Polyamory: Are We Psychically Tribal?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen we were hunter-gatherers, we joined together for safety from nature’s challenges. Are we still psychically inclined to live in a tribe? Some say we need to lean on each other, as a couple, or as a group in a formal commitment. Experts say that we feel that there is more social safety in numbers.

According to a growing body of research, the poly community is dominated by white professionals and college students. For example, 90% of the respondents to Ms. Mitchell’s study identified as Caucasian, and 94.5% had some college education. In Dr. Sheff’s study 89% interview subjects were white, 74% were in professional jobs and 67% had at least a bachelor’s degree. A 2011 literature survey by Dr. Sheff and Corie Hammers, which compiled racial and class data on polyamorists and related groups from 36 independent studies, confirmed that sexual minorities are heavily weighted toward upper-middle-class whites.

I reserve the right to love many different people at once, and to change my prince often ~ Anaïs Nin

I am a socio-cultural academic researcher, and a psychic. The US Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 20133 related to stating that same sex marriage is no different from a one man and woman marriage, really made me look hard scientific evidence, and at my psychic reading clients.

All day long I hear, “Why does he cheat on me?” And yet, the cards are telling me that he is not any less in love with her than he was the day before, and he does not want her out of his life. He wants life and love to continue as it has been. He was simply following his deeply rooted hormonal instincts while being opportunistic when another female was willing to partner with him.

“What did she just say?” you are most likely asking right now. “Is she saying that cheating is normal?”

I am saying that from a scientific point of view, we humans tend to love more than one person. We are polyamorous by nature. Mothers love all their children; grandmothers adore their numerous grandchildren. Diana Moore, better known as “Morning Glory Zell Ravenheart” coined the term “polyamory” for referring to several adults devoted to each other for life.

This type of behavior was possibly the way our ancestors lived in caves in pre-history. Some cultures today assume that the brother-in-law of dead men will take his wife’s sister as his second wife. That is the same way the Bonobo, our closest relative (1.6% different from us in DNA) survives today.

Poly relationships are not located solely in the moment, but have intentions (though perhaps tacit and vaguely defined) of at least adding to a base of experience possibly so far as signifying a life-long and emotionally attached commitment ~ Anthony D. Ravenscroft

It is especially true that human males are less selective about brief sexual exchanges with adults with whom they are not emotionally attached. When a male says (related to a sexual encounter) to the person he loves, “It meant nothing,” he is not lying. It really was “nothing” to him – he is only spreading his legacy. He will not have to physically give birth to or care for offspring, although, today he may be forced to financially support the child.

I have read Dr. Louann Brizendine’s research (among many others). She has devoted her life to making sure that anything related to our sexual behavior, hormones, and how our brains are related has been documented, and medically proven. We must admit that Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and other religious, social, ethical, or moral views often differ. However, scientific evidence does make it easier to understand sexual behaviors. This information helps us to answer the following questions:

• Why would hundreds of Catholic priests act hypocritically?
• Why would male religious leaders tolerate or cover up such behaviors?
• Why are hundreds of divorces happening daily as a result of infidelity?

How you choose to live your life: single, dating, living together, married, in a group, or some other arrangement with free-will adults, is your business. What is truly valuable is to love yourself. Do not assume that you are not loveable only because your partner had sex with someone else. You are a perfectly perfect, unique human being. However, thousands of years of human evolution are at work hormonally. In every relationship you can choose to leave or stay. However, some ancient behaviors are not something you have the power to change in another person. So, do not blame you.

About The Author: Jacquie Omi is a Master healer of children and animals who resides in a poor indigenous village in Central Mexico. She is a deeply spiritual practitioner and a well educated research scientist who brings her Eastern thought into Western situations. She has been a nonprofit leader since 1986, the president of an educational project since 1991, an Arizona State Certified Teacher (birth ­ grade 12) and a facilitator of businesses since 1986. To attain inner peace and draw positive healing energy into your life, Jacquie can be found at PsychicAccess.com

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