Clairalience – The Gift Of Psychic Smell

Visit PsychicAccess.comDistinctive smells have long been associated with a variety of paranormal and psychic phenomena. Many mediums specifically rely on their ability to ‘smell spirit’ in order to validate loved ones who have crossed over, or to identify the presence of spiritual entities.

Some psychics also use smell to gain insight into events of the past, present and future. This unusual ability is known as the gift of clairalience, or as ‘clairolfaction’ or ‘clairescence’. These interchangeable terms all mean the same thing, namely ‘clear smelling’.

Clairalience is a form of extra-sensory perception that enables the gifted person to receive psychic or paranormal information by means of ‘psychic smelling’. It is, however, important to note that a person with this ability does not smell any real odors.

Psychics with this spiritual gift are able to smell beyond the normal smelling sense. There is no physical source for such a smell, and other people in the room would usually not smell anything, unless they are also gifted.

Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel – Oliver Wendell

Most psychics and mediums have a combination of extra-sensory abilities, which may include clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairempathy, clairgustance, clairtangency and/or clairalience.

Clairalience is typically accompanied by clairgustance (clear taste). It would make sense that this partnership exists on a spiritual level, since our normal sense of taste and smell also go hand-in-hand. You will therefore find that many clairalient psychics also experience associated tastes, together with the relevant smells. Clairalience is also closely associated with clairsentience (clear feeling).

It is believed that clairalients are able to smell energy. Everything around us consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies. It may very well be that with clairalience, certain energy vibrations are stimulating the odor-detecting receptors of the human nervous system in people who are gifted.

A recent scientific discovery supports this belief. For a long time scientists proposed that our sense of smell is based on the shape of the air-borne molecules that make up different odors. However, British scientist Luca Turin recently found that our ability to smell may instead be based on how these molecules ‘quiver and shake’.

For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories and it’s a pity we use it so little -  Rachel Carson

Luca believes that the vibrational spectrum of a molecule is the actual property that is detected by the nose, and then interpreted by the brain. In other words, it is possible that our sense of smell is based on vibration, in the same way our ability to see or hear is made possible by our brain’s interpretation of vibrations.

Experiencing certain smells in the presence of spiritual manifestations is a common occurrence among psychics, mediums and paranormal investigators. According to a recent survey among more than 2000 mediums worldwide, it is estimated that approximately 90% of all mediums experience psychic smelling from time to time.

Mediums may typically smell things like an aunt’s favorite perfume, or your uncle’s cigar smoke. This makes it very easy to identify who a spiritual message is coming from. But these are not the only smells that psychic mediums experience. They may also smell odors associated with places or events. For example, the distinctive smell of someone’s place of work, or their home, or the odor of fireworks, which may, for example, indicate a certain holiday or celebration.

When I do psychic readings I typically experience smells that have no personal association for me, but they are meaningful for my clients. Smells I have encountered include flowers (especially roses), perfume or cologne, cigarette smoke, leather, incense, spices, fresh bread, fast food (hamburgers and pizza), animals (dogs, cats and horses), sea water and wet sand. I find that the smell of roses often is most intense when someone passed away very recently.

Don ‘t hurry. Don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So don’t forget to stop and smell the roses – Walter Hagen

At times some of these odors can be very unpleasant, but fortunately that does not happen very often in my case. Foul smells I have had to endure have included urine, dirty laundry and chemicals (alcohol, turpentine and disinfectant). But I have also heard of people smelling even worse things, like ‘burning rubber’, ‘wet dog’ and ‘rotting eggs’! Paranormal investigators often report the smell of sulphur when they investigate hauntings.

But, surely there are other ways for spirit to make contact, especially if a less than pleasant odor is involved? Why does spirit communicate with us through smell? Well, from your own experience you will know that smell is indeed a very powerful sense! Smells have the unique ability to immediately evoke strong emotions within us, or trigger intense memories.

Nothing else can so instantly bring back a meaningful moment from the past, or invoke the presence of a special person. It therefore comes as no surprise that so many mediums possess the gift of clairalience. It is clearly one of the more powerful ways spirit can validate or clarify whatever message is coming through for us.

Some psychics also know from experience that odor or smell can reflect the state of someone’s health, or aspects of their mood or personality. This is supported by recent advances in science, which makes it possible to use odor print analysis to detect illness or to identify a person, similar to fingerprinting.

Clairalience is especially useful in the fields of holistic health and energy work. Some gifted healers are able to smell the early symptoms of illness or dietary shortages. This can make traditional diagnosis and treatment much less invasive, and far more proactive.

Some medical intuitives have the ability to smell disease or identify affected areas of the body through smell. Research in this field is unfortunately limited, but studies have found that dogs, for example, are able to smell the presence of cancer cells in human subjects. In fact, in one study dogs correctly detected 99% of the lung cancer samples, and made a mistake with only 1% of the healthy controls.

Cancer cells emit different metabolic waste products than normal cells. The differences between these metabolic products are so great that they can be detected by a dog’s keen sense of smell, even in the early stages of disease – Nicholas Broffman

For me personally the most interesting aspect of my ‘smelling ability’ is the unique odor I smell when I encounter orbs. Spirit often reveals itself to me in the form of floating orbs of light, or what I would describe as ‘flickering light bubbles’ or ‘bundles of fireflies’. These orbs usually bring with them a distinctive smell, which is unlike anything I have ever encountered in ordinary life. The best way I can describe it is that it smells like ‘electricity’, or ‘ozone’. It is not unpleasant, simply unusual. For a long time I had no way of describing it, until I bought a small air purifier. I soon discovered that the faint smell of ozone, which is generated in small quantities by the negative ions from the purifier, was rather similar.

Smells I personally associate with friends or family members also show up when I am about to hear from that person, or when it becomes necessary for me to make contact with them. I have a long-standing joke with one of my best friends. We have known each other for many years, but do not see each other very often. When I do get around to calling her, she always wants to know if I was smelling coffee again. The aroma of fresh coffee is always a clear sign that it is time for us to meet at our favorite restaurant! Once I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with the unmistakable smell of coffee in the room; I knew she was in trouble! I finally got hold of her partner, who revealed to me that she had been hijacked earlier that night and was being treated for a minor gunshot wound.

Another of my favorite smells is that of melted candle wax, which I associate with my maternal grandmother. One of her hobbies was to make colored candles for weddings and special events. She always let me ‘help’ her when I was a little boy. She passed away when I was about 10 years old, but soon after that the smell of candle wax made her presence known to me on several occasions.

© 2010 Anthon St Maarten

About The Author: Anthon St Maarten is an international psychic advisor, clairvoyant medium, intuitive consultant and destiny coach. He is also a sought-after radio personality, inspirational speaker and metaphysical teacher, and author of the bestselling book 'Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny'. Anthon holds a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Pretoria (UP), with additional studies completed at the University of South Africa (UNISA). You can get a psychic reading from Anthon at

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  • Moon:

    Thanks for the Clairalience informations…present & previous experiences drive me to search for an answer. I used to experience different level of psychic awareness but for the past few months my encounter to it was quite handful…like I can smell at home/to any place far from the hospital, the certain scent of my patient or even he/she wasn’t my patient as long as I saw him/her within the area to where I was working. Usually when I smell the certain scent it coincides with the time he/she was in code blue, before they die or worse died already. I don’t know I just have the feeling. Thanks again & spread the light!

  • Penelope:

    Very frustrating but at age nine I started smelling carnations which would happen before a death. Of course- no one else could smell the carnations. The stronger the scent of carnations the closer the relationship or it would be more than one individuals death. Sometimes I can be around a stranger & the carnations scent starts wafting around that individual. The frustration is the fact I can’t do anything about it or if I’m by myself when the sickening sweet smell of these funeral flowers occur- I have no idea of who, when or how a person is going to die so there’s no way to warn anyone, unless I’m standing next to an individual but that only makes people fearful or think your a nut case which makes people want to avoid you. Now when the scent appears I get nauseous & a heavy feeling of dread. The last time the carnation fragrance surrounded me was Easter 2010.It pratically suffocated & gagged me which I told my mom about. Unfortunately, It was the weekend my 39 yr old brother unexpectedly died. It seems like a useless ability & leaves me feeling like the grim reaper. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it or how to turn it into a positive asset?

  • Jacqueline:

    I alway smell either perfume or cologne when no one is around. an example of my smell was when an old man passed by the front of my car in a motorized wheelchair and I smelled what I cal the smell of death that stayed with me for at least a minute after he was gone. The funkiest thing was my windows were closed. I have also seen people who have passed even ones I have never met. My grandmother has asked if I have esp, she told me that it runs in my family but not everyone has it only a few. I would like to feel at ease about this so at least I know in not crazy. Please help. Thank you,

  • Deb:

    I started noticing that I could smell death after my father died in 2006. No one else seemed to notice, but It was very apparent to me I could not ignore it. I had two other experiences as I was driving two different locations and different times and days during the past year. The most recent was yesterday as I was driving, this was the strongest pungent odor I’ve come across, it felt as though It surrounded me for a a few city blocks in all directions. The smell was as though there were rotting corpses all around me, it was really weird because I’ve never actually been around a rotting corpse, but I can imagine how they might smell. I am not sure what it was but it made me research clairalience. No one else seems around me seems to smell what I do.

  • norma:

    ok so i get random smells like alchol or even
    mens cologne its really weird ive read it can be
    a brain tumor but i really dont think its
    that can someone guide me in a real direction
    and help me out in this ??? please!
    btw ive had this since i was really young

  • Debbie:

    Last Monday (eight days ago), my husband and I had to euthanize our beloved dog, Benjie (lab/sheppard/rottie), after years of lots of pain meds. and a complete hip replacement (hip dyspasia),etc. He finally told us throughout the preceding weekend that he could no longer be comforted and that we had to help him. Anyway, yesterday I brought home his ashes, which I plan to keep some in a heart-shaped container by our bed, where he used to sleep, and the rest in our country property, near a brook we couldn’t keep him out of in the summer. When I broght the ashes home last eveing, I put the box of ashes on my nightstand. I felt some comfort that at least in some sense, we were able to bring him home.

    I was awakened this morning around nine by a very strong smell of mold (that’s the best I can describe it). It was gone in a few seconds, and I had a strong sense of something or someone trying to reach me or though me or get my attenion, at least. (For me, this is a first, I am not a paranormal buff or anything like that, but neither do I deny my own experience just because someone else might poo-hoo it. I’m thinking, well, he’s a dog, and he had no physical vehicle anymore (he was cremated) so maybe he grabbed something nearby to use and didn’t realize that it stunk. (He was always funny.)

    Or, is something else trying to tell me that all is not right with him?Did he fall into evil hands (despite my prayers for God to watch over him until we’re all together again. I have no doubt that it was paranormal activity. I just have no clue how to interpret it. What do you think??

  • I loved reading about your experience with psychic smelling. So interesting about what orbs smell like to you. Thanks again…you are wonderful!

  • For those that have that intuitive, or sometimes almost dreaded, sense of smell of a particular dead person in their past, or who see orbs in older photo’s, and now that family member is dying, exactly at the point of where the orbs were piercing in the photo, please know that it is for real.
    Logic on how to dismiss, or deny, the scent of a a familiar person who has passed, or seeing orbs that have made themselves prominent in older photo’s, and now they are dying where the orbs struck, or the knowledge of knowing when no one belives, is a difficult, if not impossible, terrain to be on. A journey that most of us will venture alone.
    You see what you see. You smell what you smell. Not knowing what to do with it is simple, follow your inner instinct. Not having anyone believe you when you tell them about things, is a whole different chapter.
    If you suffer from addiction in the form of “approval”, the need to
    be accepted and approved for everything you do, then you will constantly struggle with your given sense.
    There is no approval needed to validate your sense. You know you have it, and you know that you have not been diagnosed with a mental illness.
    It might just be a path left for you alone to travel.
    Don’t stop believing in what you know is real.
    Don’t think, after being diagnosed with no mental or skitz illness, that what you see, smell, and positively know within yourself that it is real, will result in anything other than scrutiny by others and most likely a few comments from other family members that hospitalization is in order, or another prescription for a “mind/head” drug will be the result of your sharing with those you want to know what you know, but gosh darn it they think you are crazy after you tell them.
    Unless they have the same sense, or somewhat believe, you are most likely to be “Titled” and very unlikely to get approval or acceptance, which only further enhances your doubt, leading to your own demise if you lean on or depend on others believing you.
    Been there, Done that.
    You know it’s real.
    You are led to the answers.
    You receive the insight.
    Let it be, and continue to follow your path, which is sure to
    enhance your sense.
    The only validation one needs is to believe in one’s self.
    Without that, you become one of the “many”, not one of the few.
    It’s ok to journey on your own without a negative hand pulling you back.
    Travel on, accept what has been put in your path, trust yourself, and finally, “It is OK 2 B different!”

  • My father died a month ago and I don’t think it has anything to do with him because its not a scent I would associate with him. Actually, there isn’t any smell I can think of associated with him. Periodically, my husband and I have both smelled smoke in the house. The first time I smelled it, I thought something was on fire (like in the bad way). The last couple of times, it smells like a very pleasant wood smoke, like Autumn or Winter when you can smell a camp fire or someone burning leaves. Now, it is summer and people do BBQ outdoors, but not at night in the middle of the week…. With that being said, my instinct is that we have “visitors” :) I just don’t know who. Can anyone here help me with this?

    Thanks everyone for listening :)

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  • Sue:

    I have just read Debbie’s post.
    Less than a week ago I had a rather strange experience. Our two French hunting dogs ran off, having caught a scent which was too good to ignore. They have done this before and always come home – eventually. However, we live in a heavily forested area and as we were leaving for vacation the following day we set out to try to find them. After several hours one of the dogs returned of her own accord and so we abandoned our search in anticipation of the other (Toggle) also returning. Sometime after 10pm, having heard nothing of our second dog, I went outside to see if I could hear anything and in the distance I could hear a distinctive yap. I dashed in to alert the family and to collect my phone and headed off on foot. After a short while it became obvious that the yapping was rather further away than I had thought and I returned home to get my truck. I followed the noise and ended up down a track where I abandoned my vehicle and headed off on foot and eventually found myself by the banks of the river. As I called out to Toggle his whimperings became gurgling and it was clear that he was in deep water. I phoned home and told them to come to help (although I could not remember exactly where I was), and I decended down the steep bank into the water. With the illumination from my phone I could just see Toggle clinging to the opposite bank and I waded in towards him. The water became very deep and I was forced to swim with one hand holding my phone up in front of me. When I reached the opposite bank and Toggle I held on to him and phoned home again. It seemed like an age until I heard the voice of my son and when they eventually reached me we hauled Toggle up onto the bank and to safety. As for me I had to swim further down the river in the pitch dark to find a suitable place for my husband and son to finally drag me out. So as not to wreck the inside of my vehicle I stripped off my dripping boots, coat and trousers and left them by the side of the track whilst my husband walked 2km back home with Toggle. When I got home about 1am I went immediately to the shower. Now for the strange part. After my shower I wandered along the corridor towards my bedroom when a very strong smell struck me. It was like mouldy cabbage and I was convinced that some wet muddy element from the river had found its way into my room. However, I could not find the source of the smell at all, and it was not just me who could smell it – my children and husband could too. In reality there was nothing, not even my wet shirt, or Toggle himself that smelt like this, and even if they did they had not been anywhere near my room. Anyway, the smell lingered for the rest of the night and was still evident in the morning when we left for the station. My husband returned to the house about an hour later and the smell had gone.
    I am utterly convinced that ’something’ was there in my bedroom. Whether it/they had been compelled to manifest themselves as a result of the high energy frequencies generated by our fraught and anxious activities in the river I do not know, and although the smell was odd and not one of perfumed flowers etc I do not feel that it was bad or evil at all. In fact my dog could have very easily drowned and for that matter so could I – really we are all very lucky. Anyway, Debbie I would not be worried about the smell being a bit off – I am sure it is not a bad sign.

  • deb:

    I awoke last night to a very strong smell of sulphur. At first I wanted to investigate the house for the smell, but realized it was in my nostrils. So very strong. I experience smells like cig smoke and perfume also during the day and sometimes at night. I often awake to see apparitions standing beside my bed. It always startles me and I turn away. I remember every detail. I wish it didn’t frighten me, I would love to deal with these visits and see why it happens to me.
    Anyway, I felt compelled to write you a note. I was looking up smells for sulphur and my search led me here.

  • Janna:

    I sometimes smell a strong “body odor” in my bedroom, but it is not the body odor of anyone in my family (or anyone familiar to me — and besides, no one but family ever goes in my room). I have lived in my house for 8 years. Before that, it was occupied by only one other family.

    Also, leading up to my divorce 15 years ago, my first husband started having a strange, “metallic” odor about him. It was unpleasant and strong. No one else could smell it but me. I told him about it, and he was offended by my telling him. I was concerned at the time because I thought perhaps I was smelling some sort of illness. I urged him to go to the doctor, who could find nothing (and couldn’t smell anything). I know I didn’t imagine this odor, but unfortunately it was one of the things that came between us. I was physically so repulsed by his odor I could not sleep with him. He did not have this odor for our entire marriage, until about 5 months before he left me.

    After he moved out, I detected very negative energy on his side of our bed (using dowsing rods), as well as other spaces in the house where he tended to hang out, and cleared these spaces by smudging.

  • Jill:

    In September we started renovating a home which we are renting. (Renovation is part of the rental agreement – we do the work) We had begun to clean the inside up and start on re-doing the bathroom. After about a week, we walked into the house thru the front door and there was this awful smell, like something died. For about 2 weeks the smell lingered, everyday lightening up little by little. We checked under the house and around the area where the smell occured and found nothing. Then one day we moved a sleeper sofa into the living room. I arrived home from work a couple of hours after it was brought into the house and the smell was so bad I nearly got sick to my stomach. The sofa had absolutely no smell the day before when I opened it up in the garage and febreezed it before moving it. I even had the hide a bed open and laid on it in. There was absolutely no bad odor of the sofa.
    I immediately had the sofa removed from the house and out to the curb. By the next morning the smell had dissipated. The young men who retrieved the couch from the curb said that the sofa had no smell to it when they moved it into their place.
    Returning home yesterday afternoon after picking up additional material to insulate under the house and to finish the kitchen walls, we walked in to the horrible smell again. The first thought was that the garbage needed to be taken out, but the garbage didn’t smell.
    I again checked the crawl spaces under the house where the smell was the strongest and there was absolutely no smell under the house. It was only located in the South side of the living room.
    I haven’t had any incidents where I have felt threatened, it is just the smell. I left the house to pick up my daughter from down the road. When I returned the smell barely lingered, but my boyfriend said that the smell had moved to the bathroom where he was showering, when I left and it was very strong.
    As I sit here and write this this morning there is no smell at all. We hadn’t had the smell for a few weeks and then here is was yesterday. This is a very old home. Used to be a one room house with a coal stove, they used an outhouse. My boyfriend found coal pieces under the house when he was doing work. We do know that the owner previous to us renting, hand been in the house for at least 15 years, probably more (I met her in 1998 and she had already been here awhile) but she was moved to a nursing home in 2008 and never returned home. We believe that this smell is coming from someone who lived here prior to her.
    What would the significance of rotting garbage, death mean?
    Now, my mom did pass away on 10/8/11, but this smell started the middle of September. This smell had never been associated with her, and I have no reason to believe this is her as it started prior to her passing and it is only in this house where it occurs. Any suggestions, input, recommendations for me??
    Thank you, Jill

  • deb:

    I have also smelt the smell of death. Its hard to explain the smell it is like a burning dirty smell that you never forget. I got this smell two days before my mum died when I was visiting her.

  • johanna:

    Omg…..thanks for this website….I finally have an answer to all the experiences I have had for about 6 years. I have had experiences such as smelling cigarette smoke blown straight to my face and no one smokes at home.I’ve also smelled while driving in a desert freeway a strong scent of flowers which brought me a great sense of peace…sometimes when I’m watching tv I know hoe those people smell .,its as if they just walked right by me and left their scent behind….really weird..

  • lorna:

    I smell a strange smell sweet strong for the the last two nights in my bedroom

  • Spiritude:

    Today at work I smelled carnations 3x. My co-workers did not. I associate carns w/my father in law-he loves them. He is very much alive-in hospital. Today my sister in law fell off her horse & broke her ankle. Kindof weird. Years ago, I met a chiropractor who said he could smell death–he said it was sweet, floral. Once, providing a Reiki treatment in PV by a pool I smelled a sweet floral scent. The client asked, can you smell that? I said Yes. but never made the connection til after I returned home.

  • Stella:

    Seven month ago my housband died. We were very conected and we felt each other like twins souls. Two weeks before he died we lied in bad. We were almost slept, suddenly I smelt something in badroom, like rotten meat above his body..I was surpised,I thought meybe he did not take a shour. But I never smelt that kind of smell. After fourteen days accident happened. He died. Is it posible to smell someone is going to die? Otfen i smell him..his tipical body smell…which was very pleasant for me…somethimes in car,living room, seldom in bed. I think maybe shoch and sadness opened my sensitive feeling for smell…Is this real or yust enorm wish to feel the loved dead person?

  • Mel:

    Hi. In the past few weeks I have been alone in my apartment and I have had the distinct smell of men’s cologne. It’s very subtle. The only thing is that it doesn’t smell like any cologne from anyone I know who is alive or has passed away. I’m trying to interpret what it means. I’ve lived in this apartment for the past 13 years and have never had this experience before. If it smelled like a relative or friend who had passed away it would make more sense to me but it doesn’t. I really want to understand what signal/sign I am receiving. Any insight would be great.

  • Jeni Everson:

    For the past two weeks or more i have been smelling a soapy flower sweet smell. its always by me and only i seem to smell it. i feel as it im missing something – no one has passed away

  • Marion:

    My daughter is six and been clairsentient most her little life. She astro travels and has visions and clairaudience. I have been intuitive most my life but never believed I my abilities until my daughter came into my life. I have now acknowledged that I am clairaleint because always experience smells without physical source. Last week I wake-up to a very powerful smells cologne used by my ex my child’s father. I woke up reaching out to the smell which felt like it right next to me. Since then my daughter h has verbalize her clairsentient feeling which is most often tummy ache or heart hurt and both of us have been in a downward emotional spiral since. Find more often now that when experience the spiritual my daughter follows suit..we are so connected . Is that normal?

  • Chad Haycraft:

    Hello! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely loving the information.

  • Kate:

    Now looking back I realize that my first experience with being clairalience was in 2007. I was getting ready to run a marathon for my grandmother that passed from Alzheimer’s. It was almost a year to the day she passed. I went up to my mothers hotel room to tell her I was leaving and as soon as she opened the door my grandmothers smell surrounded the entire hallway and opening of the doorway. I realized it was my grandmothers smell, but did not really think too much about it. I now pretty consistently smell (some) friends/significant others when they are maybe thinking of me? It’s getting stronger by the day. I can also smell if someone is sick or has an infection. It’s hard for me to be around them. Im thinking that maybe It’s not always a physical illness, but deficient in something on psychologically just off. I have 2 people at work that I cringe when they enter my office. It’s very strong at times. I would love to connect with other ppl about this.

  • Connie:

    I smell perfume, very strong cigarette smoke (my uncle), sweet candy smell/Jolly Rancher (my mother)and more recently chocolate (I’m not sure who this is). I also have another smell that I can’t even explain. Sometimes I don’t even know that I’m smelling it, then it just occurs to me that it’s back again. I have no idea what the smell is?

  • lynne farrell:

    The last couple day’s i have been gettin the smell of incense wafting past my nose in the morning and evening what you use in church can u tell me any meanings plz

  • Ann:

    This is really interesting. A close friend (more like a brother in my childhood) passed away a few months ago and among other curious incidents all I could smell in my house was stale alcohol and cigarettes (where there was none). He was a smoker and died of alcohol and mismanaged diabetes. The smell would hit me as I walked into a room and then leave as fast as it came. While I’m sure my partner thinks I’m nuts – I used to be able to smell my great grandmother too. Today my hall and landing smelled extremely strongly of jasmine incense. I have no idea who that was popping by though! Very interesting blog and glad to know I’m not alone in this!
    Kate’s comment is interesting too – I don’t necessarily smell when people are unwell but I just know it somehow. I’m the same with animals too – ever since I can remember I have known if a pet was poorly long before they displayed any physical symptoms but couldn’t explain how or why.

  • Susan:

    Has anyone else experienced a smell leading you to the place where something was hidden?
    I smelled jonquils in my room one day–no flowers were anywhere in or near the house. I followed the smell to a house three blocks away and found a lost object in a patch of jonquils there,

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