A Blessing For The New Year

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAs the 2012 Stargate opened to reveal Self Love the dawn of the golden age has arrived! As the Divine Feminine has already begun to reveal the true nature of the Circle of Life for the past millennium so shall she also reveal her plan for us in this profound shift of our beloved awakening.

We have approached the Stargate and it is opening to our higher calling, to our divine purpose. And the divine purposeful life we are called to live now.

In this world we have learned to grow life from the womb, to nurture life from the heart and to know the inner wealth of the human spirit. It has been our calling for thousands of year and we can now look around us and see that abundance.

Seven billion plus babies have been born and are growing here and now on our Gaia, or Mother Earth, our Divine Spaceship traversing through the stars at light speed. We have been re-awakened to participate in the grand scheme of life! An exploration of the Soul’s journey in this creative process of constantly becoming the universal potential of our own fulfillment as an expression of love.

The global heart is awakening, beating out the rhythm of a new and glorious dance, calling us to a better way of living ~ Anodea Judith

As our galaxy has traversed in a precession of the universe, so have we traveled with it in our solar system on its full completion of approx 25,800 years. And in this new moment our solar system has shifted to a new springtime awakening above the horizon plane of our star clustered galaxy to reveal the dawn of a New Age of The Zodiac. As the precession of the Equinox evolves so do we into the Age of Aquarius and the light shines upon us, and we will be bathed in the light of this spring awakening.

We are no longer in the winter of humankind. We are explorers of the Infinite Light now. Starship Milky Way is cruising on a new horizon, exploring the rebirth, the cleansing of Karma, the bio-photonic light field; cruising into the new dawn of a golden age.

As we re-awaken into the Divine Feminine a morphic field of compassion, promoting Divine Order, truthfulness and all that is in the best interests of humanity is in revelation. We are the humanity we are here to nurture, evolve and experience through Love. We shall grow our abundance in a co-creative process and recognize the Divine in each other in this new age.

It is now time for us to end the pain and suffering, and the starvation and wars of the Piscean age, and explore our full potential as star children on this magnificent starship cruising across the universe on an infinite journey of Divine Love.

I call in the four corners of our solar system to nourish Gaia with exquisite beginnings pushing us past our past limitations into the bountiful spring that arises now. I call the blessings of the infinite ones to reveal to us our once and future plans of the construct of our love from within, that we may love without.

As this era of masculine dominance comes to an end and a feminine understanding of life’s wholeness is included, we are beginning to experience a different world in which physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are interdependent ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

I call in the initiation of our divine matrix, the monadic light, the silver thread, the empowering vision of our sensory perception. As we now enter this golden age, I affirm our universal power from within to guide us to remove all fears that may have attached to our mind. Now and forever we cut the chords of all negative thoughts and replace them with purity of our own compassionate nature to support life, love infinitely, embrace the unknown, gather our fruits of creativity, and realize the dream is just a dream, yet love is infinite truth.

We are no longer the seeker but the arrival point.

We are no longer the enemy of ourselves but the beloved re-awakened.

We have no need to strive but be.

We are no longer just the manifestation of love, but the role-model of love. In this place all that we have ever been and ever will be is within us now.

Blessed be the peace maker, they have inherited the Earth.

And the cleansing process has been initiated and all karma shall be wiped clean.

We now arise! We have overcome the delusion of kings and move into the nurturing arms of the Divine Feminine.

We are all now blessed with this love, this light this new dawn of our beloved self as love.

And so be it. Arise!

About The Author: Dr. Robert Pease, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized psychic intuitive, numerologist, transpersonal counselor, radio host, seminar leader and metaphysical teacher. Dr. Robert holds several degrees including a doctorate in Metaphysics and Counseling. An ordained minister, Reiki and Seichim Master Dr. Robert is the author of books and articles on Healing, Numerology, Addiction Recovery, Love Relationships, Reiki Instruction and practical applications of Psychic Gifts. You can get a reading from Dr. Robert Pease at PsychicAccess.com.

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