Are Seizure Response Dogs Psychic?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comDid you know that dogs, our canine buddies and most loyal friends, can predict and warn their human counterparts of an upcoming seizure? While this statement might seem ludicrous – it is quite true. states, “The truth is dogs cannot be trained to alert a person of an oncoming seizure.” Neither can doctors or any other humans. However, some dogs are just naturals and this includes our mixed-breed retriever, Leo. He needed no training.

Leo was able to warn my partner of an upcoming seizure when he returned home from the hospital, after having suffered a traumatic head injury. Leo began warning him that he was in trouble as much as five to ten minutes before the seizure. The dog’s predictions also heightened in sensitivity over the next few weeks, until his warnings came as much as thirty minutes prior to an event.

Dogs are miracles with paws ~ Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

How in the world could Leo know this in advance?

There are few scientific studies in this field, and opinions vary on how seizure alert dogs (dogs that can sense and warn) and seizure response dogs (dogs that assist both during and after a seizure) actually predict seizures. It appears that certain dogs are able to predict both psychogenic (non-epileptic seizures due to severe trauma) and epileptic seizures; while their human counterparts (neurologists) with modern medicine and technology are not able to do so.

Some are of the opinion that dogs can recognize a change in their humans’ body language, while others feel it is there acute sense of smell. There is little known about dog’s ability to sense alpha, beta and gamma brain waves, though it seems possible that their heightened acuity could allow them to do so.

My personal opinion is that dogs, unlike most humans, have not shut down their intuitive senses and are apt to be more tuned into energy frequencies and a multi-dimensional reality. Just as human psychics, empaths and clairvoyants do, so do dogs hear, see and feel that which is beyond the ordinary realm of the five senses.

It is important to remember that dogs are very sensitive creatures and the key to tapping into your pet’s intuitive abilities is the level of love bond that you share with your four-legged buddy. So, when you feel angry, depressed or stressed, the chances are that your canine companion feels nervous and responsible. They only understand that you are not pleased and this is the case even when it has nothing to do with them.

I can train a dog to sit, lay down and fetch, but I can’t teach a dog to alert ~ Sharon Hermansen

Dogs truly live for your acceptance and when they do not receive it they become afraid – and as we all know, fear is a block to love and to trust. Thus, it seems we must clean up our act if we want to strengthen the love bond and benefit from our dog’s natural intuitive abilities.

It is imperative to eliminate toxic “dog shame.” If you want to strengthen the love bond between you and your dog, then yelling is out. So are loud noises and slamming doors! The more calm and reliable you are, the easier it will be for your dog to connect with you and to predict the otherwise invisible signs of an oncoming seizure, or other threats.

We were blessed to have Leo, as he was a natural predictor. He needed no training. He was able to hone his skills and intuitive powers as the weeks passed and began warning us early enough to prevent some of the seizures with medication. In this way, my partner knew when it would be safe to drive, swim or engage in any sort of activity that might have resulted in a terrible accident.

Today, my partner is seizure free and healthier than ever before. We truly believe that Leo was our “guardian angel” sent to us during a time of need to protect us, and guide us through a very difficult time.  And should the seizures ever return, we are confident that our beloved furry friend will alert us ahead of time, so we can take proper precautions to avert danger and continue to be safe and healthy.

About The Author: Alaya is a light-worker and healer who trained in one of the last mystery schools on the planet! She’s given readings all over the world, and has advised numerous celebrities, high profile businessmen and women, politicians and even some well-known psychics. After the tragedy of 9/11, she embarked on a spiritual journey, leaving Hollywood behind her forever. She was given access to the Akashic records, where all knowledge on every soul is stored, and conveys messages that have profound, life-changing effects on the lives of her clients. If you’d like to experience a powerful transformation from a highly devoted and gifted Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, and Empath, you can find Alaya at

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