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At three, Mary was aware she was different than her five siblings. She could see and talk to spirits who had passed away and appeared in her room, on a nightly basis. Over time, she learned to listen to her gift, eventually winning over the respect and acceptance of her family. At ten, she read for others and studied everything she could to better understand and guide her abilities. Mary worked for other websites as a psychic counselor and gave one-on-one readings, at home, to her growing list of clients.

The best reading I ‘ve ever had. Queen Mary provided a clear and honest insight. I hope it will come to pass, as I ‘ve been waiting for it to happen for a very long time ~ smp1977

Throughout her forty-four years of dedicated service, she’s counseled thousands. Over that time, she’s grown and developed her skills as a psychic, and is quite proud of her many accomplishments. She’s been able to spot illness and fitness problems easily, diagnosing areas of concern with pinpoint accuracy. She often receives flashes of insight that appear to her inner eye, either in symbols or in crystal clear messages. And through the tool of automatic writing, she taps into deeper levels of awareness, receiving precise messages she can then convey to the client. Treating all of her clients like dear friends, she genuinely loves the privilege of being able to help them. As a result, she enjoys a loyal following in her community. She’s often called upon to find lost items, communicate with pets and report any situations they’re having to their owners.


For forty-four years, Mary has been practicing and honing her various gifts in the psychic field. She learned to trust and follow her talents, at an early age, with the loving support and acceptance of her family. She expanded on her talents, through her awareness that there was more to life than her five senses. The power to trust her psychic instincts and follow her intuition provided her with the most incredible experiences of her life, as well as confidence. Most of her clients reside in California, but she is not limited by geography. In every place she’s ever traveled, Mary has utilized her gifts, always walking away with a deep sense of gratitude and respect for her abilities. She is extremely gifted in areas that include: personal readings, communicating messages from people who’ve passed, pet psychic readings, automatic writing and Tarot.

Queen Mary can tell you what she sees right away. She can see the coming outcome. Most amazing thing is – she ’s always correct with the timing she predicted – she tells you the exact date, without any doubts. And it ’s always spot on. I ‘m very impressed ~ sunnymango

Mary has a continuing thirst and ambition to improve in new areas of study and to be thankful for every level of success she achieves. She’s learned to see the energy fields around clients and to work within their auras to immediately determine what is needed. She guides with compassion, a loving heart and an inner vision. She works with auras, setting a healing light by sitting in a dark room with a lit white candle. This enhances her vision and enables her to work in whatever area the client needs. Mary’s most famous reading occurred at the age of thirteen, while attending a golf tournament with her parents. There, she met Jerry Lewis, who was in her dad’s foursome. She told Mr. Lewis his game would suffer. He was amused and skeptical, at first, but as it turned out, they came in last place, as predicted.


Mary is a Virgo, the sign of the faithful and dedicated servant to those in need. She’s lived in California all of her life and is married to a wonderful husband named Danny. Mary confides that together they have raised seven grown children – each of them successful – and she’s about to become a grandmother for the third time. Mary’s hobbies include: writing poetry, reading and traveling to new places and meeting new people. Mary lives near the beach, loving the sand, surf and sunny skies. She enjoys long walks on the beach with her Yorkie, Jack Daniel, who is now fourteen and still living the life of a puppy. Mary was conceived on New Year’s Eve in 1957, and born on Labor Day, Sept. 2, 1957 – a great joke within the family. As a Virgo, she feels a deep need to help others and to always do her best. She feels she is the luckiest woman in the world, with a life that is joyous, spiritual and always unfolding, each and every day.

About The Author: Mary has perfected her psychic talents since the age of three and has helped thousands in her forty-four years of service. She receives both direct and symbolic messages to her inner eye and works extensively with automatic writing to convey clear and precise messages to her clients. She enjoys a loyal following in her community, in California, and has helped hundreds there to find lost items, communicate with pets, and contact loved ones on the other side. It's both her privilege and passion to serve everyone she can. If you're eager to receive Mary's accurate inner eye messages, you can contact her at:

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