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The Possibilities Of A Plain Existence

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIs it possible to live life in a normal, grounded and sane manner without having to constantly consider not bending reality or manifesting a desire? If indeed we do choose our fate then can one not simply sometimes void any poor choices by simply existing, and not affecting one’s destiny? Can one not just amble through life without a care, or without consideration to the outcome of our thoughts?

If as it has been posited that matter is comprised of strings which contain information that comprises how matter behaves, then what can one do to avoid affecting these strings? Do we affect them, or are we perhaps responding to them, meaning in part that we may not have free will?

These are questions we all should ask! Is there simply any way of living one’s life without affecting one’s environment? Does one always have to be aware of one’s thoughts to not affect our fellow persons on this earth, or can one perhaps nonsensically, self-indulgently, haphazardly and selfishly just continue to create one’s reality? Does one have to be considerate when one manifests one’s own destiny? Wouldn’t that affect another person’s destiny?

What about those of us who are not wanting to affect any chaos, who are simply wanting to be led along by a more benevolent force, or for some of us, to be led by nothing at all? Does every thought result in a new choice, a new future?

Working in the field of extra-sensory perception for a long time you start to see a plastic reality. When one loses the sense of time in its linear form, because it simply does not work for all psychic readings, one begins to realize how unable we are to think outside of a linear timeframe and how inflexible we really are to not be able to apply a fourth dimension to the way we perceive time. Time exists in itself, on its own, without a mind or a purpose – certainly we are not its master.

One has to wonder why some desires, prayers or wishes are manifested, and why some are not. One begins to wonder if this is an intelligent force, or simply a random one? And one realizes to some extent that something, if not thought, and perhaps something greater than that is affecting matter.

One begins to realize that we are at the mercy of certain forces which may never be defined, and that if all the elements for one thing or being to be listed that there would be thousands of dimensional expressions of that thing, being or tensor. Helpless and hapless, our thoughts may or may not stray into the dimensional heart of only this one cosmos, this one universe in a lattice of millions. And possibly strands of intelligence will carry its imprint outside of our universe, bubble to bubble, an eternity of blueprints and strings, imprints of matter, energy and anti-matter and in it, the great answer to life, the string for our souls.

If that be the case, does matter respond to only certain types of thoughts, or emotions, or are we not breathing perhaps in unison with a greater intelligence, one that may not even be part of our universe? Does matter need a reason to alter or transmute? Does it need a thought, a being, a cause? Does it need to be regarded, or can it exist on its own? Can the universe exist entirely without any idea, any being, any manifest, and why would it?

Perhaps I would attest to not ever wanting to know in truth the answer to these questions, as reality in its most ordinary to me is the most comforting and the most beautiful. I would hope that none of my thoughts or prayers should ever affect it, nor anyone around me, and that indeed a greater wisdom were in operation of this mechanism for me.

About The Author: Carmen Miro

Carmen’s waking dreams have provided accurate glimpses into the future for celebrities as well as political and international figures. Her non-judgmental, Empathic approach, as well as her unique method of Tarot reading, affords her the reputation as a groundbreaker in her field. This European born Canadian is the first online psychic to promote the idea of Empathy and emotional thought transference, and she has written a great deal on the subject. For a comprehensive Intuitive reading that will transform your life, you can find Carmen at

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