What Is Karma?

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comKarma is, first and foremost, a gift from the universe. It is a teaching tool. It is also a reflection of what you create. When you create suffering and pain, it returns to you. When you create happiness and joy, it also returns to you.

Remember that karma, like emotions, is neither good nor bad. It just is. Karma is the law of cause and effect. You shape your life through every decision you make. Effect cannot exist without cause. You bring into your life that which you generate.

If you feel you are attracting bad karma, ask yourself if that is the way you have asked to be treated. Pain will continue until you recognize that you are creating it through your choices. When you have this epiphany, you will choose differently.

People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become.  And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead ~ Edith Wharton

When you make a decision, you choose how to use your energy.  The universe is wise and compassionate. If you use your energy in a negative way, negativity will be drawn to you to teach you to choose differently next time. Once you understand that you are creating your own pain, you will not do the same thing again.

As long as you continue to blame, minimize, justify or rationalize, you are using defense mechanisms that are not real and you will continue to experience the same problems until you make different decisions. As your awareness grows, karma will be a gift to you that you will cherish.

About The Author: Olivia was born with natural abilities to hear, see and feel messages from the other side, gifts that were discovered by communicating with the dead in her family's funeral parlor! She's quite well-known and respected by colleagues and clients in her Nashville, TN community and has read for many famous musicians. An accomplished lady, she holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and an Associates Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and Paranormal Studies. If you'd like to receive accurate and detailed answers from beyond the veil, you can contact Olivia at PsychicAccess.com.

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