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Gemstones, The Planets And Timing

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI am always searching for ways to better anticipate timing, when in fact time does not actually exist. The idea of using an earth stone or gem may be helpful in establishing human timing, as in fact it may be so grounded in the earth principle that one would expect it would hopefully adhere and remain loyal to its original earthly form.

Using the planets, for example, are not always a helpful form of timing for me, as there are too many factors which may affect a planet. In fact its satellites, its sometimes slow or fast rotation, its ellipses, our lifespan – all these things can complicate our understanding of timing – which someone who has only rudimentary knowledge of Astrology knows is a complex study. I think that studying timing strictly via planets, satellites or constellations at a distance from us could also not be as accurate as believed, due to the light distortion or the bending of light, and in fact black holes or any array of gravitational lenses and unknown anomalies could distort our perception of the future, if it were mapped out astronomically with our technology.

Our current astrological system is based on visible objects only, and as we go deeper into extra-solar expeditions, many of us who study Astrology will have to change how we view the planets and timing, as witnessed in the demotion and then the re-inclusion of Pluto in our solar system. Pluto was not strictly an inner body planet, but an extra-solar planet that was originally part of the Kuiper belt, which is a drifting sea of ether, gas, rocks and extra solar planetary bodies and mineral matter,  and even this shunted this familiar planetary body into a temporary state of oblivion for astrologers.

So in fact, my theory would be that in judging timing, having to switch between three different zodiacs (and more in fact ), such as what the Romans acquired thanks to the myths of Greece, and even so deep as  the Chinese Zodiac and the Indian Navaratnas, probably taken into its most precise, we have no way of really judging time according to the evolution of our knowledge of the heavens and our lifespan as humans. Some constellations have not changed in our evolution of 10,000 years (as we’re only a mere 30,000 years old in our present human form ) and yet, there are many that have and that have not been studied. Perhaps years ago some planets, and entire stars disappeared without a record of their existence.

Every stone, rock and mineral corresponds to the heavenly bodies no matter where. This would mean that a diamond, for example, could still have the same planetary value as any matter in the galaxy associated with carbon. Gold itself is found in our own bones and originates from supernovas. Gold is associated with Apollo ( Solar). Yet the ruby also is associated with the Sun, but also with Aries or the planet Mars. It is a July stone due to the Indian influences, which lengthens the timing for the ruby. So in fact, the ruby would fall between April, and as late as August.  Some planets share minerals and timing and can be easier to systematize.  These gems too are associated with a time of the year, numerical value or month in general human years. Being of the earth these prima materia can be used across the galaxy, should any intelligent life wish to coordinate timing with us, as this primary matter can be found as the basic foundations to what comprises earth, which in itself has most of the minerals found in space.

For example, a diamond has been associated with April from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century.  There are overlaps with many of these stones, with shorter calendars giving roughly a 45 day span of a precious or semi precious mineral or stone, and longer calendars having the thirty day calendars. Interestingly enough they all do coincide or start off at similar points. Yet there are differences in calendars that are associated with different cultural migrations, so in fact where ruby will be July and August in Northern Asia, in the Tropical regions, which are in a different hemisphere you will find it closer to the end of the year. It is very much in line with the differing seasons there, mostly associated with cultivation and agriculture, which was probably how Astrology was devised, as a way to measure the planting seasons.

In fact, with the rudimentary knowledge of Chemistry, Geology and a general calendar, patterns can be found in the most fundamental substance from which we originate, the matter on which we stand, as a testament to timing in its most basic mineral and earth form.

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