Is Your Child Psychic?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen I was very young I already had the ability to sense, feel and know things were going to happen before they did.

I had many paranormal experiences as a child. I felt I could speak to animals and I had dreams about future events that came true. I remember specific dreams of numbers that came in the lottery the next day. I was only five at the time, who knows about the lottery at that age?

How can you determine if your own child has psychic abilities? If a child shows signs of great knowledge beyond their years, if a child can sense what will happen before it does, or recognizes a place but has never been there, then you should pay careful attention.

If you have noticed your child speaking to imaginary friends or looking off into areas where there is nothing there are also signs of your child having a sixth sense, or psychic ability.

Do not disregard what they are saying because they are young. For instance, if they do not like someone or they are uncomfortable with a specific situation, there is usually a very valid reason. Children can sense someone’s energy and intentions like nobody’s business ~ Jennifer O’Neill

Some children have the ability to heal, with just a touch of the hand. Some are very gifted with animals, or animals seem very attracted to that particular child.

Some gifted children can speak in languages which they have never been taught, or know arithmetic equations without ever having been taught any math. Others know how to read without ever being taught the alphabet.

Another sign of a child with psychic abilities can be vivid, detailed dreams or nightmares. Spirits communicate through dreams to get certain messages through, especially through children. So, pay close attention to what your children may say about a specific dream with a lot of detail.

Also, if you take a closer look at children’s art work you may discover so gems. Sometimes, of course, their imagination can run wild, but what about drawings with a possible higher meaning? Pay attention, because these drawings can be visions of future events.

Mostly, all children are highly intuitive until a certain age. But some children retain that special spiritual gift. These children are amazing and highly intuitive. Some skeptical people consider these children to be autistic or somehow disordered, but that would be someone speaking with a lack of knowledge about the spiritual realm. It’s a fast assumption and logical answer to what a child’s behavior should be, but if you take a closer look you will also see a child with a sense of great knowledge and an insight into the unseen.

For the psychic child it may not be as frightening as you think, it’s something that comes quite naturally. The parents may not understand it and see it as something irrational, but what happens in the paranormal or spiritual world cannot be explained logically.

Whatever the case may be, these children are much more sensitive to things that other children are not. If your child is showing signs of these type of behaviors, don’t look at it as a weakness, or disability. Look at it as a gift, a special power or ability that is a blessing. Take time and learn how to work with them, help them develop their spiritual abilities.

About The Author: Isabella is a gifted clairvoyant psychic, healer and medium with twelve years of experience. She was mentored by the same teacher who instructed the famous psychic medium John Edward. As a fourth generation psychic, Isabella has shared her extraordinary gifts with others since early childhood and she has helped thousands of clients all over the world. She utilizes a broad range of gifts to answer questions on matters of love, relationships, finances, career, spiritual growth, and just about any other area of concern. Get a reading right now with Psychic Isabella at

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