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Go Fish For Talent!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIf you sit down quietly, close your eyes and relax, you can see yourself quite clearly. You know yourself relatively well. Even more information and answers lie in your unconscious, but how often do you take time out to deliberately go there?

Step 1: Meditation

Get a notepad and pen. Take an hour to relax in meditation. Drift out of meditation when you have an important realization to write in your notepad. Once you have documented it, go back into meditation for more.

As you relax, ask yourself: What are my greatest natural talents? What are my best characteristics and behaviors? How have they benefited me in the past? How do they continue to benefit me?

You need a strong understanding of Astrology if you want to do the second part of the exercise below. You also need an understanding of Tarot for the third part of the exercise below. If you don’t have a working knowledge of either Astrology or Tarot, contact me at for assistance.

Step 2: Astrological Go Fish

Put your notebook away. Later in the day or week, when you feel relaxed and have some down time, go back to your notepad. Reflect upon your notes. Reword them if you need to. Now, go fish for talent!

Focus on one item at a time. Take your natal chart and astrodynes. Identify the astrological factors that describe what you have written on your notepad. Get ready to write a lot more in that notepad.

Think. Which sign is the planet under? What is the planet’s essential dignity under this sign? Is the sign masculine or feminine? Is it cardinal, mutable, or fixed? Is it a personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal sign? Is it earth, fire, air, or water? How does it function under this sign? Which house is the planet under? In other words, in which part of your life and psyche does it operate?

Now consider what aspects this planet forms to other planets and parts of your chart. Look at the aspects one at a time. Is the aspect harmonious or discordant? What is the nature of the other planet(s) involved? Why do they work or not work well together? Is another planet supporting or encouraging talent? Or is it getting in your way?

Which other parts of your chart are involved by nature of cusp rulership? What are the consequences of all this? How does it contribute to the realization(s) that you identified in meditation? How do you now better understand the natural talent that you originally identified in meditation?

Capture your insights in that notebook.

Step 3: Tarot Go Fish

Now take your tarot deck. Get ready to shuffle it really well. As you shuffle the cards, ask for guidance about the particular talent that you have been addressing. Make sure that your question is clear. For example, “what can I do to put my natural talent (state what the talent is) to work?”.

Lay out the five card spread. Take a photograph of the spread if you like and attach it to your notepad. Now reflect. Allow your mind to become more passive and let insights from the card spread flow to you. Make more notes on the guidance that you receive. What do these cards tell you about the matter at hand?

Step 4: Reflection

Having insight is great, isn’t it? Knowledge is power, right? But, what is the factor determining whether you evolve or stay where you are? It is accountability! You have to hold yourself accountable for the changes that you want to implement.

I will share the second exercise “Go Fish for Opportunity” next time.

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