Don’t Ask A Psychic To Read Your Mind

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comImagine this scene playing out on the movie screen of your mind:

You call or go to visit a local psychic. The moment you make contact with the person you immediately ask, “So what’s going to happen with my job?” The psychic then lays out a few cards or listens intently to see what Spirit may be saying about this situation.

After a few moments, the psychic speaks and begins to give you information that is only half right or even way off the mark. You get perturbed and exit the reading proclaiming that the psychic was not gifted, or that you had no connection with the person giving you the reading.

Welcome to Telepathics Anonymous. Don’t bother introducing yourself ~ Bauvard

Unfortunately, this is a scene that many psychics have witnessed at least a few times in their lives. So what went wrong? Why was the reading so unbalanced and why was there no connection made?

To answer the above questions, we first must look at what psychic abilities truly are, and what they are not. Most people have the idea that all psychics are like those depicted in Hollywood movies. They view psychics as being almost superhuman with the ability to know all and see all, but this is just not an accurate picture of who and what a psychic truly is.

There are times when a psychic sits down with a client and the reading just takes off in the prophetic direction without a word hardly being spoken. The past, present and future are revealed and an instant connection is made on deep spiritual level. It’s wonderful when these kinds of readings take place, and I think the psychic gets just as elated as the client when they transpire.

But these kinds of readings are not the norm, and they do not happen with every single client. Most times the psychic needs a little background information on the topic or topics being discussed in the reading. This background information is not a cheat sheet for the honest psychic to form opinions or false readings around. But rather the information being shared is a way for the psychic and client to exchange energy and access one another on a soul level. It is at this level that the information in a reading is most meaningful and accurate.

I have been aware of my own psychic gifts since I was a child. I would hear people discussing situations and I knew just how they would turn out. And that’s still how it works for me by and large. Someone wants to know if their ex-lover is coming back, they tell me what happened and I can tell them how their ex is feeling, and if they will in fact come back or not..

No one can tell, when two people walk closely together, what unconscious communication one mind may have with another ~ Robert Barr

The misconception that most people have about psychics is that they mistake psychics for mentalists and mind readers. They confuse the psychic with the magician on the stage with his fingers pressed into his temples claiming he can read the thoughts of his audience. This is certainly entertaining, but it has very little to do with actual psychic work.

This is not to say that a psychic cannot pick up another person’s thoughts, access unknown information or delve into other areas that are downright mystifying. All these things can certainly happen, but they are not the everyday norm. Psychics are not super humans, they are not master mentalists or mind readers; they’re just normal people that somehow know things that may be a little hidden to other people. And yet, most times, psychics just confirm what you already knew on a deeper level.

So, the next time you get a psychic reading, don’t treat your psychic like a magic 8 ball by asking a random question and then shaking him or her about. Be personable, share a little background information and let the person giving you a reading step inside your energy for a few moments. This will make for a better reading and you will be glad you did in the end.

And to my fellow psychics; don’t be afraid to ask for a little more information if you need it. Taking the time to clear away the false beliefs about psychics that has been perpetuated by Hollywood will go a long way in making sure that we all give and receive more honest and accurate readings.

About The Author: At only twelve, Paul possessed the rare ability to see Angels and Spirits. He has since taken these considerable talents to new levels in the healing arts. He is a published metaphysical author, and has earned certifications as a Psychic Spiritualist Minister, hypnotist, and in Angel Contact and Tarot reading. This gifted Intuitive from Upstate New York lives to compassionately help others and has built up an impressive list of dedicated clients. If there are hurdles in your path, Paul will help guide you over them at

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