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You Have More Than One Spirit Guide

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comLately, in my conversations with clients, there seems to be much more interest in spirit guides. Usually, the questions are about how many we have, whether we have more than one, and most significantly, who they are?

Many people seem to be of the opinion they have only one guide. In my experience it is much to the contrary. People seem to have many spirit guides. They may have one or two that are higher spiritual energies, who act as a type of ‘supervisor’ over the other guides, who are not quite as elevated.

For instance, a person may have an archangel or other religious avatar that functions as their main guide. Then there are many other guides that are experts in various things, whom assist according to their expertise.

Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond ~ Rumi

A person who is a writer may have a muse that assists them with their writing. If they are also musically inclined, they will have another guide that assists them with their music. If you wish to become an accomplished chef, you will have a guide that is an expert in preparing food. Thus, we have as many guides as we have interests.

If we develop a new interest or skill, we then attract another guide to us. They come as we need them. They are always there just waiting, but because of our gift of free will, they are not allowed to do much for us, unless we request it. It is necessary for us to ask for assistance. If we do, they come willingly and joyfully.

Sometimes, a guide is a relative that has passed over. A few days ago, a client came in to see me. Her dad had died recently and she was concerned that in acting as the executor of her father’s estate, she had not complied with his wishes pertaining to his new wife. She had decided that the money belonged to his children, and that his new wife was not entitled to anything.

The soul is usually much happier in heaven. If they didn’t finish their life’s purpose, they’ll often act as spirit guide to the living person, to vicariously fulfill their mission through that living person ~ Doreen Virtue

During the reading the father was present and he made it clear that his will had been made out the way he wanted it to be, but that he forgave her. He was just sad, because she didn’t do what he had asked. He loved his wife and wanted to provide for her.  He kept telling her that there was no difference between any of them. His daughter thought she was protecting family, and he was trying to tell her that blood didn’t matter; they were all one. In this instance, her father was acting as a guide for her.

In my work doing Quantum Healing via a special hypnosis technique, I actually see the healer guides as they are working on the client. They always present as a group and work on the client’s issues as a group; much like a real surgical team does in the operating room in any hospital. They will literally take the person’s part on an ethereal level completely apart, wrap it, massage it, send energy in and put it all back together again. What they do is very real, because the client experiences remarkable healing.

In this world you never stand by your own strength. It is the Invisible that sustains you every moment ~ Sa’adi

During a recent session a client asked to have the blocks removed that were keeping her from working directly with her higher self. When this question was asked, the guides were elated as a group, and so happy and joyful that the client wished this. Obviously, they were more than happy to comply.

So, when you need help, call us at Psychic Access, as we can assist with the help of our guides. But remember to also ask your own guides for help. When I do readings or hypnotic healing, I always ask that your guides work with my guides to bring you the help and answers you need.

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Sharon Michelle is one of the most experienced psychics contracted by Psychic Access. She built a successful metaphysical career spanning almost four decades, primarily from private practices located in Texas and California, with many clients also scattered around the country. She began her career as a professional psychic in 1970, after a near-death experience boosted her gift to a new level. She first worked out of her home, receiving clients through word-of-mouth. Later she also worked with great success at psychic fairs in several states, and eventually she was also employed by numerous well-known psychic hotlines. By the end of the 80's, Sharon had developed a strong reputation as a psychic reader, author, lecturer, and teacher. Get a reading with Sharon Michelle at

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