Preserving Your Energy

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“Withholding yourself, or part of yourself from others is essential. Too often being with others, whether this relationship is personal or merely in the daily activities of work or general interaction with others, you leave yourself open to others in such a way that they are able to drain energy from you.

Too many on your earth-plan at this time have become ‘energy vampires’ either knowingly, or unknowingly. Once contact has been made, even eye contact in some cases, then a link is established and energy can flow from one to another. This is particularly true of individuals who are healers by nature and it can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, and possibly even to physical and emotional illness.

Evil, when we are in its power, is not felt as evil, but as a necessity, even a duty ~ Simone Weir

If you are an individual who cares about others (and many are) then you need to understand that it is your basic nature to want to help in the healing of others and so you willingly (though often on a subconscious level) allow others to gain access to your own life-force. This life-force is an energy that is only replenished during your sleep state and tiredness is felt and often becomes more and more consuming as you are drained of your energy each day.

Ask yourself whether you are inclined to feel more tired after being with certain individuals. Are those particular people, whether they are linked to you as family, friends or merely as acquaintances, making you feel tired or exhausted after you have been with them?

This tiredness is an indication that these others have become linked directly to your energy source. When they meet with you, they connect up to your ‘battery’ of power in order to increase their own energy levels, and they will leave feeling re-energized and wanting to spend time with you again, while you will leave them feeling tired and hoping that your paths will not cross again soon.

There are methods of protecting yourself which takes practice and it is not always easy to entirely protect others from making a link with you in this way. At first it is best to simply avoid the individuals who draw energy from you in this way and then, once you are certain that you have protected yourself from these individuals, you can gradually begin to share their company again, but always being aware that they can take your energy from you.

Think of yourself as an incandescent power, illuminated and perhaps forever talked to by God and his messenger ~  Brenda Ueland

There are many who have been linked to others by marriage or love at some time, and once there has been a separation they feel the lack of energy, because you are no longer there. They can, because of previous contact with you, merely think of you and thus tap into your energy and tire you, while not even being near you.

To ensure that your energy does not become depleted in this way, pray often for protection and always visualize yourself in a ‘bubble’ which enables you to interact with others, but still retain your power.

Everything in your world and in spirit world is energy and this energy is essential to your own well-being. Protect yourself so that you will not only ‘survive’ day by day, but will thrive instead.”

About The Author: Cynthia is a Medium from South Africa and is a pure channel for her personal guides and the guides of her clients. She delivers concise messages on a broad range of topics that she could not possibly have known about in advance! Trained by her clairvoyant aunt and grandmother, Cynthia honed her skills in spiritualist churches and led her own development circles. She's worked with police to find missing people and has helped to identify criminals. She's appeared on several local radio shows and at esoteric fairs throughout South Africa. If you'd like a reading with this remarkably gifted psychic and Medium, you can find Cynthia at

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