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You Actually Have Two Bodies!

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comFew people realize that we actually have two bodies – one is the physical body that we require to function in this physical world.  One is an astral body that exists on the astral plane above the physical plane.  We come into this physical realm when the energetic blueprint is very similar to that of our soul.  This is why the planets at the time of your birth reflect who you are.  The astrological  natal chart is actually a map of the astral body, in other words the soul which developed according to the way in which we evolved pursuant to the sum total of experiences of consciousness.  This is why a good astrologer can read you inside out by perusing your natal chart.

When we take our first breath in this world, we inspire.  In other words, we draw spirit into our physical form.  The entrance of the spirit into the human body occur sthrough the generation of a chemical called N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) that allows the spirit to enter through the pituitary gland (the crown chakra). 

Maybe this is why a baby’s skill is not fully sealed at that point?  It is this same DMT generated by the pineal gland that enables the spirit to expire when we are ready to transition out of the physical world.  But don’t forget that everything that exists on the physical plane also exists on the astral plane.  This is why you have a physical body here on earth and an astral body on the astral realm.  It is also why some people see astral entities that do not exists on the physical plane – you know, the pixies and hobgoblins.

But the real you, your god-self is eternal. You are God, I am God, everything is God. God is a great creatie energy that feels and thinks and we are part of it. Your physical world, even your whole life can collapse, but does it matter? You are permanent, you are eternal, nothing can destroy the real you. And you are free to go on ~ Carol Polge

Your unconscious mind is actually your astral brain – it knows and has recorded everything that ever happened to you in all of your experiences of consciousness. The physical body and the astral body communicate through electromagnetism – the positive and electrical energy of the Sun and the receptive or magnetic energy of the Moon.  This is why when one’s astrological connections to the Sun and Moon are terminated, one expires and returns to spirit.

So here we are feeling physical and in the physical world, but there is a much greater picture. We need to know that everything which occurs on the physical plane first occurs on the astral plane.  That is why we can tune in to the future to identify and embrace great opportunities or to identify and avert discordant events.  This is the part you really need to remember:

The physical body is fed with food – feed it the good stuff.

The astral body is fed with thought – feed it the good stuff.

This is what most writers discussing the law of attraction are in some way referring to.  Unfortunately, there is not much information in the public domain that fully explains this concept which is better described as the law of affinity or mental alchemy.

The moral of the story is that we must feed our astral bodies good things because what takes shape up there ultimately downloads into the physical.  This is why sometimes I see medical discord in a client, while their doctor is saying that nothing is wrong.  Nothing is wrong – yet.

We can make wonderful things occur when we remember Jesus’ statement, “The kingdom of God Lies within you”.  It was, in part, a reference to the fact that we are the Universe and can magnetize all manner of wonderful things when we operate out of love and integrity.

As most of you know, I am a great fan of a wonderful psychic medium and artist now residing in spirit.  Her name was Coral Polge.  Coral would draw portraits of people in spirit providing incredibly strong evidence of the continued existence of the soul.  I was joking with my guides a couple of weeks ago when I said, “Can’t you get me just a copy of a Coral Polge portrait?”. Two weeks later I had lunch with my friend Rachel, a wonderful British psychic medium from England who now lives in Florida.  She gave me an original Coral Polge portrait. It is a wonderful reminder that spirit listens to us and that we can magnetize wonderful things when we project our thoughts with integrity.  Every time I look at this portrait, I will be reminded of how incredibly powerful and present the spirit world is; how important it is to project good thoughts to the astral body; and how Rachel has spent her whole life serving Spirit.

Think good things!

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