Astrological Ages And The Divine

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThis is the Age of Aquarius, according to many believers. Or is it? When, exactly, will the Age of Aquarius begin? And when will it end?

These questions evade answer, due to the complex mathematics involved. Simply put, nobody knows when the Astrological Ages begin or end.

Why? Well, the answer lies in one very special phenomenon – one that was evident, amazingly enough, to the ancients. This phenomenon is known as the precession of the equinoxes. It’s a “precession” instead of a “procession” simply because the celestial movements involved are going backward, and not forward. We’re not moving from the Age of Aries, to the Age of Taurus, to the Age of Gemini. We’re moving backward, from the Age of Taurus, to Aries, then Pisces and finally, Aquarius.

I am Ready for the Age of Aquarius… Time for Renewal, Unity, Oneness ~ Trudy Symeonakis Vesotsky

When you point at the general area of the sky where the constellation of Leo, for example, is supposed to be, you will find that it has shifted several degrees. In other words, that portion of the sky which used to designate the constellation of Leo no longer has anything to do with the Lion. The sign of Leo has slowly migrated over the millennia – about one degree for every human generation. What’s important is the actual segment of the sky, not so much whether or not Leo is associated with it. The same applies to all the other constellations of the Zodiac.

So, given the massive and torturous celestial movements involved, pinning down an exact entrance and exit into an Astrological Age is next to impossible. The best and really only way to judge what age we are in, is to observe world happenings and collective changes in spirituality.

An Astrological Age is nothing more than an interface; a port through which humanity understands and experiences God. It is highly similar to a computer network protocol: it enables communication, and periodically it must be updated. TCP/IP version 4 is supplanted by version 6, for example, to take advantage of advances in digital networking and internet communications. The same principle applies with an Astrological Age. In time our human perceptions of the Divine grow obsolete, we realize that better methods exist, and we update the ‘communication protocols’.

For example, during the Age of Taurus the world experienced the Divine in terms of comfort and sensuality. Sex was a big part of worship. This is the era of the bovine deities, the time of the sensual goddesses.

The sincere among His servants will regard the precepts set forth by God as the Water of Life to the followers of every faith, and the Lamp of wisdom and loving providence to all the denizens of earth and heaven ~ Baha’u'llah

The excesses and material comforts of the Age of Taurus existed probably in part due to the primitive reality that the people of that era had to exist in. When your daily life is exemplified by poverty and lack, then it’s fitting to splurge on holy days and to enjoy the unfettered physical comforts that this Astrological Age personified.

We can see how offensive these notions were to the Jews, who inaugurated the Age of Aries. Here the iconography of the ram becomes important. We have the Jewish Shofar, the ram’s horn that to this day is sounded on Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. In this period humanity bid farewell to the Age of Taurus’s feminine and goddess-oriented way of doing things. Women began taking a back seat in religion. And once that happened, they started taking back seats everywhere else too. This is a direct result of the influences of the Age of Aries.

More important, the Age of Aries ushered in a new and vastly more aggressive conception of God. This is the age of Divine Jealousy and ego-identification. Under the conditions of the ram there shall be no other gods before the One True God. Here religion became all about singularity instead of plurality, and it is perhaps only during the Age of Aries that monotheism could seem sensible and assert itself.

Once it did that, the religious sensuality and gluttony of Taurus grew most odious, and you can see how uneasy this transition is by studying various Biblical stories. In the binding of Isaac, where Abraham prepares to slay the youth, the theology of Aries is announcing loudly: “Do not sacrifice human beings anymore. This is the practice of heathens.”

And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky. The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near ~ Aquarian Gospel

The practice of ‘Taurean heathens’, would be more like it. Here we have the Golden Calf. Here we have God punishing Saul for not slaying the weak and female of Philistine villages.

Contrast this with the Christian Age of Pisces. The assertive and jealous ram has now been replaced by the mystical fish, ever swimming back to its Divine source. Indeed, fish imagery abounds in the New Testament. One hardly even has to mention it. The new Christians, living in Rome, painted fish symbols on their clothing and homes in order to secretly identify each other. The Greek word for fish itself is an acronym meaning “Jesus Christ, Son of God,” and modern Christians use the Neptunian substance of wine to represent the sacred metamorphoses that occur within the spirit after converting.

So, now we enter the Age of Aquarius, during which it is commonly believed that ‘peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars’.

But what does it mean?

Religion has now evolved into something transpersonal. It’s about as opposite as you can get from the ego-driven insularity of the Age of Aries. It’s now more rational. The emotionally-based worship of Pisces will fall out of favor with the masses. The ideas of martyrdom and sacrifice embodied by the Age of Pisces will transmogrify into religious ideals that are much more communistic and society-oriented. Religion will meld increasingly with science, until eventually there will be no distinction between the two – and perhaps that is as it should be.

I believe that in analyzing the Astrological Ages, the modality of the sign takes precedence over any single interpretation. Very few know, for example, that the Ages are actually double. Not only is it the Age of Aquarius, it’s also the Age of Leo! The fixed nature of these two signs, their modality, will play a vital role in how future religious and spiritual behaviors manifest.

When the Ages cross, your past shall be obsolete, it won’t work for you.  Your values won’t work, your methods and procedures won’t work, but in your memory of these teachings you will have the knowledge to cross the Age ~ Yogi Bhajan

We’re entering a theological period of stubbornness and rigidity. The flexibility of the Age of Pisces will yield to more obstinate and inflexible religious conduct and theories. So we can expect the Age of Aquarius to be quite high-minded and principled – but it will not tolerate much dissension.

There will be no Reformations. What you get during the Age of Aquarius will rule supreme, unchallenged by the rich, forest-fire-like renewing power of the Age of Pisces, which was all about reformation. First Christ rebuked and attempted to reform the Pharisees; then Martin Luther tried to reform the Catholic Church; and today we have those who are trying to reform the Protestant Church.

Eastern religions and philosophies have behemoth constructs to help them conceptualize the movements of the Divine over tracts of time, that we humans cannot keep track of. There is the “Great Year” of several thousands of years, for example.

Until recently, I’d always thought that Western belief systems were the worse for wear due to their lack of large timekeeping systems, such as the Maya had and Hindus still have. But in understanding the idea of Astrological Ages, we see that Western modes of theology are no different from their Eastern cousins.

We all think of God in the same way, and our surface differences in religious expression are about as negligible as the DNA differences between the human races. This is all thanks to the influences of the Astrological Ages.

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