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What It Means To Be A Taurus

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between April 21 and May 21, Taurus people are helpful, patient, pragmatic, long enduring, loving, loyal and effective.  At Taurus’ worse they can be territorial, materialistic, lazy, boring, and uninspired. They can also be rigid. Taurus can also be self indulgent of personal wants and needs.


At their best Taurus are very reliable. They are grounded and reality based. Taurus makes conservative choices and avoids change because of a need for emotional and physical security.  They tend to be stubborn once a choice is make. Goals that are concrete rather than emotional make the most sense to Taurus.  Taurus is slow moving and steady. They will reach their goals.

Taureans are stubborn as hell. They never want to tell you what sign they are…. But underneath that tough Taurus hide beats the heart of a hopeless romantic ~ Armistead Maupin

Taurus are open romantically and sensually, and also kind and gentle. They love slow and comfortable sexual activity. Taurus loves nice looking things and earthy sensualities. They often have a talent for at least one of the arts. They know well the fine art of relaxation.


Taurus’ slow movement can irritate others that like faster progress. Taurus may be slow to get moving, but once they get moving there’s no stopping them. They refuse to be rushed and they can be mentally old before their time, easily slipping into a rut. They tend to be very stubborn.

Taurus’ stubbornness is expressed as tenacity when it is for an important cause. But when a Taurus refuses to change despite being proved wrong, it becomes stubbornness.

Normally, Taurus are hard working and persevering, but when feeling low they can become apathetic. Taurus can be very conscious of money, status-obsessed, self-indulgent and self-pitying. They can also be possessive, dependent, envious, and lacking sensitivity. Taurus can even be someone who uses others. It is not the intent of Taurus to use others, but “things happen.”

Taurus do not get angry often or easily, but when they do it is time to pay attention. Some of the worst mass killers and dictators in history were Taureans: Hitler, Lenin, Saddam Hussein. That is not to say that all Taurus are bad people, just that some of the worst people are also Taurus.


Likes: Taurus likes tasty food and wine and all kinds of beauty. They desire a wealthy lifestyle with a nice home.  Taurus likes the outdoors and music.

Dislikes: Taurus dislikes unattractive things and bossy people.  They don’t like dishonesty and disharmony. Taurus do not like change, debt, or being rushed.

With Friends: Taurus is a great friend, but a stubborn enemy.  They are tender-hearted and dependable. They often give comfort and offer good cheer. They are good and receptive listeners.

Love: Taurus show their love with amorous actions. They are reality based in their view of their partners and they bring stability. They may be possessive, yet devoted.

Needs: Taurus needs security above all else. They need to exercise, they need a schedule, and they need to take their time in doing things. They avoid wet and cold weather, materialism, and gluttony.

Mind: Taurus is logical and thorough rather than quick. They have an honest mentality. Morals are important to them.

In Action: Taurus is thorough and this can be seen in their actions. They are tidy and systematic. They show artistic talent. Taurus have a good sense of humor. Taurus is determined in any difficulty that arises.

At Work: A perfect or near perfect employee, they are industrious and productive. They watch for details and carry responsibility. Taurus has integrity and is good at finances.

Taurus is by far the slowest moving sign, and arguably the one that carries the greatest amount of inertia, so once Taurus gets moving, it’s very difficult to stop it again ~ Kevin Burk


Taurus and Aries
Taurus works at a slower pace than Aries when it comes to love making. Both have a mutual interest in each other. Aries is all emotional and Taurus is all sensuous and they can have fun while the relationship lasts. After a time Taurus’ possessiveness rises and this makes Aries angry. Money is also an issue.  Taurus is frugal and Aries is indulgent with money. Aries is impulsive in decision-making which annoys Taurus. Taurus likes routine which bugs Aries. A fun affair can turn into a disastrous marriage.

Taurus and Taurus
This is not a very exciting pairing. Both are dependable, hardworking, frugal with finances, loyal, and loving. Both are possessive with each other so that works for them. Sexually they work, because both are earthy and direct in their needs.  Boredom is the real threat here. The answer is for both to have outside hobbies and friendship without raising the possessiveness of the other.

Taurus and Gemini
These two signs are very different. Taurus is opinionated, solid, and hesitant to change. Gemini can be flighty, restless, and changeable. But these two signs may be attracted to each other because of these differences, at least for short time.  Taurus, however, won’t find the security and stability that they need with the excitable Gemini. Gemini needs constant new stimulation and Taurus will be able to handle that characteristic. Gemini will seek escape, while Taurus commands stability.

Taurus and Cancer
These two signs have commonality. Both love their homes. Both are sentimental and highly sexed. Taurus’ easy going nature is a good balance for Cancer’s moodiness. Often blunt Taurus must be careful of Cancer’s sensitivity. Cancer loves Taurus’ dependability and in turn Cancer gives loyalty and feedback.  Both signs are into money and security. This pairing is generally harmonious.

Taurus and Leo
Leo must have constant praising and adulation. Leo is always competing with Taurus. Taurus becomes more stubborn. Taurus needs to be appreciated and Leo needs demonstrative love and adoration. Neither will get their needs met in this relationship. There is a basic conflict between these two signs. Taurus needs order and Leo needs a larger than life existence. Sexually, they are well matched, but Leo tries to perform instead of keeping things simple. Taurus finds this unappealing.

Taurus and Virgo

There is an immediate love between these two signs. Both love the home and both enjoy intellectual pursuits. Virgo is thrifty as is Taurus. Neither puts a high value on a spontaneous approach to life. Taurus is more physical so both have to adjust sexually. Romantically, Taurus awakens Virgo’s passions. They have many things in common and this makes for a pleasing pairing.

Taurus and Libra

Taurus enjoys Libra’s warm, romantic nature, and vibrancy. Libra charms and titillates. Taurus adds stability to Libra’s indecisiveness. Money could be a problem, as Libra does not take the matter as seriously as Taurus. Both signs are ruled by Venus, which means that both have a sensual and romantic nature. Both express these characteristics differently. Libra can have a fickle nature and can be quite casual about love. This can drive Taurus wild. Libra starts to resent Taurus’ possessiveness. This pairing may be precarious.

Taurus and Scorpio

Although these two signs are opposite in the zodiac they do have things in common. Both signs are determined and ambitious. The thing that may make things difficult is that both are strong-willed. The sexual element in this pairing borders on obsessive. However, Scorpio tends to be more overbearing and possessive. This makes Taurus angry and resentful. This is not the best of pairings and may not last long.

Taurus and Sagittarius
Taurus is attracted to Sagittarius uninhibited lovemaking, but it’s hard for Taurus to deal with Sagittarius need for new partners and novelty. Sagittarius is very easy going about sex and most other things. Taurus is more serious and possessive. Sagittarius will not be controlled. There are no boring moments, however there is a lot of fighting. Even with all this an affair can be fun.

Taurus and Capricorn
Both sign’s passions are simple. There will not be much romance, but there will be healthy sex. Both like the same types of friends. Both share the same goals and both enjoy security and money. Capricorn is more secretive than Taurus. Taurus feels secure with Capricorns loyalty. Capricorn has a surprising sense of humor and Taurus finds this charming. This could be a relationship that is long-term.

Taurus and Aquarius
These signs don’t approve of each other. Taurus tends toward conservativism, carefulness, and a need for privacy. Aquarius tends to be unconventional, curious, innovative, and exciting. Aquarius works from a mental stance, while Taurus is passionate. Aquarius is not a homebody and this makes with this dissatisfaction on Taurus’ part. Aquarius wants and craves openness and expression in a romance. While Taurus needs security and comfort, Aquarius does not want to be tied down and often leaves the relationship because of Taurus’ possessiveness.

Taurus and Pisces
Pisces does not quite understand Taurus’ materialistic approach to living. Taurus provides Pisces a well needed anchor so that Pisces is not too far into fantasy land. Pisces may have mood swings and Taurus handles this with practicality and easy-going attitude. Romantically, Taurus is loving and devoted and Pisces adores. These two signs are well suited for each other sexually. Passionate Taurus loves romance with Pisces’ sensual nature. These two make pleasing partners.

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