Spirits Or Ghosts?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI recently returned from a trip to Tasmania and I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days at Port Arthur – a small town and convict settlement. I also had the opportunity to join the ghost tour one evening. Through the day the tour guides relayed the history of the site and the horrors that some of the convicts or local community members had experienced there. Meanwhile, I wondered how I would react or feel when we walked through the buildings and I felt the vibrations of the walls and floors, as well as the general atmosphere.

I surprised myself, as I must admit I was cautious and I didn’t really want to see things that would scare me, as I feel that it would challenge me in a way that I may not be prepared for. You see, I enjoy providing readings for people where loved ones who have passed over, come through and verify that they are fine and that they are aware of what is still going on in the earthly plain. So, to me it would be challenging to have a fear, if I saw a ghost and felt scared, I wondered if I would be able to continue doing mediumship readings.

In the spiritual search doubt is beneficial, a closed mind is not. Doubt used wisely assists enlightenment; a closed mind assists ignorance ~ Ian Gardner

During my tours of Port Arthur, I felt some sadness. I am sure this would be the feeling that most people would have there, after hearing of the sad life and the tortures that convicts endured. Fortunately, I did not directly observe any ghosts. I am not saying they were not present that night or any other time, but I did not see anything.

I also went to Launceston in the Northern part of Tasmania and joined another ghost tour; the guide there was very informative and told us she was a descendent of a long line of psychics. During the tour we walked into a creepy room, which had been used by an undertaker to prepare bodies for funerals back in the early 1800’s. When we walked in, I noticed a table and a couple of chairs – nothing too stunning and very plain-looking. The atmosphere was not very positive. I also had a strong sense that the table and chairs were used at times for the guide to provide psychic readings for clients. I asked her about this and she confirmed that she did offer that service during the day.

We went out into a street, and outside one of the houses we were informed by the guide that the previous tenant had been an old lady who enjoyed the ghost tours stopping outside her house. Apparently she always played along with the eerie discussions and would scare the tourists by briefly showing herself at the windows, and playing tricks on them. The old lady passed away and the guide told us that some people saw her ghost there frequently. I looked at the building, but I did not sense a ‘ghost’ as such. However, I did have a vision of an older woman in the house, in the same way I would see a loved one coming through in a reading for a family member. I didn’t say anything to the guide, as I thought it might be my imagination.

Next, we went to an old building that was in earlier times used as a horse stable. This building had a lot of history and some people had died in the building, either accidentally, or murdered, or at their own hands. The guide mentioned that other mediums had sighted visions and ghosts in this building and that it was extremely haunted. I sensed a male hanging from the rafters; he was wearing black pants with a long sleeved white shirt. I pointed this out to the guide and asked if I was correct to confirm my feelings. I was not scared, as if I had seen a ghost.

I think that it is very good for people to talk about their paranormal experiences and share stories about things that they cannot explain ~ Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The guide asked me to walk to the end of the room with her. The building was very dark and there were no lights on. She pulled a switch, and back where I had seen the vision a dummy dropped from the ceiling in the same spot that I had referred to. It had a white, long sleeved shirt and dark pants! The other members of the group jumped and screamed, and some ran out from the building. The guide explained that for school tours and Halloween they added some touches to scare the tourists. I seemed to be picking up on these tricks rather than ghosts!

This made me think about my work as a psychic medium. I feel that I see spirits that are bringing through positive messages for their loved ones, to provide comfort and confirmation that there is life after death. I feel that I have very positive energy around me and lots of ‘white light’, thus any negativity would not easily penetrate my aura, or energy field. So, I am most likely also protected from ‘ghosts’ and only see the relevant things, such as the table and chairs that were used for psychic readings; the older lady in her house that had recently passed over; and the dummy used to scare school kids.

I can handle this type of ‘seeing’ and it helps me to comprehend that there are two sides to the spirit world, and we can decide which side we want to have connections with – either spirits of loved ones or ghosts from the past. For the braver ones you may decide you would like to have access to both worlds.

About The Author: Barbara is a naturally gifted Psychic, Clairsentient, Medium and a successful entrepreneur from Down Under, who provides vividly detailed messages to help a client overcome any obstacle. She is very involved in her Gold Coast community and has devoted herself to developing the abilities of others, through successful weekly Meditation and Development classes. Quite often she finds herself delivering comments from her guides that are, without fail, the very messages her clients need to hear! If you want a Psychic/Medium who will give you remarkably vivid and detailed results you can verify right at your reading, you can find Barbara at PsychicAccess.com.

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