Tarot And The Psychic Awakening

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comDo you find yourself having dreams that come true on a regular basis? Continual feelings of déjà vu? If so, you could be experiencing a psychic awakening.

A psychic awakening can occur at any age, but it happens most frequently at puberty, around age 30, and after age 60. It can be a frightening experience of a bombardment of information, visions and feelings that you cannot explain.

Sometimes catastrophic events or trauma can also trigger a psychic awakening, such as a physical injury, near-death experience, or visiting a place that is known to be a vortex of spiritual energy.

Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow ~ Jack Parsons

Over the years many people have come to me, confused and frightened about what is happening to them. They often have a feeling of helplessness, as if they are losing their minds. When it happened to me at age 14, I had the same confused feelings too. Fortunately, both my parents were open-minded and clairvoyant themselves. My mother took me to the bookstore and bought me my first deck of Tarot cards.

As I began working with the cards, my visions and dreams became less frightening and I was able to better control the outbursts of psychic phenomena I was experiencing. I found an outlet by channeling my visions through the cards.  Twenty years later I became a professional psychic.

Clients and students often ask me how they can develop their own psychic ability. They wonder if psychic ability is something you are born with, or is it possible to develop it. It is my experience that most people are born with some psychic ability. Some have more talent than others, and some are truly gifted.  Psychic ability also runs in families and generations.

If you do have some form of psychic ability it is definitely possible to develop it. Based on my own experience, one of the best ways to develop your psychic ability is through the Tarot cards.

The Tarot contains meanings and symbolism that are based on archetypes and universal truths. These universal truths are those things in nature and the universe that cannot be denied, such as the phases of the moon, the cycles of the sun and the changing of the seasons. Layered over that is a metaphysical history of the world, the symbolism of ancient religions and Hebrew mysticism.

Tarot is a lyrical language of the soul’s encounter with the Universe. It arises freely, and like the most dignified dance, allows us to express ourselves in motion to the music of the divine. The re-arrangement and reading of the deck is as sacred as the most religious ritual or act of love. Treasure it. Trust it. Let it divine you ~ Marcus Katz

If you are serious about developing your abilities the Tarot is a great way to start your psychic journey. The Tarot teaches you the language of metaphysics. Working with the cards not only helps develop your psychic ability, it enables you to control and center what would be random and sometimes disturbing bouts of psychic phenomena.

Another, more important reason for using the Tarot to develop your psychic ability is self-awareness. In studying the Tarot you are learning to understand yourself on a deeper level –  your unique role in the Universe and what your karmic path should be. In this way the tarot takes on a new, special role,  not the Hollywood-hyped tool of the gypsy or charlatan. Those of us who know this 72 card book of ancient wisdom understand that it is meant to enrich our lives, and the lives of those around us.

About The Author: Brenda is a 3rd Generation Clairvoyant, Medium, teacher and lecturer who has appeared on Jay Leno, as well as other popular TV and radio shows. Known for her accurate timelines of when and where events will precisely occur, her reputation continues to spread both nationally and on the international scene. She is also a published author of several books, including The Wings of Isis series, released in 2010. If you’d like a private look at your past, present and future, you can find Brenda at PsychicAccess.com

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    This is a useful article, thanks for the information.

    I wanted to ask though, why do you think our psychic abilities tend to come around those certain ages? Is there something special about them?

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