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Emerging From The Cave

Get A FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIt’s a fact of life that friends sometimes do not see eye to eye or have misunderstandings that are not intentional, but still break the hearts of those involved. I recently have had one of those experiences. All of us are at different place in our lives at times, friends are there to support friends, but what happens when both friends are not in the place to help each other at all. We can listen, but have no meaningful words or helpful advice to give to one another.

It’s rare to find a friend whose spiritual connection goes back through the ages to a time where magic was the norm, and functioning in this life and this body seems dense and distracting. It’s difficult to keep a foot in both worlds and many times we forget about the magic just to survive in this lifetime.

The lessons we need to learn the reason for us being here is not clear to us. If we chose our parents, if we chose to be here in order to learn some lesson without being able to access the gifts that we once had in a previous realm, we seem to wander aimlessly in these bodies and get distracted from our purpose quite easily.

Man is a creature who walks in two worlds and traces upon the walls of his cave the wonders and the nightmare experiences of his spiritual pilgrimage ~ Morris West

What purpose? Good question, is our purpose just to touch the lives of others, to learn how to survive. Everyone goes on and on about ‘The Secret’, it is a constant struggle to stay in that positive place of wonder without any doubt that you will succeed and receive exactly what you have asked for.

Careful what you wish for, I went through a period where I did not want anyone around me, I got my wish. I managed to push away those who meant the most and avoided those who I believed wanted something from me. Whether it be advice or just a cup of coffee. My words were stuck in my head running in circles for I had nothing worth saying. The words in my head were more like questions. Why am I here? What do they want? Who are they?

It was a surreal time in my life. I questioned my path and had taken some steps to change it. Baby steps were all I seemed capable of at that time. It seemed like I changed gears every few moments or every few days. I lost track of time, days turned into weeks turned into months. I would ‘come out’ feeling better, and then nose-dive back into my ‘cave’ as soon as I was faced with anything. It felt to me like I had lost all coping skills. My memories were skewed; I filled in the blanks myself and got lost in a sea of a dream-like reality.

These periods continue to be short-lived for me, and many others from what I understand and have personally experienced. When I emerge from this ‘caving period’ I feel refreshed, positive and full of new ideas with the drive to go with it. For those who go through these periods of darkness, just know that they don’t last forever, even though you may think they will. Take a deep breath, hang in there and know it will pass.

The Universe ultimately takes care of us and knows when we need to just rest. The emerging later is glorious!

About The Author: Isthemus

Isthemus is an experienced psychic advisor with her own Metaphysical Company based out of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. A natural born empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant, intuitive Counsellor and psychic advisor. Patty still does Paranormal Investigations as well as teaching workshops on how to interpret signs. You can talk to Isthemus at

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  • The Cave is deeply affecting. It very personal and very much identifiable to my life and my tendencies. “caving” is a brilliant term for what some of us do. Thank you Isthemus for another brilliant observational article!

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