Finding Freedom In The ‘Merlin Syndrome’

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comMost of our lives are manifested from a place of lack, and not from a place of intent. This begins the moment we no longer received that loving response to a behavior that was originally considered “cute.” It usually happens around the age of eighteen months to two years. From there on out we come from a place of corrective thinking and process, or as I choose to call it, “poverty thinking.”

As we grow older and start going to school the process continues, not to build on what gifts we use or have, but on what is missing and how to correct what is lacking.

Oh, and by the way, we don’t get to choose that standard either, this is just an observation. Don’t get me wrong, if the standard wasn’t there you would not be able to read or comprehend what I have typed here, so there is validity in a commonality of process to lead to a platform to enhance understanding.

Never solve a problem from its original perspective ~ Charles Thompson

But, when the pieces of the process becomes the gauge and not the understanding of the whole, we become problem-focused instead of solution-orientated, which leads to “poverty thinking” or a lack consciousness.

This gauge we use to correct our problems is usually time-sensitive, in that it is always from the past. Most of the time we look to our past for the answers and the direction to move towards, when in fact that is what created the original issue!

So, how do I get a solution if my thinking is lacking? I found that I needed to stop focusing on the lack, my story, the past. I needed to discard the tools I always used to judge life by, the tools that drew my blueprint that no longer matches reality and has caused this issue. I didn’t live there anymore. So, I needed to upgrade my blueprint, put a few addendums in there to bring it up to code. It was time to live time backwards.

Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now ~ Bob Dylan

When you come from a place of lack, you are operating from fear. You are fear driven. So, you spend a lot of time defending yourself from the fear. This means you are busy building walls and creating systems based on the past, and so forth. This is merely done to protect yourself from the fear, which is usually perceived outside yourself. This creates another problem: victimization. But I’ll discuss that in a future blog.

There is a disease in Sci-fi Fantasy they call the “Merlin sickness or syndrome”. The character remembers the past, but ages backwards. They remember what happened when they were “older.” If applied here, in the sense of a perspective of life, what would the solution look like if it was solved?

How would I know? What would it feel like? This is where I am, what do I have to build on this moment to move towards that?  Ultimately you will no longer be moving away from fear and protecting yourself, but instead you will be moving towards completion and freedom.

About The Author: Donald is a spiritual guide/healer, living in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, and has over thirty years of experience. He has the uncanny ability to tap into the collective consciousness and channel messages to others in a safe environment. Past Life regression is a specialty, and he can be found front and center of many a paranormal investigation. Connecting with others comes as easy as breathing, and he helps clients resolve emotional, spiritual and physical roadblocks. To be uniquely guided to all the answers you seek, you can find Donald at:

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