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Hauntings In My Town

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe town I live in has almost doubled in population since I moved here in 2005, but it’s still pretty small. With a population of about 30,000, there are only five traffic lights in town, all of them on Main Street. The hospital is state of the art – all on one floor with Labor and Delivery being the biggest department in the hospital with four birthing rooms, as well as an operating room on standby.

Our town is rich in history and vision, including the heritage of a tribe of about 100 Goshute Indians having lived here since their recorded history, as well as plans being mapped out for a new ski resort to be built over the next five years.

In 1949 three families of Mormon pioneers settled on a small stream, on what is now the Southern edge of town. In the 1930s mining became the dominate industry, and the population swelled to 5,000 when gold, silver and copper were discovered in the Oquirrh Mountains.

Ghosts could walk freely tonight, without fear of the disbelief of men; for this night was haunted, and it would be an insensitive man who did not know it ~ John Steinbeck

With the outbreak of the Second World War, army bases were established West and South of the town. The military depot’s weapon facility was crucial in the Korean conflict, the Vietnam war and Operation Desert Storm. Two more depots were built, thousands of jobs were created, and between the three depots 1,000 plus people are still employed – a lot of them in the private sector.

That’s the background of the town. But this town is also haunted.

The Kirk Hotel, built in 1928, has been investigated by many ghost hunters. The old Broadway Hotel has also had many sightings. Even the local theater, The Ritz, can boast of haunting. But more most of all, even the most hardcore skeptics claim to have seen unusual activity at the old hospital!

The old hospital, built in 1873 and modified in 1953, was closed in 1999. It has since been used in the making of films like The Fastest Indian and Stephen King’s The Stand, as well as being featured on the paranormal television series Ghost Hunters. In 2006 the building was split. Part of it is now Tooele’s, the only nursing home. The other part is ‘Asylum 49’. From September 1st until November 1st it is set up as a haunted house. You can buy a ticket for a one time show, or you can buy a season ticket, which allows you to go back once a week until the end of the season. The rest of the year it is available for overnight scare fests. And if you have the nerves for it, you can also take a stroll through the local cemetery, the energy there is amazing.

My house is also haunted. It was built in four stages. The first section was built in 1897, namely one bedroom with a kitchen and a root cellar. The next stage was digging out the cellar and making a basement. The third stage was to add an indoor bathroom and another bedroom. The final stage added a third bedroom and a dining room.

The popular notion that ghosts are likely to be seen in a graveyard is not borne out by psychical research… A haunting ghost usually haunts a place that a person lived in or frequented while alive… Only a gravedigger’s ghost would be likely to haunt a graveyard ~ John H. Alexander

Shortly after I moved into the house, I had to have some repair work done to the phone system. The technician brought up the shell of a control box from the phone system housing date. It was stamped “1902”.

When I first looked at buying the house, going to the basement I noticed a block of energy about four steps deep toward the bottom of the stairs. Other people who have been here and are ‘sensitive’ have also seen or felt the presence of something or someone there. We see them in peripheral vision and we see them in the dark.

It took me awhile to find out what the energy was, but she finally told me herself. She was a young mother going to the root cellar and she lost her footing. On her way to the bottom she broke her neck and since she was alone, her unborn son died too. My husband, granddaughter and I, as well as a lot of the people who have been in my house, have seen a young woman, an older woman and a crawling baby. We’ve also seen the same baby being rocked by the same young woman. We’ve even seen pets, an Irish setter, and a very old cat.

My granddaughter takes a lot of pictures, especially in the basement and the stairs, in one of them there is what appears to be a doll laying on one side against one of the stair steps, it’s missing a  leg and the hair is all over the place, it just looks very old. There are also orbs all over downstairs, and they move, follow us and seem to be almost dancing to the music that’s always playing.

When I moved in I smudged the whole house down, telling the darkness to leave and inviting the light to stay. Once in a while I’ll get the sensation that there is a darkness, and I just smudge again.

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