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Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comPeople who have had near death experiences (NDE) give reports afterward that vary widely. There are experiences that are spiritual in nature, those that are felt to be message-oriented, those that refer to purpose, and so forth. The lives of many people who come back from near death are often changed completely.

In 2003 I was walking at night to my bus stop after work. I was most of the way across the crosswalk when I was struck by a huge sport utility vehicle (SUV) at 34 miles per hour, and then thrown 30 feet.

I felt the power of angels all around me before and after the SUV struck me and I also became aware of three amazing guides around me who have never left my side since.

I awoke in the hospital after a three day coma and was told that I would be crippled the rest of my life.  Instead, I went back to work three months later in a partial body cast and have not looked back since. I learned to walk correctly again with the help of an amazing Tai Chi teacher and a Naturopath.

My understanding of near-death experiences has made me a better doctor. I face life with more courage and confidence. I believe NDErs really do bring back a piece of the afterlife. When NDErs share their remarkable experiences, I believe a piece of the afterlife, in some mysterious way, becomes available to us all ~ Jeffrey Long

Much has been written on the topic of NDE. For instance, near death experiences have been reported throughout history from ancient times. Plato recounts the story of a soldier who was killed and suddenly returned to life to tell of his story. Early Christian writings record them also. The focus of Ancient Egyptian religion on the afterlife may have begun with such an experience. The Tibetan Book of the Dead has knowledge of the afterlife that also must have come from an NDE. There is a sect in India that was started several hundred years ago by someone who drowned and was revived. His first remarks were that he had seen God.

Near death experiences are not new; it has always been with us. In recent times it has simply been a matter of more being reported. Thanks to modern medicine, people that die, are more frequently returned to life and are able to tell their story.

People report several common NDE experiences. A typical experience would be a feeling of peace and quiet, a cessation of pain at this point, floating out of your body, and seeing the room you are in. Then suddenly you are drawn through a dark tunnel accompanied by a loud noise. You see friends, family, other people, or angelic beings who welcome you and help you along while comforting you.

At the end you reach the light and encounter a being of light that makes you feel loved and unafraid. At this point you have a life review, where every detail of your life is recalled. There is no judgment, only understanding what, and why. You reach a boundary or border over which you cannot pass. You learn many things and see and hear beautiful things, some of which are forgotten when you return.

Some people are given the option to return, while others are told they must return because it is not their time. Those that refuse to return are ejected and they return to their bodies reluctantly. Disappointment is often present upon return. Pain, if present before, returns. Sometimes there is depression.

Transformation typically takes place in one’s life following an NDE. Many survivors become more spiritual, less materialistic and less religious. They are no longer afraid of death. Some talk about it, while others keep it to themselves.

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