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What It Means To Be A Gemini

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between May 22 and June 21, Gemini are adjustable, watchful, sociable, quick witted, amusing, and smart. They can also be argumentative, self-centered, inconsistent, sly, dominating, and unpredictable.


”Forever young” is a term that goes well with Gemini. Their faces are filled with curiosity, extroversion, and happiness. They don’t settle for the expected but, are always looking for interesting arenas. Gemini have a love of life that is enhanced by a quick wit. They hold many interests and love to fully engage new interest. The possibilities are endless and Gemini are always looking for doors that are swinging open.

I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day ~ Josephine Baker

Gemini also easily lose interest and they often struggle with boredom and impatience. They are forever popular with many friends. Gemini feel spontaneity is the ideal and they often load themselves down with so many activities that just maintaining is all they can do. Amazingly, when a Gemini is over-committed or tired they feel at their best.


Gemini would love to be able to be in two places at the same time. They enjoy hyperactivity. They can be accused of being shallow emotionally. That is not true. Gemini experience short periods of emotions. They have a tendency to rewrite history.  For example, if they are actually the ones fired or left they will convince themselves that they were the one that left. Gemini are always moving ahead without looking back.


Likes: Gemini like socializing and humor. They also like intellectual pursuits, arts, reading. Gemini enjoy traveling, and being outdoors.

Dislikes: Gemini dislike doing the same thing repeatedly, formality, and difficulties. They do not like feeling trapped or obligated. However, being bored is the worst for them

With Friends: with friends. They are very social. And they are always making friends. They do not like discrimination. Family is important to them, especially between brothers and sisters.

Love: Gemini are flirty in a fun, loving way. Gemini are emotionally detached. Loving easy companionship rather than passion

Mind: Gemini are witty and think fast on their feet. They always want to know more. Gemini can be restless and inconsistent.

In Action: Gemini are spontaneous and social. Gemini have unpredictable moods. Excitement can be turned into defiance and wit into criticism.

At Work: Gemini love improvising. They are good at coordinating, mediating, promoting, and informed

Gemini needs a lover to be continually new and fascinating and to continue to grow and learn with ~ Lynn Hayes


Gemini and Aries
These signs are good friends as well as good lovers. They each live an adventurous life and live with variety. They like each other’s sense of humor and each love to be social. Aries is more definitive than Gemini. Both Gemini and Aries love, sex. They both keep each other on their toes. Aries are more dominating and that seems to keep Gemini grounded. Gemini is curious, which keeps Aries intrigued.

Gemini and Taurus
This coupling is unpromising. Gemini sparkles and at first this intrigues Taurus. At first Gemini likes Taurus simplicity. Gemini wants life to be exciting and Taurus wants life to be calm. Gemini is attracted to adventure and exploration and Taurus loves to be at home. Gemini views Taurus’ love making as somewhat boring. Taurus’ jealous nature makes them resent Gemini’s outside cavorting.

Gemini and Gemini
This pairing is fun, likable, and outgoing. It is never boring between a Gemini and a Gemini. The pace is quick and exciting. Both like the frenetic lifestyle. These two signs are great at talking and draw many friends. While sex is fun, the couple tends to be all fluff, unstable, and very restless. Out of the bedroom things are unstable.

Gemini and Cancer
Cancer, who is passionate fulfills Gemini’s sexual needs. Gemini’s bright personality helps the sometimes grey moods of Cancer. Gemini has a tendency to make light of love and this hurts Cancer. These two signs have little in common for a long lasting relationship. Gemini hates feeling trapped and Cancer can feel insecure with all of Gemini’s flirtations. Cancer tends toward moodiness and Gemini has no patience for this moodiness. Gemini can have a sharp tongue and this can injure Cancer’s tender ego. This is a precarious pairing.

Gemini and Leo
These two signs enjoy each other. Gemini’s loving, and playful nature finds that Leo is responsive, eager, and extroverted. Gemini tends toward ridicule and this annoys Leo. Leo demands being the center of attention, and this is more than Gemini is willing to give. Each love to be the center of attention. They both have a great sense of humor and have lots of excitement in bed. These two signs make a fun pair.

Gemini and Virgo
Both of these signs are ruled by Mercury. Both come from a mental place in approaching life. The similarities end here. Virgo sees Gemini as scattered and immature. Gemini sees Virgo as boring. Both have disdain for the other. Virgo is analytical and this is translated as indifference in the eyes of Gemini. Gemini is busy and social and Virgo sees this as superficial and a waste. While Gemini is tactless Virgo is critical. Sex is cold between Virgo and Gemini. Gemini will explore outside this relationship.

Gemini and Libra
These two signs go well together. They are both intellectually compatible. They will have a wonderful and light affair.  Neither likes to fight and they agree on almost everything.  They both share a love of travel and entertainment. Both enjoy fun.  Sexually both are intense and neither is jealous. Gemini loves to experiment and Libra gladly follows. One problem arises… both enjoy spending money. This can mean trouble. If this issue can be resolved, than this is a pleasing pairing.

Gemini and Scorpio
These two signs would make a good combination but they just can’t get along. They are explosive in the bedroom but they find out this is just not enough. Scorpio is sexy and filled with passion. Scorpio is also demanding, territorial, and rigid.  Gemini tends toward fickleness, flightiness, superficiality, and inconsistency. Gemini is fun and likes the social scene while Scorpio is private. Scorpio tends to be suspicious and is bothered by Gemini’s easy going attitude toward love. This is a precarious pairing.

Gemini and Sagittarius
Although these two signs are opposites in the Zodiac, they are tremendously attracted to each other. Both are intellectual and like each other’s minds. However, Sag tends to be more intellectual. Gemini is the flighty, social butterfly. Both need freedom and tend toward restlessness. Neither shows affection and this is sexually disappointing for both of them.  Gemini has a critical attitude. Something that begins as an impulsive affair ends impulsively.

Gemini and Capricorn
Gemini and Capricorn clash when the freewheeling Gemini meets the conservative and steadfast Capricorn. Gemini worries about losing freedom while Capricorn worries about security. Gemini is driven to distraction by Capricorn’s orderliness and routine.  Gemini need an exciting existence which just makes Capricorn feel insecure. Gemini feels shut down by Capricorn’s serious outlook.  Gemini can help Capricorn develop sexually; however, this is not an exciting relationship.

Gemini and Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius get along well. They share a love of uniqueness, travel, and exploration. These two signs are unpredictable so things can be a bit chaotic. Aquarius loves Gemini’s wit and cheerfulness and so their love keeps improving. When Gemini is inconsistent, Aquarius understands.  Even if the love affair ends they can continue as friends. In marriage these two signs are affectionate and faithful and also very compatible lovers.

Gemini and Pisces
While the passion is high so are the problems. Pisces is emotional and is easily hurt by the thoughtless Gemini. Pisces tend to be serious and sensitive while Gemini is fun and lighthearted. Pisces need continual adoration and this tends to make the freedom seeking Gemini feel tied down. Pisces wants to clamp down on Gemini which makes Gemini want to escape. Gemini will suffocate in this situation.

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