Gender Bending In The Zodiac

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comOften those interested in astrology find themselves studying keywords. “Leo means egotism and glory and attention-seeking,” the reader of the astrological cookbook will tell you. And while this is a useful enough convention in the short term, it does absolutely nothing to teach the student even a little bit about astrology.

The student of keywords will find herself hamstrung and unable to pass a useful judgment when she is separated from her “cookbook” of key phrases. At the end of the day she will know no more than if she had read the astrology column in a newspaper. It is much more useful to understand the essential substance of the zodiac signs. And for this we cannot find a better place to start than that sign’s gender.

But before we begin we must dispense with any notions of “manliness” or “femininity.” It’s quite possible for the manliest of muscle men to have an emphasis on the feminine signs, and for the daintiest of women to display a testimony in favor of masculine signs. What’s important to understand here is how the sign acts; how it makes use of the God-energy refracting through it.

Astrology has no more useful function than this, to discover the inmost nature of a man and to bring it out into his consciousness, that he may fulfil it according to the law of light ~ Aleister Crowley

The God-energy itself is a Unity. It is One. This we call the Monad. It is wholeness, undifferentiated, unspecified, generic yet powerful. The signs and the planets act as prisms, taking this energy and specifying it, making it into species, making it more specific and determining it to a purpose. This is done in twelve ways through the signs, and in seven ways through the traditional planets.

In a nutshell, masculine signs are active. They do things to people. They initiate. Feminine signs are reactive. Things get done to them. Whatever initiative they have only occurs after a catalyst, an inciting incident, forces them to play their hand.

Those with an emphasis on the masculine signs live in a world of chances and opportunities. They consult the astrologer in order to know which to pursue. Those with an emphasis on feminine signs live in a world of cravings, and what they invariably need is security – assurance of the continuity of a thing.

The numbers are masculine or feminine depending on whether they are even, or odd. Odd numbers are masculine. Even numbers, feminine. You will see that this logic plays out usefully in the zodiac, such that all the Fire and Air signs are masculine and all the Water and Earth signs are feminine. Sign one is Aries and Aries is masculine. Sign six(even-number) is Virgo and Virgo is feminine. So it is with all the signs.

The sign’s gender determines how it behaves. Thus Leo, being masculine, will generate all the keywords found in astrological cookbooks due to the way it behaves, i.e. the way in which it takes the substance of God-energy and makes something real out of it. And Leo will take that God-energy and go out into the world with it, and do things to people. Virgo will take that God-energy and use it to supply the security that it craves.

The Fire signs go out in the world and take initiative in order to get power. This is what’s important to the Fire signs. How they try to get that power is determined by the sign’s mode, i.e. whether it is cardinal, fixed or mutable. This is a topic for another blog that is forthcoming. Suffice it to say that Fire signs take action, and they do that in order to attain power.

The Air signs are also active and take action, but their action has no concrete goal. The Air signs crave above all else freedom of expression, and freedom of movement.

The Water signs are reactive, and when they take action it’s at the behest or impulse of something else. And what they crave is emotional security.

For all its complexity, however, astrology remains fundamentally simple. It offers a time-honored system of symbols that sum up key aspects of human life while providing profound insights and practical guidance ~ Anne M. Nordhaus-Bike

The Earth signs are also reactive. They need material security. These are the signs of not only the acquisitive materialists who accumulate wealth, fine cars, and properties, but are also the signs of hoarders.

How the signs behave is determined by their mode, as stated above. They will either be cardinal, fixed or mutable, regardless of their gender or element. And what they direct their behavior toward – what’s known as “local determination” – is designated by the house placement of that sign.

The planet expresses its being, its nature, through the substance of the sign it’s in. Jupiter, for example, will expand the emotional cravings of Scorpio, just as he will expand the quest for power in Sagittarius. Again, the house placement determines exactly what Jupiter is expanding power for or towards in Sagittarius. If Jupiter in Sagittarius occupies the Seventh House, then that hunt for dominion will occur in the realm of relationship. If Jupiter is positioned in Scorpio and in the Seventh House, then Jupiter will expand the need for emotional security within the relationship and quite likely create someone who can be unbearably needy.

The angular relationships to other planets, known as “aspects,” will color this experience profoundly, reducing or amplifying the severity of Jupiter’s decree according to the nature and degree of exactitude shown by the aspect, and the nature of the aspecting planet. But regardless of whether Jupiter gets positive support from the planets aspecting him, or hindrance from those planets, his placement in Scorpio and the Seventh House will make sure that the events he causes to occur in the native’s partnerships (be they business, or personal, or even hostile) always revolve around the expansion of emotional security.

You see how it works now? Using this method you will never need a “cookbook” again. You are now equipped to derive the true meanings of the signs and the planets in the signs. Why not start with your own birth horoscope? Examine how the gender of a particular sign affects its expression in your life. See how this expression is determined toward specific activities by the house placement.

Once you become adept at this, you’ll be able to write your own astrological cookbook. You will no longer depend on the (very often erroneous) thoughts of others.

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