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Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comApart from obvious perceptions that differ from country to country, studies have indicated that across the planet, all facial expressions and responses to emotional triggers are identical. This means that across language barriers, for the most part, the perception of emotional states is approximately the same.

There are six fundamental emotional states: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise. This theory was posited by Charles Darwin, and even if obvious to us now, it was probably a highly contentious idea at the time.

This would have been contentious during colonial times – it  being a time of meeting of discoveries of new cultures due to inventions and improvements in the machine and industrial world. The emerging powers had the steam engine patented and sold only to their allies, and with this knowledge, our world opened up to new cultures and societies. With steam we could now power ourselves across the oceans.Yet, Darwin emerged slightly prior to this – an even bolder assumption for a man on the verge of the industrial revolution. The fear and wonder of discovery was both awe inspiring and dangerous to many. To elaborate on this idea on would have to remember:

What would a man from in the late 1800’s have thought of this idea? Possibly he would have been highly anxious at the realization that he would not have been ‘alone’ or superior. And possibly faced with other cultures, during this time, where education and communication where apparently only for the elite, it was assumed that the acquiescence and benefits of technology (steam and electricity) was only for its inventors.

The knowledge we have of psychology is in large part due to Darwin. Anyone can reference much of the face reading and psychological techniques from this book, that probably many of us would never have read: The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.

What a strong man Darwin must have been to have written about this. In fact, despite the fact that he was known as a scientist, he was told to refute his observations on communication and language between people of different societies, and even animals. Darwin’s wife tried to get him to destroy his works, being a devout Christian. He was like Galileo, who was ordered to rescind his writing, and was barred from any scientific meetings with his peers.

What he discovered was, in fact, that language and our perception of each other, our conscious selves, was universal and not land-locked. For a person of his time, he was a pioneering thinker, who probably had endured much taunting by the church and his peers. Without him, we would not be looking at our ancestry, and Paleontology and Anthropology would not have been born, and any science that we apply now, such as carbon dating, for example, would not have been invented.

To give form to an idea itself can be the most difficult and damaging of paths, or endeavors. Yet even his way of thinking gave form to ideas such as ‘taxonomy’ and the listing and categorization of humans, animals and apes. This even changed our logic and our way of thinking for the rest of our future.

When one thinks of empathy, or telepathy, different language structures could apply. On occasion, I can intuit the area that the person is from: the difference perhaps between a North American viewpoint, or a European one. This can be perceived in different ways. I am opening up part of this theory without going too in depth, for the length of this blog, yet it is reasonable to assume that different areas have different ‘accents’, yet there would be the same interpretation of the basic emotional state, the state of  happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise.

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