Etheric Healing Of The Inner Bodies

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccessI enjoy doing etheric healing on people if they need it during an angel reading. Some people have asked me what it means to cleanse the inner bodies with etheric healing, so I wrote up on it a bit over the past few days of cleansing I have been doing on myself.

How do I cleanse the inner bodies? Well, I do a lot of processes. First, I connect to the inner sound current, which is the meditation I learned as a child, and then I do light meditation with the mantra I learned from my teacher in India. I usually do this for a few  hours or so every morning, but when you are in those altered states, time doesn’t exist and it feels like 5 minutes.

Every problem is caused by its solution. Every challenge we face in life exists so we can manifest its solution ~ Dr.Vernon Woolf

Next, I scan my body for negative energy forms, pain or negativity, and I do whatever feels right. I either transform it using holodynamics, by asking what it needs, until its needs turn into light, love and ‘high vibes’. Then I let the old holodyne transform into the new one, or I may see how it connects to a childhood trauma.

Sometimes, the holodynes are connected to an old soul fragment from childhood, or a past life, in which case I take it to my inner healing temple and let the angels heal it, or give it homeopathic remedies, or give it the unconditional love it needs until it is healed and happy.

In other cases, I need past life healing. For example, recently I had an intense emotional karma with a male friend who just came into my life, which I knew was a past life karma that needed to be transformed into light. So I went into a past life and saw him as a very hard and unfeeling warrior, totally not connected to his heart chakra, to whom I was married and very much in love in that lifetime.

It was very intense and that residue was carried over in this life, when we met recently. We felt that old connection, and I plugged right into that past life love, and intense feelings, pain and frustration with him.

There is but one temple in the universe, and that is the body of man ~ Novalis

So, instead I envisioned myself at the end of that life with both of us healed and happy, him being finally in touch with his inner feminine, heart and soul, feeling his heart, doing meditation, which is what he needed. After that, it released the karma.

I also gave a lot of love to his inner child, who was coming to me daily in meditation needing very much love. He was also very angry and having fits of rage with little mad elemental demons,  but he wanted to be held.

So, I held that soul fragment, that inner child, in love for a long time. I gave him homeopathic remedies and lots of love, until he was peaceful, and I was peaceful, because I was in a lot of heart chakra pain before that.

I also prayed for lots of help from God, the Divine, Angels, Masters, to find peace. It worked, and the angels told me that we are both peaceful now. I no longer feel those ties to him, or that pain.

As for today, my inner guides and Archangel Michael just did a lot of vacuuming on some foreign energies that I felt in my chakras – in all of them! It took a while to vacuum it out fully! There was a lot of stuff to be cleansed in the solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown chakras, and I felt so much better and clearer once it was all ‘vacuumed’.

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it  ~ Elizabeth A. Behnke

Before that, I felt heart pain inside. I had no choice but to meditate and cleanse it until it was completely gone. We are meant to live in bliss and happiness and love, and anything else is not our natural state, and needs to be cleansed and healed.

Other times, I use color vibrations to cleanse my chakras, using whatever color light feels right, like shooting a violet light through my crown chakra down into the earth. At other times, the angels or Goddess Pele or my spiritual teacher come to help me cleanse, by pulling toxins out.

I also do cord-cutting, or sometimes I see myself lying down or sitting on the earth, asking Mother Earth to take my toxins and energies and transform them. I feel very much love when she does this. I always feel deep love and incredible reverence in these processes.

I always consult my higher self and guides to tell me what is needed. I know the work is not done until I am in my natural love and bliss state.

About The Author: Oceana is a certified Doctor of Homeopathy and a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a teacher, healer and highly accurate intuitive in Canada, who has founded her own system of readings. No matter where you are located, she can relay messages from your Angels, feel your emotional state, and provide you with homeopathic remedies and nutritional advice. She can virtually take any energy and transform it for a person's higher good. If you'd like the opportunity to reach your soul's highest potential, you can find Oceana at:

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