Do We Create Our Own Reality In The Afterlife?

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have recently been watching a popular cable television show about people who had died and then came back to life. I love watching many of the paranormal shows, and this one is no exception! What I have found most interesting from watching this particular show is the difference between what people experience when they have near death experiences (NDE).

When I first began watching the show, I thought most of the people would only talk about seeing a bright light, or seeing a place they called ‘heaven‘. But the majority have experienced very different things from what I expected. For example, one person ended up in some sort of murky underworld, surrounded by dark energy and spirits. Another person found herself on an alien spaceship traveling across the Universe. Many people have met loved ones on the other side, or claim to have met Jesus.

There exists a mountain of circumstantial evidence that consciousness survives bodily death. This is the kind of evidence that would stand up in a court of law ~ Jean Ritchie

I suppose some skeptics would conclude from these differences that the people are just lying, or are merely imagining things that never happened. I may be able to accept this as a possible explanation in some cases, except that these people were in fact clinically dead. Some for just a few minutes, and some for a longer period of time.

What I’ve concluded from watching the TV show is that each of us create our own realty the minute we die, the same way we create our own reality in this physical life. Maybe we do so because we’re in shock? Or perhaps because that is simply our belief system? Whatever the case, what happens to us when we die seems to be a matter of perception. Whether that particular perception is temporary, or not, I’m not sure. I suppose like all of us, I will find out for myself someday!

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