Exorcising The Demons Of The Mind

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comDemons are often depicted as dark, sinister devils with distorted features and black, malevolent eyes. They are illustrated in some forms of art as tormentors who torture wailing souls in the flames of a nightmarish hell. I wish to unmask these sinister figures of superstition, and reveal that demons are usually far less conspicuous than many have come to believe.

Being a psychic who delves into the realm of the paranormal, I am certainly not going to claim that there are not some negative entities out there. But these are, in my experience, very rare. What I have discovered, however, by being a student of metaphysics, is that most of the time demons are actually negative mental programs that run like a tape recorder in the back of the subconscious mind. These negative programs can result in a plethora of problems such as irrational fears, phobias, depression and even physical ailments.

Let me tell you a little bit about demons. They love pain and other people’s misery  ~ Brenna Yovanoff

Feelings of resentment and hatred can become a demon in our lives, as well as thoughts of unworthiness, or pain caused by an abusive past. These mental demons can be very powerful and have a strong hold over our lives; they can rob us of peace, happiness and contentment. These mental aberrations can even manifest themselves in a frightening paranormal ways, which can lead one to believe that they are being haunted. The power of the mind is not to be underestimated.

The good news is that you need not live under the tyranny of these mental monsters and let them run rampant in your life. You can stand in authority over the kingdom of your own mind and exile these unwanted inhabitants from your land. You can do this by turning your back on them and refuse to feed them with your attention any longer.

This is perhaps one of the most powerful self-help methods to rid yourself of subconscious demons. You literally starve them out by refusing to think about them, and replacing any negative thoughts with positive affirmations and visualizations. Some other great ways to expel these troublesome mental programs is to seek help from a professional, close friend or a trusted spiritual leader. Talking things out with someone you admire and respect can be a fantastic way to uproot these fears that are ingrained so deeply in your psyche.

The demons don’t like fresh air. What they like best is if you stay in bed with cold feet ~ Bergman, Ingmar

Whatever path you decide to take to rid yourself of these toxic mental imprints; it is time to open the door to your soul, and let the rays of Divine Illumination cascade into the dark corners of your life. The stale air in an old house cannot be removed until fresh currents are allowed to circulate throughout its chambers. The first steps on any healing journey can always be the most daunting; but they are always worth the effort when the end result is achieved.

If you are concerned or confused about how to begin the process of expelling your inner demons, just ask Spirit to help you. Ask with a sincere heart and simple faith, and you will be surprised at the ways in which your guidance may come. You may be guided by intuitions, or incredible ideas that come out of nowhere, you may hear a line in a song or read a paragraph in a book that seems to speak to you about your circumstances. Getting a good psychic reading from truly gifted seer is also a wonderful way to start the process of emotional healing. Someone once said that the voice of God is in the wind, and this is so, for Spirit is never limited in the ways in which it can communicate with us.

The Universe is reaching out to you, telling you that it is time to exorcise your inner demons. They are not as powerful as you may have believed them to be, and they only have as much influence over you as you allow them. The time has come to collect yourself, then reclaim your inner strength. You are not the victim anymore, but rather the victor who has been handed the tools to take control over your own life once and for all.

About The Author: At only twelve, Paul possessed the rare ability to see Angels and Spirits. He has since taken these considerable talents to new levels in the healing arts. He is a published metaphysical author, and has earned certifications as a Psychic Spiritualist Minister, hypnotist, and in Angel Contact and Tarot reading. This gifted Intuitive from Upstate New York lives to compassionately help others and has built up an impressive list of dedicated clients. If there are hurdles in your path, Paul will help guide you over them at PsychicAccess.com.

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