How To Be A Smart Psychic Client

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comA talented psychic or medium is only half the equation to a great reading. Here’s how you can make the most of your time with your favorite psychic advisor:

1 – Ask Questions

If you went into a doctor’s office and said, “Okay doc, you figure it out,” you’ll find a lot of your time being wasted. The human body consists of many, many complex parts, and there could be several issues with any one of them. Sure, your doctor may notice your glands are a little swollen, or that your complexion looks a little flushed. But how would your doctor eventually know, without your participation, that the reason why you’re there is because you’ve been having headaches?

Tell your psychic what’s on your mind and what brought you to the table, especially if you’re paying by the minute. Once they’re able to lock into which energetic frequency will influence your situation, not only will they be able to give you your answer, but give details that can help you further.

2 – Be Ready For Any Answer

If you’re there because you absolutely know something already, then why are you there? We usually seek divination counsel when we’re looking for: Comfort, Confirmation, and Clarity.

If you are so absolutely sure that Joe is your soulmate, or you’re destined to rule the world, you could be right. But , it’s in your best interest to be open to the chance that a genuine psychic could disillusion you.

On the plus side however, in that case, you can explore what you can do to make the most of the situation, or why you’ve been feeling so strongly about your convictions. There’s no such thing as a “bad reading”.

3 – Ask The Right Questions

Simple “yes” or “no” questions can be answered with the swing of pendulum, the flip of a coin, or the shake of a Magic 8-Ball. Save your money and your time! If you’re going to invest in real counsel, get some real insight by asking real questions:

How can I…?

What do you see for…?

What can I do about…?

Why am I or why is…?

Could you please explain…?

Milk as much information from your psychic as you can, while you can!

4 – Let Your Psychic Finish The Sentence

Don’t hear a few words and then interrupt or, much worse, hang up the phone. You could be missing the actual answer!

Example #1:

Client: “Is Billy interested in having a relationship with me?”

Psychic: “Not at this time, because…”


Example #2:

Client: “Is Billy interested in having a relationship with me?”

Psychic: “Not at this time, because he has a family emergency out of state that he has been dealing with for a few months. However, when he returns, he’ll want to reach out to you and I see your friendship blossoming into romance from there.”

See the difference? So, don’t jump to conclusions!

5 – Ask About Your Psychic’s Sources

Ask your preferred psychics where they’re getting their information, especially if you’re confused. You have the right to ask! Don’t be afraid to step up if something’s not ‘jiving’.

It’s possible that your psychic could be honing in on the wrong person, or the wrong time-table, because the energy is stronger, especially if there are unresolved issues.

Give a few details to get them back on track if you have to. But, keep in mind, a true diviner or medium doesn’t see what’s not there.

6 – Don’t Lie, Seriously!

Lying to a psychic is wrong on so many levels. Don’t be afraid! We’re not here to judge. We’re not here to get you into trouble. And you better believe that any psychic worth their salt is going to protect your confidentiality with every fiber of their being! That’s one of the great reasons to choose a service like for you readings, because the site offers 100% confidentiality and protection of client identity, as well as a safe and secure website environment. Our integrity as reputable psychics dictate the success of our careers. We need to maintain your trust in order to be effective and stay in business.

Readings are therefore based on a trust relationship. If you’re concealing or deceiving for whatever reason, we’re going to know. It’s like putting up a scrambler or a signal blocker – we’ll know there’s a disturbance in flow of energy. The only thing deceit will achieve is a waste of your time and money.

7 – Relax And Enjoy!

Hey, it’s all about you. So, have fun with it! Enjoy being the absolute center of attention. You deserve it. And when it’s over, you should feel empowered, consoled, prepared, or just really good. It’s worth it!

About The Author: Augra is a Master Tarot Reader, living in Texas, and is a member of The Tarot Professionals Group. She’s provided divination services to other Tarot readers, and has instructed many who have gone on to become talented professionals themselves. She is also an expert in many areas of parapsychology, including: dream interpretation, past life regression and khundalini. Her clairvoyant and empathic skills are powerful, especially when combined with her expert use of Tarot and numerology. For a detailed reading from this sensitive and compassionate reader, go to

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