The Magus Card: Finding Your Inner Power

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe Magus (or Magician) is the second card in the Major Arcana.  It follows the Fool, and symbolizes insight, power, creativity, and wisdom. The fact that these two cards follow in this order shows that taking a risk brings greater insight and helps us find our proverbial wings.

When this card comes up in a reading it symbolizes new endeavors and feats of willpower. It’s all about having the insight and knowledge needed to see where and how change can be accomplished. This card often carries a message that you’re in an empowered position and able to shape your world or reality to what you need it to be. What stands out most is the aspect of will or willpower and harnessing that to accomplish your goal. The Magus says that anything is possible, but willpower is needed to set further change in motion.

We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already ~ J.K. Rowling

In the Rider-Waite deck, The Magician card holds a wand in his right hand and this symbolizes energy being conducted. All of the four elements are represented on his table, and this symbolizes the ability to use all tools at our disposal to get our desired outcome. The message is that we’re given the tools, but how we use them determines our outcome.

In the Crowley Thoth deck, the Magician card is called the Magus. The plural of this word would be Magi, as in the three Magi or three Wise Men. The Magus is not only powerful, but also wise. In this deck the Magus represents a breakthrough of sorts and of a surge of creativity, insight, and power. He is depicted with winged feet, and with a Caduceus on his head. Both of these symbolize Mercury. Mercury is a messenger whom connects us with the Divine and enables us to receive much needed information.

Mercury is also the planet of communication, so when this card comes up in a Tarot spread, expect conversations to be interesting. This is also a time when words can be used to create your desired outcome. Choose your words carefully and listen to what others have to say, and you may find it easier than you think to accomplish much wanted change.

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Hebrew letter on the bottom of the card is Beth and this means ‘house’. In this deck, the Magus is also depicted surrounded by magical tools representing the four elements: The athame (air), the chalice (water), the pentacle (earth), and a flame (fire).

Its message of empowerment is what makes this Tarot card a favorite of mine. It reminds us that we are not at the mercy of our circumstances and that change is just a decision away. All we need to do is use the tools the Universe gives us to bring about growth where it’s needed.

About The Author: Allanah is a South African treasure, living in a majestic place called the Boland, surrounded by mountains, vineyards and orchards. She's a phenomenal Tarot reader, who incorporates her natural claircognizant and clairsentient abilities to tackle any issue. She also studies crystal and Reiki healing, and makes her own natural homemade cosmetics and skincare products. With the added help of her personal guide, Allanah will assist you to make the right choices in your particular situation and help guide you onto a path that will lead to greater joy and love. With thousands of clients singing her praises, she welcomes everyone, from all walks of life. You can find Allanah at

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