The Psychic Seeds Of Karma

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comYou are the only thinker in your universe, and what you think will be demonstrated in your life experiences. Many of us scoff at such a notion, thinking that it is a lot of “hocus pocus.” But if we really take an account of our lives, we will see that life produced just what we were thinking about at the time.

This is true for the people around us as well. Many of us know someone who complains that they cannot get ahead in their finances, and they never do. You are most likely also familiar with someone who complains of being sick all the time, and that person surely gets every new illness that comes down the pike.

Just tune into what others are saying around you, and then look at the fruitage in their lives. No person can rise above their most deep-seeded thoughts, and confessions of such. Think of it in these terms: your life is like a sacred garden, and what you think, believe and speak are like the seeds you plant in that garden.

The law of karma is the principle of cosmic justice that holds that all good actions will be rewarded and that all wicked actions will be punished. Sometime. Somehow. Somewhere ~ Chanju Mun

People hear the word “psychic” a lot, but what they don’t realize is that we are all psychic to one extent or another. And we all emit copious amounts of psychic energy into the universe every day. Each thought we have, every mood we go through casts off vibrations into the atmosphere around us. This is what many call karma, because the energy we cast off will build and build, until it becomes like a rain cloud that must release its content.

We can now see why we may run across a patch of tough luck and wonder what the heck is going on in our lives. Karma is like a bank account. We are either storing up positive credits, or wishing we never wrote out the deposit slip for that last batch of negatives.

The good news is that good energy always cancels out bad karma. And we don’t have to drive ourselves crazy watching every thought that goes through our minds. We can simply take time each day to reflect on what is good and nurturing in our lives, be grateful for the blessings we have and expect the best. This will ensure that you are storing up good psychic energy on a daily basis.

So, remember, you are the only thinker in your universe – make that universe a beautiful one. You can do it!

About The Author: At only twelve, Paul possessed the rare ability to see Angels and Spirits. He has since taken these considerable talents to new levels in the healing arts. He is a published metaphysical author, and has earned certifications as a Psychic Spiritualist Minister, hypnotist, and in Angel Contact and Tarot reading. This gifted Intuitive from Upstate New York lives to compassionately help others and has built up an impressive list of dedicated clients. If there are hurdles in your path, Paul will help guide you over them at

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