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What It Means To Be An Aries

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between March 21 and April 20, Aries are spirited, brave, worry free, friendly, exciting, likable, decision oriented, direct, witty , and filled with energy. On the other hand, they can also be stubborn, angry, unreliable, emotional, undiplomatic, hostile, unmerciful, rash, and conceited.


At their best Aries are spirited and exciting. They have endless energy and they are bold and likable. They are filled with a love of life. Aries, at their best, are enthusiastic and brave.

They are also individualistic and have a strong personality. They refuse to let others tell them who to be and what to be. Aries are often decisive. They are clear headed. They tend to have complete faith in their reactions, which makes them excellent leaders.

Aries have a deep need to prove themselves. If things are not successful they may leave a project undone. Aries won’t waste time on what does not please them.

The mold gets broke when Aries enters the world ~ Aretha Franklin


Aries, at their worst, can be selfish, careless, and determined to do things their way. They can be argumentative, outspoken, and ruthless. Aries may break rules without apology. This may be to their detriment. Aries prefer to play by their own rules and do not like to go by others’ requirements.

Aries can lack foresight and can lack attentiveness to finish a task. An Aries’ impatience can be legendary. So, short-term projects work better for them than a long and drawn out project.

Aries tend to be clumsy when it comes to empathy. Most Aries have little time to fawn over the hurt feelings of others. Aries like expressing their personal points of view.


Likes: Anything that is new, racy, exciting, or competitive. They enjoy fun. Aries enjoy sports that are active and enjoy mechanical devices. Writing and politics may be of interest.

Dislikes: Aries do not like boredom and predictability, details, pessimistic people, indecision, and waiting. They dislike weakness in themselves and others. They hate bed rest when they are sick. Any submissive or docile activities or lifestyles are disliked.

With Friends: Aries are exciting, alive, and confident. They accept people for who they are. Aries are often humorous and engaging. They make friends easily.

Love: Aries fall in love quickly and wed quickly. They can be assertive or aggressive and they can be made jealous easily.

Personality: Aries have great rebound after adversity. They live in the present moment and expect greatness. Aries may not have great follow-through.

Needs: Aries need to achieve and want praise for their accomplishments. They need to be careful of alcohol. Aries need to watch their short tempers and practice patience.

Mind: Aries have self respect with high morale. They have fast mind with an honest and direct attitude. Aries can also be illogical and impulsive.

In Action: Aries are direct and opinionated. They do not like to be disappointed or defeated.

At Work: Great leaders. They work well in stressful work situations. Aries like control, power, and feeling important. They are motivated more by success than money. Aries may be the ones to start projects and leave it to others to finish the projects. They are the idea people.

Your Aries lover is ruled by Mars – he or she needs the thrill of the chase, and to feel that love, like all of life, is a Great Adventure ~ Lynn Hayes


Aries and Aries

This is a passionate union but neither party wants to be the subordinate. There is a lot of competition to be number one. Eventually this stress causes problems in the bedroom. This relationship often ends in discord. It works better if each person is involved with activities outside the relationship. Conflict then becomes less serious and less destructive.

Aries and Taurus

Both are very sensual. Taurus tends to move at a deliberate pace and Taurus tends to be limited in their imagination when lovemaking. This annoys Aries. Taurus likes to stay home which is the opposite of Aries. Aries seeks excitement and adventure. Taurus can be possessive, jealous, and stuck in old patterns. Aries is great at spending money while Taurus is good at making it. The process of making a romantic relationship work may be hard but eventually Aries will appreciate Taurus’ steadfastness and dependability.

Aries and Gemini

Both love to talk so they won’t be bored with each other. Both are willing to try new things. Both lack inhibitions. Gemini knows how to deal with Aries’ need to dominate. Aries’ and Gemini’s minds fit well. Aries is smart and ever changing. Gemini is flexible and ingenious. Both are sexually imaginative. This is a fun romantic relationship.

Aries and Cancer

Both are fascinated with each other sexually at the start of the relationship. However, there are many personality differences. Aries is impulsive and Cancer is careful. Cancer is a homebody and Aries hates being tied down. Resentment builds and fights break out over trivial things. Aries is outspoken and Cancer feels wounded. Aries becomes aggressive and Cancer becomes defensive. This romantic relationship is precarious at best.

Aries and Leo

Both have huge egos and both are excellent leaders. Both enjoy being admired and both refuse to be the follower in a relationship. Both need to remember not to take the other too seriously. Sexually, these two signs click. Each refuses to negate the other and each need to find room to compromise. Who “tops” in the relationship? If each can compromise and not insist on being the dominate party the partnering may work.

Aries and Virgo

Aries’ bold personality fascinates shy Virgo. However, both have very different ideas in the bedroom and about life in general. Aries is impulsive and undiplomatic. Virgo is shy and is slow to reveal their sexually. Aries is full of vigor and wants to dominate. Virgo wants things their way and can be a bit finicky. Both have a hard time understanding the other. This is a hard relationship to make work.

Aries and Libra

The initial attraction between these two signs is dynamite. They are opposites and fill the voids in each other. They fit together. Aries’ aggression brings out Libra’s sensual potential. They may have a nontraditional romantic life. However, these two signs want different things from life. Libra wants people to get along with peace and quiet. Aries wants excitement. Both are restless but there is a difference in their restlessness. Eventually, Libra will look for someone less domineering and Aries will find someone who is more adoring. Aries loves to be adored. The affair will be fun but, long term will be disappointing.

Aries and Scorpio

These signs together can create fire. Sexually, it all works well. However, it’s the emotional side that fails to work. Each has a domineering personality and fights to commandeer control. Scorpio’s jealousy brings down the relationship. Aries’ adventures outside the relationship bring out the worst in Scorpio. Because both can’t give up control this creates an unstable relationship.

Aries and Sagittarius

Sag and Aries make a perfect connection. These two have temperaments that match. They both like to be social and they both have lavish tastes. They are both very bluntly honest. Both are impulsive. This can create some sparks between them that are not exactly positive. Arguments can escalate. Aries is sexually forceful and Sag is playful. This can create a problem. However, both have great senses of humor and they enjoy each other. If they can reach an agreement in the boudoir then they have it made.

Aries and Capricorn

Aries likes to be experimental and this may not go with the modest Cap. Both signs seem to be opposite. Aries is adventurous and act on impulse. Cap likes order and practicality. Problems arise over money. Over time this match may work. Aries’ responsive sexuality and Cap’s slow smoldering passion can work well together. Cap is strong and enduring and gets Aries’ respect.

Aries and Aquarius

These two signs match in personality and temperament. Both are fun, driven, ambitious, and have varied in interests. They are sexually adventurous. Who takes the lead can depend on what Aquarius desires. Aquarians are more independent than Aries. Consequently Aries can feel rejected or neglected. Aquarians are often unpredictable which is exciting to Aries, but it can create insecurity. With tact and understanding something that starts small can grow into something lasting.

Aries and Pisces

Aries will help Pisces crawl out of their shell, while Aries is tantalized by Pisces seductive and mysterious sexual qualities. Assertive and confident Aries plus Pisces’ psychic powers equal an eventful pairing. Their differences compliment the other. Aries is very alive and domineering and Pisces can easily be led. When Aries can master tactfulness then this union can work.

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