Learning About Self Through Relationships

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comRelationships are about learning who you are through another person. That may sound a bit strange, but it’s so very, very true. We truly are mirrors for each other in unlimited ways.

Everyone who walks upon our path is there because we gave them the permission to be there. Maybe they will be the one to help you learn about how lovable you truly are, and possibly you are the one to help them learn that it’s okay to trust love.

The lessons aren’t always easy ones, sometimes they are filled with what we consider negative energy, and we balk at the idea of it all. Sometimes the lessons seem selfish and overbearing, when they are truly gifts of love and understanding.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed ~ C.G. Jung

Our perception of another’s actions define how we see them at first, and that perception began a long time ago with the first person who taught you about yourself. We tend to carry those thoughts onto the next relationship, without even realizing it. Then we wonder why things aren’t working the way we want them to work.

We are all pretty much alike, we just do the same things at different times, and in different ways, that give us the variety of being an individual. If a dozen of us sit in a circle while someone stands in the middle and shares their story, we will all hear the story differently, because of our perception based on previous experiences. Nothing wrong with that. It certainly won’t make us good or bad, but it can flood our energy with “stuff” that happened long ago and attach it to our newfound relationships before we even know it.

The past is no longer alive unless we don’t let go of it, and the future may never arrive. The present moment we live in is where life is supposed to be lived! When we are covered in yesterdays drama, and trauma, and fear, and worry, we keep it very much alive in our present moment. Then we wonder why we feel stressed, or insecure, or “out of sync”. Forgive yesterday, and all those you feel may have hurt you, and then forgive yourself for possibly hurting others.

Certain things in life simply have to be experienced – and never explained. Love is such a thing ~ Paulo Coelho

Let thoughts of tomorrow come tomorrow. Stay in your present moment where you have the chance to be loving, healthy, happy and prosperous. If you aren’t feeling that way, it’s because you have no room on your plate for the new day, because it’s still filled with yesterday’s energy. Clean your plate and start over and allow new people to be themselves, without your need to define them using someone from your past. Know they have come into your life to teach you and learn from you, and then allow the lessons to flow like a little creek towards a bigger water.

Whatever feelings you have that are negative are there to get your attention to heal yourself, so those feelings can disappear and help you have a better relationship with the new person upon your path.

Love who you are with the acceptance that you are truly an awesome soul capable of attracting the same in others. Be grateful for life’s lessons, they will show you the way to joy! You define yourself just by being who you are, but you will probably need a lot of people to reflect into, in order to truly see who you were meant to be.

When someone feels so familiar that you sense you have known them before, that is the sign of a big lesson on the way. Flow with it, allow your intuition to guide you by trusting the flow. We are all psychically connected, we truly are one with all there is. Enjoy the journey.

About The Author: Gaia guides with her heart as well as her sixth sense! This Oklahoma resident has brought the art of listening to a whole new art form and is adept not only at reading between the lines, but beyond them as well! A relationship life coach, she has offered accurate advice to celebrities as well as to those shining stars at home who lead everyday lives. She's appeared on PBS as a guest psychic and publishes her own monthly newsletter. If you'd like a reading with a highly sensitive Clairvoyant with over forty years of experience, you can find Gaia at PsychicAccess.com.

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