Goddess Archetypes – The Goddess In Every Woman

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comArchetype is a term coined by the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and he described them as ancient and archaic symbols or prototypes that derive from the collective unconscious (the causal or mental body). Plato also spoke of archetypes, the eidos or ideas which were pure mental forms imprinted on the soul before birth.

The archetypes are innate universal psychic dispositions which form the basic symbols of the unconscious and form a dynamic substratum common to all humanity. Each archetype exists as an inherited potential in each man, and can be actualized when it enters consciousness as images or manifest as behavior.

In other words, we could say that fundamental human behavior is not individual, but rather universal. We are acting out universal patterns that exist in the subconscious mind of all of humanity.

There is a potential heroine in every woman ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

There are a limitless number of archetypes that exist, and they are eternal and universal. In other words, they always have existed and always will. Jung mapped out the soul (or causal body) with endless archetypes that he saw in humanity. According to Jung there are five main archetypes in the psyche:

  • The Self, which is the center of the psyche. It contains the archetypes in it, and is the ideal that the person wishes to be. Astrologically, I would call this the Sun.
  • The Shadow includes the traits deep within us, hidden and usually repressed or denied. They often appear as the opposite of the self. We may have chosen to deny or repress these qualities in childhood, such as anger, vulnerability, sexuality, and so forth. It is very important to know and own our shadow qualities in order to become whole. Astrologically, I would call this the 12th House.
  • The Anima is the inner feminine. Astrologically, I would refer to this as Venus.
  • The Animus is the inner masculine. Astrologically, I would refer to this as Mars.
  • The Persona is the mask that we present to the world. Astrologically, I would refer to this as the Ascendant.

The beauty is that we can activate or deactivate the archetypes consciously, using our will, although some of them will greatly color our being if they are very prominent in us.

The Goddess In Every Woman

Some of my favorite information about archetypes comes from the books called Goddesses In Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen. She discusses goddess archetypes that exist within all women as powerful forces that influence what we do and how we feel, how we perceive the world. They make us all very different from one another.

According to Bolen there are goddesses in three categories:

The Virgin Goddesses

Artemisia, Hestia and Athena in themselves are not vulnerable. They were not victimized and did not suffer(in Greek mythology. They are autonomous, unto themselves, and the virgin quality represents the independent, self-sufficient quality in women. Artemisia and Athena are goal-oriented and logical thinkers, and Hestia is the spiritual priestess, focusing inward in meditation. They seek their own goals, and are self-sufficient.

The Vulnerable Goddesses

Hera, Demeter, and Persephone represent the traditional roles of wife, mother, and daughter. They are relationship-oriented archetypes whose identities and well-being depend on significant relationships. They are attuned to others and vulnerable; all three goddesses were raped, abducted, dominated, or humiliated by male gods. Each suffered in her own way when an attachment was broken or dishonored, and showed symptoms that resembled psychological illnesses.

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty

Aphrodite is in her own category as the alchemical goddess. She was the most beautiful and irresistible, and generated love and beauty, erotic attraction, sensuality, sexuality, and new life. She entered relationships by her own choice and was never victimized. She values intensity, creativity, and an alchemical focus of attention that is both focused and receptive. She is a special goddess archetype.

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