Changing Times

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI recently channeled this message from my spirit guides:

“Everything in your world is based on time – even your Mother Earth revolve around the seasons in your world. While you live a material life, as spirit that has clothed itself with a material body, you would do well and improve your life vastly if you allowed your own life to change with the seasons too.

But there are more than mere seasonal changes in your world.  Every now and then, a shift occurs that allows everything within your world to change. This type of shift is taking place right now within your world. Not only did some ancients, who once lived on the earth plane prophesy about this (such as those who you call “Mayan”) but your Mother Earth has been giving you notice of this change for some years.

Change your thoughts and you change your world ~  Norman Vincent Peale

Mother Earth is an ancient spirit and have lived in physical form far longer than you live in the material world. She is a spirit of great power and knows how to tap into universal energies to empower herself and those who live upon her surface and inside her.

For some years now, your Mother Earth has been changing to allow for these changing energies. You are able to notice these great changes with the things you see as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and the like. If Mother Earth is making changes, it is an indication that all who have material form and associate in any way with Mother Earth, should make changes also.

Right now, in your world, is the best time to make radical change and everything that you would now want to discard should be discarded; and everything that you would want to begin again should begin now.

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change ~ Charles Darwin

Those who hold onto any form of negativity now, will find that they are ‘anchored’ to these obstacles and will find them, in time to come, extremely difficult to let go of. Those who have learned the lessons that have come to them while on the earth plane up until this point, and have willingly put these obstacles behind them and taking with them only the wisdom learned as a result, will find that their lives are now changing into something far more beautiful in almost every aspect.

Use this time now to alter the energies that surround you, so that you can emerge into the beautiful butterfly you are mean to be – flying above those who remain earth-bound like caterpillars.

About The Author: Cynthia is a Medium from South Africa and is a pure channel for her personal guides and the guides of her clients. She delivers concise messages on a broad range of topics that she could not possibly have known about in advance! Trained by her clairvoyant aunt and grandmother, Cynthia honed her skills in spiritualist churches and led her own development circles. She's worked with police to find missing people and has helped to identify criminals. She's appeared on several local radio shows and at esoteric fairs throughout South Africa. If you'd like a reading with this remarkably gifted psychic and Medium, you can find Cynthia at

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