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The Planets Affect Us In Fascinating Ways

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccessFew people believe that the planetary movements have an effect on their fortune, health and life events. Oh, how wrong they are.

Most people acknowledge the fact that the Moon and Sun direct the oceans, but they ignore links between the planets and human behavior and well-being.

Here is a list of just ten fascinating ways in which the planets affect us:

1. Surgery at the time of a Full Moon carries a much greater risk of severe bleeding

2. More babies are conceived under a waxing Moon

3. Sun spots interfere with communication equipment

4. Tree sap rises under a waxing or full Moon

There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life ~ Varaha Mihira

5. Solar radiation correlates with world events such as war

6. People have more accidents during the moon phase under which they were born (or its opposite)

7. Murder rates increase with the Full Moon

8. There is sometimes a connection between the progressed movement of Saturn in a person’s chart and cancer

9. Serial killers can be identified through natal astrology

10. Hermetic analysis of planetary cycles enables the very accurate prediction of events

The Planets and Your Health

Medical astrology is perhaps the most fascinating branch of this incredibly powerful and accurate form of metaphysical insight. You probably recall from my previous blogs that we each have an astral body. In-depth analysis of the astral body through advanced astrology reveals our pre-disposition towards illness.  The type and timing of health crises is proven through statistical analysis of real-life case studies.

I will look on the stars and look on thee, and read the page of thy destiny ~ Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Rather than waiting for a serious health event and then working to heal, consider looking into the future to identify your health risks, the probable timing of events, and ways to avert discord.

If you would like an interpretation of your health, your astral body can be analyzed in detail to provide you with this empowering information so that you can live mindful of your health risks to be embraced and averted. Imagine how powerful it would be to give this information to your healthcare specialists:

  • Analysis of your physical body’s weakest zones
  • Confirmation of which areas of life are associated with these zones (for example, discord in a relationship, career dissatisfaction, fears about money)
  • Mental antidotes associated with these issues and body zones
  • Insight into vitamins, herbs, colors, and crystals to strengthen these zones
  • Timing of key periods in your life when these events would most likely occur unless averted

About The Author: Steve

Born a medium, Steve is a member of the Spiritualist's National Union and a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®. He has given public and private readings since childhood and has studied mediumship all of his life. Steve has amazed clients around the world with the accuracy of his mediumship and psychic ability. His private readings provide inspiring evidence from the spirit world combined with empowering spiritual guidance. One of Steve's greatest passions is helping people understand their personalities, life purposes, and greatest natural talents in order to define their dreams and create the future. Steve believes that we each have a unique life purpose combined with an innate set of talents and opportunities to make the world a better place. He is an avid believer in the law of attraction, the power of the subconscious mind and our ability to create whatever we choose.
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  • Love this article steve! great job i even looked up waxing moons and my son your right! very interesting and accurate. xoxo

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