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Using Rituals For Change

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comA ritual is a ceremony consisting of performing symbolic actions for a specific purpose. Rituals have always been part of organized religion, such as cleansing with water, lighting candles, bowing, sipping wine, wearing head coverings, and so forth.

Sumo Wrestlers bow at the beginning and at the end of their matches to show respect. In some Christian religions, the Eucharist and wine are taken to represent the body and blood of Christ. Candles are used in many faiths, especially in remembering those who have passed. Many experience comfort, as the flame is alive, glowing and warm.

The modern habit of doing ceremonial things unceremoniously is no proof of humility; rather it proves the offender’s inability to forget himself in the rite, and his readiness to spoil for every one else the proper pleasure of ritual ~ C.S. Lewis

In my spiritual practice, I use rituals to consciously focus my intentions. As a visual artist, color is very important to me and plays a prominent role in my rituals. Each color has specific meanings according to color psychology, and implemented even today in modern society.

Yellow tends to represent the sun, warmth and life-giving light. The colors you paint walls affect mood; red can make you irritable, blues are thought to be calming. I live in a rainy climate, so I painted my walls with muted, but light warm tones. I am connected to the Earth, to nature. My office, where I perform readings, is palest green and filled with my nature paintings. I wear black when I paint, so it doesn’t interfere with my color choices when painting.

Because color is so important to me, each New Year’s Eve I set out several glass bowls with water, and drop food coloring into each. Yellow represents joy, green is for money and new growth, red is passion, blue for healing, brown for the removal of negative energy, and so on. I meditate on each one to bring into my life that which the color represents. I have visual images of what life in the New Year will bring.

Creeds, ritual, religion and different theologies are all derived from man’s yearning for the vast Reality beyond – and flow in the thousand different forms, fertilizing many fields, calming many communities, refreshing tired people and, at last, carrying people to the ocean of Bliss ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I also like to light candles that burn for seven days. Candle burning has a bad reputation, and contrary to rumors, you cannot ever affect another person’s circumstances, because free will always come into play. For me, candle burning along with my Reiki practice, draws from Universal energy to activate the energy within myself.

I like to time candle burning with the phases of the moon. As the moon is getting bigger (waxing) I light a candle to bring in specific energies. As the moon is getting smaller (waning) I may light a candle to remove unwanted energies, such as doubt and uncertainty.

As I’m “dressing” the candle, I clear my mind, focus, and concentrate on my intentions. For example, I recently burned a blue candle to focus my energy on healing whatever was causing a pinched nerve in my neck. In addition, I had medical attention and physical therapy, following through with at-home exercises. Once the blue candle was finished burning, I lit a white candle after I wrote my intentions around the wick and my name on top. I dropped in some essential oil, as well as metallic sprinkles to attract energy.

Do you have rituals in your life? How do you bring about the changes you desire?

About The Author: Dianna

As a conduit to Spirit since birth Dianna provides channeled information from her Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Animal Spirits. During readings, information comes to her through telepathy, empathy, visual images and physical sensations. She additionally uses Automatic Writing for very specific details and timing, Tarot and the Lenormand Cards. Dianna's specialties are providing you with remarkably accurate answers to your questions using her psychic consciousness to assist you in reaching new and rewarding goals. A Libra/Aquarius rising with three grand trines in her chart, Dianna has chosen to use her psychic gifts and Reiki Healing Energy to help others, providing practical answers to life's questions plus healing and clearing blockages. You can get a psychic reading from Dianna at

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