer’s perspective Libra seems detached and emotionally shallow. From Libra’s perspective, Cancer’s moods are petty and Libra has no sympathy for them. Cancer is too possessive for airy Libra. Sexually there is no rapport.  Both love a comfortable home but Libra likes it for the parties that can be thrown and the people that can be invited. When Cancer becomes critical Libra starts looking outside of the relationship for fulfillment.

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer’s sensuality is set afire by Scorpio’s passions. Cancer is loyal and so any jealousy that Scorpio may feel is calmed.  Cancer’s possessiveness helps Scorpio feel secure. Each fill the other’s needs. Scorpio is strong and Cancer admires this strength. Cancer is emotionally committed and Scorpio finds comfort in this commitment. Both signs are intuitive and can “read” what the other needs. This is a pleasing pairing.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer needs security in love and Sag just seems unable to give it to them. Cancer feels jealous with Sag’s flighty ways.  Sagittarius is bored by Cancer’s dependency. While Sagittarius is a wanderer, Cancer prefers to stay at home. Sagittarius feels trapped by Cancer’s desire for total togetherness.  Sag looks for escape. Sagittarius is blunt and this sometimes wounds the sensitive Cancer. These signs make good friends but not so great lovers.

Cancer and Capricorn

Polarities in the zodiac make these signs initially sexually attracted to each other. They are opposites in temperament but, if they work at it they can make a great pairing. Cancer needs a lot of attention and Capricorn has too many interests to give Cancer all that attention. Capricorn and Cancer are very different. Capricorn is out spoken, stand offish, and controlling. Cancer is timid, sensitive, and needs love. Cancer takes Capricorn’s aloofness as rejection and then Cancer becomes critical and moody. Long-term love may be a far reaching or impossible goal.

Cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius is self possessed. Cancer is loving and responsive but, this is met with non-acceptance by Aquarius. Aquarius feels trapped by Cancer’s intense attentiveness and demonstrativeness. Aquarius is impatient with Cancer’s cloying behavior. Cancer is easily hurt by Aquarius’s blunt and abrasive humor. Cancer has no understanding of Aquarius’ aloofness. Sex might be alright but that is about all that works.

Cancer and Pisces

This coupling brings about a bolstering of each other’s self esteem. They can make their hopes a reality because of Cancer’s being an imaginative worker and Pisces being an imaginative dreamer. Pisces give romance to Cancer and Cancer is protective of Pisces needs. Both key into each other’s needs and wants.  Sexually they click. Cancer has to take the lead but, Pisces are ardent followers. This is a harmonious pairing.

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