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Invisible Friends

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe definition and evolution of psychic belief can be traced back to specific transition points in civilization. These remaining forms of spirituality continue to have strong roots in our present society, with people still deriving comfort from ancient rituals, which were based on our historical migrations and patterns for farming and cultivation.

For example, many people still enjoy connecting with the Earth principle, even if it originated through our reliance on the land and the celebration of the cultivation of it, bringing forth the worship of nature –  the plants and animals and the spirits that looked after them. This was the first principle of a higher power, even if it was channeled through Earth principles, shamanism or animism.

After the belief in shamanism emerged, and long after the reformation, came the modern belief in the Self, which is a novel and welcome discipline following more than 800 years of institutionalized belief systems based on a human who acted as the connection to a God as soul protector. With the advent of psychology in the late twentieth century, parts of society embraced self-analysis with the power of the mind being facilitator for this knowledge.

We are now at another curious junction point, with a scientific renaissance growing so quickly that we may indeed answer so many of the questions as to why we as intuitive beings can perceive time, or how we get our higher knowledge, through telepathy for example, in our lifetime.

Yet, there could also be another psychic perception possibility that is emerging again through our technological survival habits. This is a parallel development that is arising from the newer forms of communication, and the Internet. Essentially, there may be another movement of people who believe in angels and guides, or for the more eccentric and daring, aliens. These invisible companions are easy to work into our minds that are now plastic and pliable from the rituals of messaging and disconnected, impersonal, yet frequent communication.

When you think about it, this lifestyle is priming our brain for living alone and we may be creating alternatives to survive this. I do believe in forms of angels myself, and I would say that I believed in them before the Internet arrived, but there is a larger emergence of persons who do believe in personal guides due to many factors, a major one being that we are used to communicating in essence with the ether, or in this case, electrons.

Despite the ease in which we can communicate instantly with others over data networks, it really is akin to asking angels or guides for help. Disconnected and invisible communication is priming us for a revival in belief of the invisible, the intangible, what is not tactile, because we are now used to talking to people we do not know and have never seen in person.

Humans on the Internet are becoming socially more disconnected than ever, and with this, many people are drifting into even more obscure forms of belief. More people than ever now believe in the paranormal, and the possibility for meeting the special individual, “The One”. The perfect guide being just a random conversation away, the concept of “this ideal person just for you” is being translated into the fabric of our society and we now expect someone to hear us when we need help. And so we should!

An angel in itself was often the most available form of a higher power, an easily calculable manner in which to ask for help, for those that did not feel worthy of direct communication with their higher power.  Entirely more relatable, these intercessionaries are now appearing in literature as highly acceptable precisely because we have been cut off from each other, because we are not interfacing as much. So, angels, aliens, invisible friends, and guides emerge as a response to the level of alienation and isolation we are facing as society and our adaptation to it.

In as much as we have billions of energies to draw from for aid, we still do not know if we have just that one energy upon which we can rely, so we adopt the idea of an intercessionary, a divine guide to maintain a connection with the universe, perhaps an ideal version of ourselves. This phenomenon is believed by millions, if not hundreds of millions of people, who genuinely feel a more personal connection to ideas they cannot tangibly perceive, due to the intangibility of our networked society.

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Carmen’s waking dreams have provided accurate glimpses into the future for celebrities as well as political and international figures. Her non-judgmental, Empathic approach, as well as her unique method of Tarot reading, affords her the reputation as a groundbreaker in her field. This European born Canadian is the first online psychic to promote the idea of Empathy and emotional thought transference, and she has written a great deal on the subject. For a comprehensive Intuitive reading that will transform your life, you can find Carmen at

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