Pluto Reveals Your Innate Psychic Power

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comPluto is the god of ‘inside-out things’ and the things that make you cooperate with people. He also rules over the urges that make you coerce people.

With Pluto we find the cosmic principles that push us toward aligning our efforts with the common good, and against it. This is the god of rape and persuasion, of violence and healing, of the criminal and the spiritual. When he is afflicted in a person’s life, it’s possible to invite the former while repelling the latter.

This dark god of inversions and inside-out-things rules over the viscera, the guts; he is the god of sex and death, and he is also the god of wireless transmissions, and thus is key to anybody’s psychic development. He rules your ability to pick up the more complex planes.

The soul itself is the center of all that we have come to call ‘psychic.’ The word itself translates literally to mean “of the soul.” When we embrace our psychic potential, we embrace our soul’s potential ~ Kim Chestney

Whenever you understand what someone wants or feels, without them saying a word, that is Pluto at work. Whenever you think of society and its needs and desires and aversions, as if society were a single person, that also is Pluto. Artists and filmmakers and writers use Pluto when they provide for the needs of an audience. Surgeons rely Pluto when they cut into things in order to understand what’s wrong. Morticians use Pluto when they confront the powers of decay.

Pluto, and his sign Scorpio, rule over many things that are not fit for polite conversation. Pluto rules over Scorpio and all the things of Scorpio. Therefore he is, above all, a god of secrets and all things buried. This is why unleashing the abilities of the psychic mind is so hard. It’s necessarily secret.

Pluto’s House position in your birth chart indicates that area of life where you can most easily find the secret, and lay it bare for yourself to understand and to use. There are two places where your personal psychic power can be located and used, and these are shown by the House that Pluto occupies in your birth chart, as well as the House that he rules, i.e. the House with Scorpio on its cusp. Pluto will try to bring this House to life in the House that he tenants in your natal horoscope.

An astrological House, by the way, is one of twelve subdivisions of the zodiacal circle and is superimposed onto the Signs of the zodiac. Each House focuses the nature of the Planets and the substance of the Signs into locally determined events (referred to as “accidents” in the ancient literature) and affairs of life.

The Second House, for example, refers to financial affairs and anything having to do with movable, liquid wealth: your cash, your comic book collection, all the garbage that a hoarder hoards in her garage next door, and so forth. The Sixth House pertains to sickness, servitude and small animals. The Fifth House pertains to casual sex, gambling on things and having children. The Houses mean many things, but all of them refer to concrete affairs in your life, and Pluto’s placement in a House shows which affairs of your life will empower you to discover and use your innate psychic abilities.

Pluto’s importance in any person’s chart relies upon the House he’s in, and not his Sign, when determining specific ways that a person can leverage Pluto’s power in order to strengthen psychic prowess. That’s because he moves slowly, requiring almost two centuries to traverse the zodiac. Millions are born with Pluto in the same Sign. His effects by Sign are generational, not personal.

I suspect everybody has a degree of psychic ability, just as a everybody has a degree of athletic or artistic ability. Some people have special gifts; other people have a particular interest that leads them to develop their abilities. But the phenomenon itself is ordinary and widespread ~ Michael Crichton

This is not the case with the Houses. The House position of this dark god shows which dimension of life is key to the increase of your powers to pick up “wireless” transmissions from the astral and spiritual worlds. So, it is the Sign position that speaks for how Pluto acts within your generation.

But his House position shows where you can find the dark god, and how you can bring him offerings in order to affect his blessings. For me, the activities of the Fourth House of Home indicate where I can find my own Pluto power. In other words, I ought to look toward domestic things if I want to figure out a way to bring Pluto an offering, and thus unlock his favor. Since the Fourth House naturally belongs to Cancer (the fourth sign in the zodiac is Cancer) then my House positioning of Pluto is not unlike Pluto stationed in the sign of Cancer, with personal importance.

Which House is your Pluto in? Do you know where to find him? This will be vital information to have, if you want to bring him offerings and enjoy an increase in your psychic powers. Is he in the Fifth House of Creative Self-Expression and Children? The Seventh House of Relationship? The Tenth House of Deeds and Reputation?

All of this comes with a warning, since Pluto pertains to force and cooperation. Once your own powers are discovered you will be faced with a decision to pervert them for selfish gain, or to use them in order to serve humanity. Tread carefully, because if you use the powers represented by Pluto to harm others or enrich yourself at their expense, the consequences will be profound and very likely destructive.

Sadly, if one lacks a precise birth time it’s not possible to know Pluto’s House position without resorting to time-consuming rectifications of your birth chart. It’s not possible to know the House cusps in a chart lacking a birth time. However, if you do have this important datum you would do well to visit us at and speak with any of the Astrology specialists to know what area of life will hone your own innate psychic powers.

The reservoirs of energy Pluto represents are vast, and the path to finding them is complexly woven into the natal chart. Let us help you discover yours!

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