Ode To Empaths

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comPregnancy, death, crime and cancer
These questions I do not answer
Sadness, loss, grief or despair
These feelings I encourage you to share
Timing, dates and certainties aside
Many emotions your partner feels I can provide
Do not ask for me to change your future
Only to tell you what will occur, that is my nature
The Empath can feel for you what you cannot
So call to validate, confirm or to re-assure when you when lost!

© Carmen Miro

About The Author: Carmen’s waking dreams have provided accurate glimpses into the future for celebrities as well as political and international figures. Her non-judgmental, Empathic approach, as well as her unique method of Tarot reading, affords her the reputation as a groundbreaker in her field. This European born Canadian is the first online psychic to promote the idea of Empathy and emotional thought transference, and she has written a great deal on the subject. For a comprehensive Intuitive reading that will transform your life, you can find Carmen at PsychicAccess.com.

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