Small Steps To Big Changes

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comMaking positive changes in your life can often feel like an insurmountable task. At times it can be so daunting that it might seem easier to just have things stay the same – no matter how uncomfortable they are.

This is especially true when we have been working on the same area for years and not seeing the results we desire.  This could be true for you, whether the issue you struggle with is weight loss, improving your financial situation, healing an illness or transforming a damaged relationship.

For me the challenge was a particularly frustrating relationship. I felt that no matter what I did, no matter how I shifted and grew, I always got sucked back in to the drama and negativity. I continually called on my angels and spirit guides to help me improve the relationship, to heal our issues, release our karma, and so forth. I asked for anything and everything I could think of to achieve that sense of relief and peace I so desired in my life.

Baby step by baby step, you have what you need right now to start moving in the direction of your happiest dreams ~ Marta Davidovich Ockuly

This went on for years and I was ready to throw in the towel and just accept that this one area of my life would always be out of balance. But soon as I let go, I received the most amazing piece of information from my guides! They showed me how I was focusing too much on the big picture, or the end result. I also realized that because everything wasn’t miraculously healed over night, I was becoming frustrated and disregarding all of the tiny steps and improvements I had been making in repairing this particular relationship.

My guides further told me to ask for the healing steps to be broken down even further, into smaller parts. Instead of asking for 100% relief, I should be asking for a 10% improvement. If I did this consistently, within 10 days we would be at 100%!  Breaking it down this way would be easier for my consciousness to process and that would prevent it from moving into patterns of self-sabotage and self-defeat that had prevented me from improving the situation before.

My guides further explained that asking for complete and instantaneous relief to deep-routed issues and concerns is much like ripping a security blanket from a child and not providing it with another toy as substitute. The child would go into panic and become emotionally distraught. Instead, by gradually releasing the energy, our minds are better able to adapt to the energetic shift and the situation will indeed improve.

That was all I needed to hear. For the next 10 days I consistently asked for 10% improvement to the relationship that had frustrated and puzzled me for years. And wouldn’t you know… by the end of the 10 days I honestly couldn’t remember what had aggravated me so much in the first place! It seemed like a distant memory. And the best part is that the healing continues months later.

I invite you to try this baby step approach to any of those long-term, nagging issues you have been facing and watch them slowly slip away.

About The Author: Megan supports people as they make positive, life-affirming change. Using her holistic toolbox of Yoga, Reiki and Readings, she’ll provide you with the catalyst and skills needed to maintain the changes you make, long beyond your work together. A lifelong clairvoyant, clairsentient and student of the Mystic, she began her private practice after the miraculous healing and reawakening she experienced working with the modalities she now lovingly refers to as her Toolbox. Megan is an Angel Therapy Practitioner©, a Reiki Master, Atlantean Healing Master® and a certified Yoga instructor. Get a reading with Megan at

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