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An autodidact, Stephen is skilled at teaching himself complex tasks, a talent which greatly aided his occult learning. At the age of four, he taught himself to read and went on to give accurate readings to his family. His talents were even documented in the local newspaper! By the age of five, young Stephen had written his first short story, which he proudly holds onto today. Earlier, that same year, he received enlightenment, of sorts, regarding the mysteries of identity and the unconscious. He was able to grasp the rudiments of reincarnation, and the gift of dream interpretation soon followed. This was a mystical period for him that left an indelible mark on his life.

He is very detailed and provides a phenomenal relay after the reading. Truly cares that the person gets the message and is empathetic! I highly recommend him! ~ starstar

In early childhood he stumbled upon a mentor with an occult bookstore, who generously tutored Stephen in the art of Tarot and Astrology. Being an autodidact can make a traditional education more difficult. Despite his unorthodox learning style, his good fortune continued and he managed to gain acceptance into Rutgers University, where he studied life sciences: biochemistry, genetics, mathematics and physics. He also minored in ancient languages and studied many esoteric texts in their original tongues.

In South America, Stephen encountered yet another wise teacher, who took him under his wing. He helped him to amplify his knowledge and sharpen his Intuitive skills to a fine point of accuracy and insight. Stephen’s basic approach to Tarot became simple. He realized a person’s life was dominated by various energies that are cyclical and can be accurately predicted by reading one’s meter, so to speak. Stephen observes where the energies are presently at play in the cycle, and he determines whether they are waxing or waning. He’ll help you discern which situations are under your control and which ones are in the inexorable hands of fate.

If you’re a student of self-discovery, understanding the inherent strengths, weaknesses, talents and pitfalls in your natal chart can be a life-altering experience. His analysis will help you to realize your potential and understand your true Self, which is, perhaps, the most precious empowerment of all!


Stephen has established practices in both North and South America, going on fifteen years now. He’s been fortunate to serve thousands of clients including: television broadcasters, architects, surgeons, lawyers, titans of business, government officials, etc. Most entered his practice while he was living in Lima, Peru, a bustling metropolis in the deserts, just west of the Andes. It’s there that his powers in Tarot and Astrology were honed through his service to people from every stratum of Peruvian society.

I am so impressed with Stephen’s readings. I have called many times, and will definitely be calling again. He is also a great listener and great with advice and knowledge on how to help the situation get better. I love talking to him. ~ msa23

Across the street from where he lived within a religious and commercial complex, was a sprawling and impressive structure known as the Huaca Pucllana (pronounced “Waca Puyana”), an ancient pre-Incan ruin. Stephen decided it made a suitable spot in which to hang his shingle and was soon running his practice from his home parlor. Amongst the ancient astrological symbols of Nasca and the celestial palaces of Macchu Picchu, he learned to integrate all he’d learned from Tarot, Astrology, numerology and the Qabbalah. This resulted in an occult technique, unlike any other, that brings problems to the surface to be logically dealt with.

His multi-faceted approach helped him to interpret symbols and images found within dreams, and added a deeper layer to his practice. He discovered that Tarot symbols are no different from the components of a dream. When a client contacts him, he partners with that person to examine the images and unlock their deeper meanings. This technique has proven to be a winning formula!


With a Sun in Leo, a tenth house Pisces Moon and an Ascendant in Gemini, Stephen enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and playing classical guitar and piano. Some of his favorite composers for piano are Frederic Chopin, JS Bach, Alexander, Scriabin, Beethoven, and the list goes on. The list of guitarists he admires is equally long. He is simply nuts for anything pertaining to solo instrumental piano and guitar. Stephen is fond of the water, having lived on a boat for some years. Presently, he is focusing on celestial navigation in an effort to wean himself off GPS! Stephen resides in the coastal plains of North Carolina, in a historic and quaint little town close to the sea. He enjoys navigating all the waters of his youth with his cocker spaniel, Max, who keeps him line! Stephen is single, with no children.

About The Author: Incorporating many psychic disciplines into one unique formula, Stephen's Tarot readings reveal the true Self from every metaphysical angle! An autodidact, he has the ability to solve complex problems and uses this talent along with his highly developed psychic gifts to provide you with answers that have previously gone unsolved in your life! If you'd like Stephen to uncover your future, this North Carolinian treasure can be found at

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