The Psychic Vision Of My Mother’s Intestines!

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comCatchy title, eh? Well, that pretty much describes exactly what happened.

It was a day just like any other. I was alone at my Arizona home, preparing to begin a psychic reading for myself, to look at my future. More specifically, I wanted to know where I would be living in 2013. I knew my mother, who lives in Indiana, was scheduled to have a colonoscopy that day, but it was not on my mind at the time of my reading.

As it usually takes more energy and focus to perform a psychic reading for myself, rather than for my clients, I was setting the mood with candles and incense, as I cleansed the energy in the room. I sat down, grounded myself, greeted my spirit guide, and started to slip in a gentle trance-like state – all usual for my self-readings.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek ~ Joseph Campbell

I was receiving the insight and guidance that I had set out to find, with no issues. What was strange, though, was that I kept seeing the vision of a cave. I was guided into the cave slowly, and then pulled back, as if I should not be there. This was most confusing to me. I have always found that when I am confused by visions, however, to let them play out to try to receive more information. So I did just this.

I was led in and out of the cave several times, until I was brought to a small cavern off to the left side. This again was most interesting to me. There seemed to be a bright yellow glowing rock at the back of the cavern. Again, I was led to the rock, then away from it several times.

I was more confused than ever. What in the world did this have to do with my future and where I would be living in 2013? Would I lose everything and be forced to live in a cave? Would there be some kind of disaster that would force me underground?

Like a lightning bolt it then hit me. I instantly knew what I was looking at. I was inside my mother’s intestines! I was seeing what the doctors were seeing through the colonoscopy camera. They were about to take a biopsy of a problematic area that they had highlighted with a dye. I took one last look around and came out of my vision and my trance.

We know from the experimental data of psi research that viewer in the laboratory can focus his or her attention anywhere on the planet and, about two-thirds of the time, describe what is there ~ Russell Targ

I thanked my spirit guide and the universal energy that had brought me here, re-grounded myself, and took a few deep, cleansing breaths. I dared myself to look at the clock. This confirmed it for me. My mother was, in fact, in the middle of her colonoscopy at this exact time. A phone call later that evening did validate that the doctors had, indeed, taken a biopsy off an inflamed area.

I have received spontaneous visions before. These have mostly been of a violent nature – murders, physical attacks, and suicides, in which I have worked with law enforcement agencies to give them as much information as I could. I have never experienced, however, a spontaneous psychic vision so personal in nature.

I cannot say it was disturbing, but it was a bit unsettling. I make it my strict practice to never psychically read any family members or friends without their request and permission. To me, this felt like an invasion of privacy. But, I held firm to the fact that I had had this vision for a reason. This reason will hopefully make itself clear in time.

I am so very grateful for my visions, and my psychic abilities and gifts. Thanks to persistent exercise and development of my psychic skills over my lifetime, I have become a talented psychic reader and healer.

About The Author: A gifted Empath, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, and teacher in Arizona, Allison is also an accomplished author writing a work on Chakras and its link to psychic ability, due to be published in June, 2013! Her mastery of crystals and Reiki healing adds another dimension to her strong natural abilities. Her psychic talents and effective techniques have improved the lives of a broad range of clients. She even transforms troubled animals into adoring pets in her spare time as a community volunteer! For a life-changing reading with a gifted Psychic of rare quality, you can find Allison at

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