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Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever pondered the thought that you are watched over by spiritual forces larger than yourself? Growing up as a small child in Florida, I had always been aware of having a guardian angel, or spiritual protector. Many times I felt like there was someone watching over me, but I also had times where I felt very alone.

It was not until I turned 25 that I truly realized there were forces greater than myself in this natural world, protecting me and giving me guidance. Once I had that realization, my world changed. I have been challenged by tough times, when my faith has faltered somewhat – but in prayer, I noticed my help from above has always pulled through for me.

Open your mind to listen, your eyes to see, and let your Angels guide you to where you should be ~ Mary Jac

I have experienced moments in time that there was no natural explanation for the guidance and protection I have had over the years. A way has always been made where there was no way to be found. An example of this would be when my daughter was only ten months old.

I remember I was pregnant with my second child. We lived in a two story apartment that had some extremely steep concrete steps. It was difficult walking up those steps, due to the severe incline. I was up very early one morning and had some errands to take care of. I read my Bible from time to time and had became very familiar with some of the bible verses within the text. One spoke to me very strongly before leaving the house that morning. It was Psalms 91. In the scripture it says the Lord will give his angels charge over you…to keep you safe. I knew there was a direct message for me in this, so I prayed a prayer of protection over myself and my little girl. We then went about our morning, and returned home several hours later.

I had rushed into the house with her in her car carrier, closing the door. I heard the door slam shut so, I had no worries of her possibly crawling out of her unbuckled baby seat. I went to the restroom in a hurry. Within a moments time I heard the door outside hit the wall. I immediately knew at that moment my daughter had fallen to the bottom of the steps!

Again, these were very steep steps. If a grown woman were to fall from these there would be a broken bone, or worse. I ran to the door, proceeded to go down the steps, and there was my daughter directly at the bottom of the steps looking up at me with a surprised look on her face. She did not have a mark on her. She had fallen all the way down these steps with a loud crash, but my baby girl was unharmed!

A sunbeam to warm you, A moonbeam to charm you, A sheltering Angel, so nothing can harm you ~ Irish Blessing

Just as soon as I got to the bottom and lifted her up into my arms, I heard a voice speak to my spirit that there are angels surrounding us and protecting us always. From that moment on, I realized my daughter had a guardian angel watching over her and protecting her. Such a good thing to know, as she is now entering young adulthood, and will one day soon be out on her own.

In recent days, I have also had my own hospital stay miracle. I have diabetes and was having medical problems due to my blood sugar being out of control. My liver had been damaged, and I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain. As I was in the hospital, my liver was getting worse. I was unable to take medication for pain, due to the effects on my liver. I was concerned for my life, especially since I have two teenage children at home that need me desperately.

In my prayers, I prayed for healing and relief from the pain. In the early morning hours, after a night of prayer, I had a visitor in the room. No one saw this visitor with their eyes, but I felt the presence. I then felt energy over my right quad area where my liver is. It was a wonderful sensation, and I felt no more pain in my mid-section. I knew I was being healed.

Although the reports came back the day before that my liver was now worse than when I came into the hospital, my blood work came back the following day that my liver was in fact healing. I was released from the hospital within two days afterwards.

We are never really alone, and there is much reason to have faith. I read the Bible, as well as Eastern philosophies. I have a strong faith that we can be reached regardless of our background. And that somehow we are all intertwined in this life together through love. We have all we need, we just need to ask.

About The Author: Pamela is a highly compassionate and approachable Psychic and Medium, based in Florida. She is knowledgeable on many faiths and philosophies and is even a certified Minister. After a near-death experience she should not have survived, she returned to her body to carry out her life's work to help others. She once identified a murderer, helping to put him behind bars, thanks to information she received from the deceased client's sister! Whether it's a stranger in the park or one of her long-term, devoted clients, Pamela feels blessed to help others along their path. If you want accurate answers from the Other Side, you can find Pamela at PsychicAccess.com.

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